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My spirit yearns for you Jesus..my soul thirsts for you. #Walking in the light #Declarations

Do you have that continuous desire to learn something new, to develop your frame of mind and do new things that challenge you to bring out the best in yourself? THEN DO IT #yearoflight #monthofwalkinginthelight #travelpreneurlife

Jesus you love me too much oooohh..too much ooooh. Excess love oooh #Year of lights #diaries of a travelpreneur

The world is so full of evil but it should never stop us from doing good. Being good may be considered fake but do it anyway.

First 2 weeks of 2019 i have heard so many excuses to last me a lifetime. I have realised i must have been a product of my environment. 'Giving excuses had become my story too. #not this year of lights #no more comfort zones #meditation week

Shining in greater light #gracetograce #glory #noLimits

Rita Soul-Jesus

I cant wait for communion service๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™‡ trying to keep calm. # the God of love # peace # virtue # strength

Today i buried a friend and gone too soon. CSO holy spirit has the best song for me during this hurtful period. We are indeed visitors on earth. Thank you Holy spirit for your strength. Praying for families who have lost their loved ones. #stayconnectedtoChrist

The year of lights. Show me wonders now. #travelling #freedom #funwork #eliminatingcomfort #newcomnections

We live.https://www.kingsch.at/p/VnJVb28

Making progress in giant strides. No time to be unreal. I can only be me. My name is set on high. Test the anoiting. #travelpreneur life. # chance, choice, change # impact #freedom

What a glorious day! I am hearing the best news from my brothers and sisters. 2019 is already showing great signs and wonders. Our time is now. #travelpreneurlife #2019YearofLights #weallfilltheblankcheques

Wow!Year of the Lights. I am so happy. So expectant. My group travelpreneur has reached 21 members. We all love to travel..now imagine travelling as a business. Part time, full time. Exciting year it is going to be. #yearoflights

Happy New Year!!!

Rain rain rain in Botswana. Lord we thank you. Your blessings are too much. 2019 is saying no more dry fields, no more dry taps only mass productions, flowing rivers and evergreen trees. I love you God. Thank you @PastorChris. #preparing #jumpingupanddown #glorryyyyyyyy

"God is the way. He is the light" I love you Pastor Chris. Thank you for i know and continue to grow through him.

Listening to Martin Pk this morning. What is on your playlist? #superman #walkingonwater #thenameofJesusaboveallnames

They say opportunities come looking like work. Looking like there are too good to be true. I refuse to live a life of limitations. I have found my passion and if i get to change people's lives then i am game. #yousayluckisaygrace #notocomfort #gatheringsheaves #travepreneur

2019 we going to live by two choices 1.POOR-PASSING OVER OPPORTUNITIES REPEATEDLY 2.RICH-RESIDUAL INCOME CREATES HAPPINESS. Which one are you.? NB:I have a community called travelpreneur. Join it and lets make history together.

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