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💕💞🎁💞 WE CELEBRATE OUR ESTEEMED PST AWELE ODU THOMAS. Thank you Esteemed Pastor for all you do for the furtherance of the gospel. We love you dearly. #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You are simply Phenomenal! And it's always a joy to celebrate you. You are a special blessing to me and the kids.  Your passion for the Lord, tenacious commitment to His work and the relentlessness with which you pursue His agenda is an inspiration to everyone associated with you. Same with your love and devotion to our Man of God, Pastor Chris and the Loveworld Nation.  Thanks for your special love and care for me, Craig, Tiffany & Chloe; and for your inspiring life of faith, hope & love.  For the amazing person you are and all the beautiful things you do and more, I'll choose you again and again.  And so, to my Phenomenal Babe for life, Happy Birthday!!!

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Fire brand Loveworld Ladies Network Mexico🇲🇽 for Christ. My 1st with an interpreter 🤩 Thank you Pst Chris for teaching us to make global impact. Thank you Pst Mary for steering LLN for greatness Thank you Pst Lekan for leading LZ1 in this triumphant procession #lln #celz1rocks #tew

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We arrived Manzanillo, Mexico to an amazing reception at the airport. Work has started in earnest with Foundation graduation preparation. Please pray along with us and stay tuned on this platform for more amazing reports on Impact in South America. Thank you Pastor sir for the opportunity to be here and make global lasting Impact. I love you dearly sir.

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Happy birthday to the Esteemed Pastor Yemisi. You are an amazing person, Innovative, Creative, Result Oriented, Tenacious, Limit Breaker, Elegant and completely sold out to the Gospel. Thanks for all you do in our great ministry. I am inspired by your works of faith. Keep raising the bar. Keep spreading the message the Lord gave our Man of God. Keep changing the world. Happy brithday

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CONGRATULATIONS!!🎉🎉 Hearty Congratulations to our Dear Sister Ayooluwa Balogun on your graduation with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. We love you dearly! ❤️ #PREPARATION #ILLUMINATION #SONSOFMINISTRY

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Congratulations AyoB on your graduation from Duke Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University with a stellar performance. You are truly a fulfilment of prophecy. In 2000, a the Word was spoken, "She is Super Intelligent and shall excel in all her endeavours" Pastor Chris. You have lived up to that word since you were born. You have always broke limits and constantly raised the bar. Thanks for standing firm on the Word of God that we have received. Keep shinning and making Lasting Impact everywhere you go. How did you do it.. Grace. Grace. Grace. We love you dearly. Ore. Mom & Dad.

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Send us around the world with the good news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind Psalm 67:2 NIV Behold this epoch making South America Leaders Conference, happening live in Mexico from the 7th-11th of May 2021. The Nations of South America shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God. Hallelujah! We are grateful to our Man Of God and Prophet, Rev(Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome for raising us and giving us the opportunity to propagate the gospel in South America. We Salute you Sir. #PastorChrislive #LoveWorldNews #CELZ1rocks

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Happy birthday to the highly Esteemed Pastor Joy. Wow, Your Passion is contagious. Your word burns like fire in the heart of the hearers. Your vision leaves no stone unturned. Your results is something to shout about. You are amazingly graced and we love you dearly

Happy brithday to the Esteemed Pastor Siji, a great Man of God, a beloved brother and friend. You are amazing, determined and focused. Your path is always a path of conquest and honour. Thank you for all you do in our great ministry. I love you dearly.

Sharing a birthday with you is an annual reminder that I am never alone. God’s love for me in human form. When I think of strength, I think of you. Thank you for being my pastor, my mentor, my best friend, my prayer partner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PBG!!! I LOVE YOU MAMA! God bless you ❤️

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MORE SOULS WON IN THE ONGOING RHAPSODY BIBLE OUTREACHES We are changing lives and getting many more ready to meet the Lord as we take the Rhapsody Bible Outreaches into more communities around the world. It is our sole commitment to deliver a copy of the Rhapsody Bible into the hands of each of over 1.5 Billion people globally, who don’t have access to the Bible yet. And, we are about it Recently, the Rhapsody Bible outreaches to Akan-Un Lasigbo, Akan-Un Laara & Ogo-oluwa Communities in Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria, delivered 20 more souls to God’s Kingdom. Hallelujah! Thank you, our esteemed Pastor Lekan Balogun and Partners of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1 for transforming lives with your sponsorship of Rhapsody Bible Outreaches to 3 communities in Ikorodu in the ongoing PROJECT PREPARE WITH ONE MILLION BIBLE OUTREACHES. What are you waiting for? Get on the train; · Sponsor at least an outreach with 5 Bibles · Organize a Bible outreach to a community Every Bible outreach counts for the salvation of many lives. No one’s heart can be adequately prepared to serve God without the agency of God’s Word.   The Bible contains the required information for our preparation to meet the Lord, and everyone deserves at least a copy of the Rhapsody Bible. Make it happen, sponsor a Bible outreach today, click; One Million Bible Outreaches…a reality with you our valued Partner! #rhapsodybiblemissions #1millionbibleoutreaches #biblemandatenetwork #everysoulabible #bibleisno1 #rhapsodybible

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🔥🔥🔥SIZZLING HOT NEWS - CE LAGOS ZONE 1 NUMBER 1 TOP SPONSOR -LWPM KEEPING YOUR HEALING AWARDS🏆🏆🏆 We celebrate with great jubilation our award as the number 1 top LWPM sponsor of Keeping Your Healing Awards in Quarter 1. We are grateful to our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc DD.  for revealing the principles and truth of maintaining divine health and healing with the book Keeping Your Healing. We are grateful Sir for every opportunity you give us to propagate the gospel. We have set our faces as a flint and we will remain at the forefront of sponsoring and spreading truth. CE Lagos Zone 1 number 1 all the way standing with our Man of God and the prophet of our time. #celz1rocks

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🎺🎺🎺What a joy and privilege it is to be named in the Top Ten Partnering Zones with Loveworld Television and Loveworld Radio in the first quarter of the year 2021; breaking records and setting new records just as our Man of God said it should be. Congratulations to our highly esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Lekan Balogun, and all the Pastors and Partners in Lagos Zone 1. We will do more by the power of the Holy Ghost! Glorrryyy!! #celz1rocks

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Happy Birthday To My Amazing Husband the Best in the world. If I have to choose in the next world, I will definitely choose you. I love forever The best dad, best husband, best friend, best partner. You mean the world to I and the kids. We love you like kilode.. kolo n shele

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🌟🌟🌏🌐As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25 We are grateful to our Man of God and Prophet, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, for opportunities to make multiple impact and put smiles on the faces of indigent children in three countries through our International Missions and InnerCity Mission. A big Thank You to our highly esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Lekan Balogun, our Pastors and Leaders in Mexico, Chile & Venezuela and all the Star Partners in the great Lagos Zone 1 for their stellar work in making this happen. God bless you all. #celz1rocks

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Happy birthday to our Esteemed Pastor Lekan We heartily celebrate God's exceptional grace at work in you. Your life and walk of faith is an endearing and inspiring virtue that we passionately celebrate always. Surely, God's spirit is attracting to you immeasurable resources for more glorious and phenomenal accomplishments in ministry. We love you dearly sir. #cebeninzone1

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CELEBRATING GREATNESS AND GRACE Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir, thank you a gazillion times for your unconditional love, passion and dedication to the Loveworld Television Ministry. Thank you for your support always in all our projects. We love you dearly sir #LTMpartners #mena4jesuschrist

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Zonal Pastor Sir! Thank you for taking the gospel to the Nations of the World. We Love you dearly Sir!! #missions


CELEBRATING AN ICON OF EXCELLENCE Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Lekan Balogun. Thank you so much sir for your commitment to the spread of the Gospel through Radio. We Love and Celebrate You Always Sir #1Millionhoursonradio #Pastorchrisonradio #Loveworldradio #Riseproject #RISE

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