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🌠 Nuggets from the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris 🌠 4 important elements of perfection 1. ALIGNMENT: 2 CORINTHIANS 13:9, EPHESIANS 4:11, EPHESIANS 4:13 It has to do with kartartizo, framing, mending. You are being brought into God's perfect will, thoughts and purpose. Without being aligned with God's perfect will, thoughts and purpose, you cannot walk in it. Alignment is brought about by preparation and equipping.  2. COMPLETENESS:  fullness. Plero: to be made full. JAMES 1:4  perfect and entire ( to be whole) made full,  replete, wanting and lacking nothing. 3. EXCELLENCE:  To be above all others. It gives the idea of growth because of its relativeness. You are awakened to who you really are. A perfect being made after God. EPHESIANS 3:19 The totality of divinity fully resides in the quarters of your being.  COLOSSIANS 2:9 When the church come to this climactic revelation, we will call it the days of heaven on the earth 4. FRUITION:  to bear fruit, bringing all that you are involved in to perfection #2020YearofPerfection #CEPHZONE3

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Cannot wait💃💃💃

Today and always I celebrate the best and greatest TEACHER in the world. Pastor sir, you are my Teacher of Life and my Teacher for Life. You Taught me God's word, and introduced the Holy Spirit, the extraordinary Strategist to me. I have had Teachers at various stages of my Life while growing up. But none compares to This Special Teacher sent of God to us with a message drawn from Emmanuel's veins. The message of ETERNAL LIFE. Thank you sir for teaching me how to be a champion for Christ. You Teach with Authority, Audacity. and Accuracy. You Teach Truth with Clarity and Simplicity, we embrace Reality. You have Taught me and millions all around the World to Love and live For Jesus Christ. You Taught me God's purpose for my life, and gave me a platform to Express and fulfill that Purpose in Life. Dear sir, you will always be my Teacher of Life in Christ and Teacher for Life. I have no plans or desire to graduate from your Classroom. Dear sir, you are and always will be my Teacher, our Teacher and the Best Teacher in the world. Thank you sir for Teaching us to be Teachers in our World. #MMTCELEBRATION #PASTORCHRISMYTEACHER #CANADA

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AUGUST GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE IN FOCUS: Experience uplifting worship sessions, illuminating insights to real-life questions and much more as you participate in the August 2019 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris It's a special time with the Holy Ghost, this Sunday the 4th of August at 4pm in all churches across the zone. Don't miss it! #cephzone3

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir, I love you so much, thank you for the word that is transforming my life everyday, I have made up my mind to act on the word CE PM is growing. I love you Sir

God loves us South Africa 😇😇#SowetoMiracleCrusade with our man of God #PastorFreedom don’t miss it, don’t miss your miracle #CESAZone1

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#Prayingnow #Mycountry SouthaAfrica

The Privilege of Prayer This month of prayer, get re-acquainted with God's word on prayer. The book "How To Pray Effectively" is brimming with insightful revelations on the privilege of prayer. Available in print, e-book and audiobook versions. Order your print copies on www.loveworldbooks.org Order your e-books and audiobooks on the LoveWorld Books Mobile App, available on the Google Play Store. #htpe #monthofprayer #prayer #lwpm #prayingnow

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