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Praying now, as we are led into an atmosphere of availing in the prevailing prayers #LWOXFORD #Northamptongroup #UKZONE2

REON ...... we are fully involved. #UKZONE2

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Start now! Start big!! God is speaking to us now!!! Strategise and move😎 Day 2 πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ Our victory is assured. #UKZone2 #NorwoodGroup #NorwoodChurch

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How does your faith work? today pastor takes us on a series of how to build your faith. Your faith is built up through constant meditation of the word of God. You are what you eat. Now eat the word.

Please remember log on to to choose you prayer time slot.

The Harvest is Ripe.

Happy Birthday Kachi.

Ready Ready to be impacted.

How to take possession of your your this month of "Recovery" its vital to take back possession of what you have lost. You can only do this by speaking the word of God for your life. Pray that your eyes will be enlightened to know the will of the father for you.

'You in christ' - when you are in Christ you are the workmanship of christ producing unto him fruits of righteousness. You become one with christ through being baptised in him. Hallelujah. When you receive that nature of Christ,you become immersed in in him wow. Lwoxford

GET READY FOR 5 EXTRAORDINARY DAYS WITH THE WORD AS OUR MAN OF GOD TAKES US ON YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS SEASON 2 PHASE 3!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί Starting tomorrow Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July, daily @7pm GMT+1. Be a part of these glorious Sessions! Anticipate! Tell everyone!!! #YourLoveworld #CGI #unstoppableChurchGrowth

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Growing spiritually How do you grow spiritually? Are you the one that is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine? You do not want to miss this service. Be conscious of your identity. Be passionate in winning souls.meditatiing constantly on the words of God. #LWOXFORD#UKZONE2

Called to blessing, only those who have been called to blessings can be blessed. Become conscious of who you are in christ.we have the right of sonship glory to God!!! And yes this authority has given us a right to our blessings. Wow wow. Today choose to function in this blessing

Happening now! We have moved, as we are ushered into an arena of Thanksgiving. Wow, no matter the challenges always remember to say thank you. Next week is our mid year Thanksgiving service. There is no other place to be. Glory to God. #LWOXFORD #UKZONE2 #Northamptongroup

Be thankful in all circumstance. there are challenges and set backs. But have you sat and counted your blessings. Remember Paul & silas locked up in prison,instead of feeling sorry for themselves they choose to praise God.start today to express love for God. #Lwoxford #UKZONE2

How to receive RHEMA from God.- the RHEMA is the power of God, this revitalised your body. So no weakness. When you receive the RHEMA for you. Use it because itis specific for you. GLORY TO GOD. Happening now #LWOxford #NORTHAMPTON #UKZONE2

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DEAREST DADDY Dad, there are not enough days set aside to celebrate one as you sir, so it feels me with great joy to celebrate you on this special day. Thank you sir, for the privilege to be called your son. Your teachings, words of wisdom, the examples you set, your prayers have modelled me. Your love for me propels me and births in me the desire to do more...I most grateful sir. Thank you for the opportunities and lessons you have given me, for wanting the best for me. I love you so very much sir. Thank you sir.

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Happy Father's day to my one and only PTA Thank U so much, for your inspiring leadership thank U for loving God the way U do Many thanks for loving our MOG pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Rev Tom & Pastor Joy Thank U for caring for me, Flourish & Fortune,always ready to give us D best❀

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Allow the word of God to build you up and cultivate your mindset. Glory God. With this we say happy happy fathers day to our dear man of God pastor Chris and to all our fathers in Ukzone2. We celebrate you and we cherish your love dearly. #LWOXFORD #UKZONE2

What a message!!! I can't be disadvantage. I am a seed of abraham. The world is mine. If you are prayerful, you will be stable. #exposeonprayer#a21daystudyonpcdl #celagoszone2

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