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🔥 #AMPM A Minute with Pastor Mike: Your Success in Life is Determined By The Revelation of God's Word in Your Spirit - #PastorMikeWiggle #CEHOUSTON 👇 Like/Share/Comment

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Glory! The Esteemed Zonal Pastor of Texas Zone 1 and 2, Pastor Mike Wiggle visiting the LoveWorld Graduate Network exhibition stand at the ongoing Glory of His Presence in Christ Embassy Houston Texas. Thank you Sir for your love and support towards the LGN n the U.S and ministry at large. We love you Sir. #LGNrules

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✨✨PHOTO SPEAKS✨✨ More Highlights from the Glory of His Presence with our Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle! • • • #GOHP #texaszone1 #texaszone2

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Our Highly Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle visit to the PARTNERSHIP Stand of LTM and Healing School at the GOHP #PastorMikeWiggle #CETXZONE1 #CETXZONE2

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DID YOU KNOW /2 The combination of the legislature and the courts is the most insidious device of the adversary - satan. Let me explain. The legislature passes a law that looks, at 1st reading or a cursory glance, like a progressive statute that is beneficial for society. That law can sit unknown and benign for years until a judge gives an interpretation that is very legal but it wasn't what the general populace ever imagined that the law would do. But it is the law and it stands. As a student in the law faculty, I was taught a (amongst others) definition of law that became my favorite: The Law is nothing but what the court (ie the judge) says it is. This was the eminent jurist, Roscoe Pound's, definition. A law isn't what the textbooks say it is. It isn't what the legislature (that passed it) says it is. It isn't what the executive who ordered it says it is. IT IS WHAT A JUDGE (even though he graduated with a 3rd class degree) SAYS IT IS. IT IS HIS INTERPRETATION THAT IS THE LAW. This is why I'm never excited whenever a "seemingly" good law is passed. I know that one day, maybe in the near future or in the far future, a Pharoah who "knew not Joseph" will arise and give a "satanic" interpretation to that law. NIGERIA: WE MUST WORK THE WORKS OF HIM WHO SENT US NOW I have heard it said that Nigeria is a SECULAR country. That is it is a country with no specific religion. I always smile and nod with my head. But I know it might be so in practice now BUT it is NOT so on paper. It is NOT so in the most important document regulating Nigeria: our constitution. While the constitution claims that Nigeria is a SECULAR country, yet the same constitution recognises the legitimacy and practice of SHARIA law. Sharia is NOT the equivalent of customary law. It is a legal system based on a religion. There is no other religious law legitimised in Nigeria. SHARIA LAW IS THE ONLY RELIGIOUS LEGAL SYSTEM RECOGNISED BY THE (SEEMINGLY) SECULAR NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION. Sharia law is Islamic law. Islam is constitutionally backed. Christianity as a state backed practice is not. All other legal systems in Nigeria are based on the common law, statutory law and customary law. Church law/Christian law does not exist in Nigeria. Interestingly, did you know that the present #1 law official in Nigeria was a former Kadi (judge) of Sharia Court of Appeals. He was a former provost, College of Legal & Islamic Studies in Bauchi, Nigeria. We must do the Works of Him who sent us while it is day. For the night comes when no man can work. For now, bibles can still be distributed everywhere in Nigeria but not in everywhere in Africa or in Europe. Rhapsody of Realities and other Christian reading resources can be distributed. But for how long? We must use our opportunity now. This is why I am a partner with Pastor Chris. Through the opportunity of partnership, I am not limited to be an apologetic. I am an activist. I am a Gospel Activist. Partner today. Don't just do it with your mouth. Do it with your money. #iamluminary #yearoflights

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Seeing all the beautiful posts and testimonies from #TIEconUSA and I’m so inspired. My spirit is stirred!! Kayadaaa🔥🔥 lives were never the same 💃🏾💃🏾

TESTIMONIES already FLOODING in! Told you it was TIEdal 🌊🌊🌊 #TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA

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21 CAMPUSES | 1 YEAR #Vision21 #TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA

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Do whatever you can to help a man discover Christ 😭😭😭 #TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA #FireInTheUK #FireInEurope

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#TIEConUSA #CMDintheUSA #FireintheUSA #FireintheUK #FireinEUROPE #blwusagroup2

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#TeamAlpha #Team1 #TIECONUSA #CMDintheUSA #FIREintheUSA

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What an Amazing time at TIE🔥 #TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA

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See what the Lord has done, meanwhile we’ve only just begun. Our first meeting after TIE conference recorded 36 people in attendance and 11 first timers. Thank you #CMD for #TIEConUSA #CMDintheUSA #FireintheUSA #blwusagroup3 #blwmontgomerycollege #impactcell

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My favorite part 😊 #SinginginTongues #Bestlife #TIEConUSA #CMDInTheUSA #FireInTheUSA #BLWUSAGroup1

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