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Thank You Lord Jesus. Love lasts , lust doesn't last - Pastor Dan #lightupyourworld #cekemptonpark #cesazone2

I can't wait, I'm so excited. #lightupyourworldconference2019 💃💃💃.My life will never be the same again that's for sure 😎

Happy mothers day Pastor Ma, you are amazing. I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Happy mothers day Pastor Sue ma, I love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful service this morning. Celebrated all the beautiful mothers. Glory to God. @cesazone2 #cekemptonpark

Congratulations to the graduates. You guys are blessed. Glory to God

Its happening this Saturday!!! The church is marching on #moresoldiersforChrist!!!! #cesazone2 #cekemptonpark

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In Spirit and truth 😭🙌

Happy wedding anniversary to the best parents, Pastor Beauty and Deacon Patrick. More grace. I love you 😍😍😍

Use you faith for the Gospel. It is what God says that matters. - Pastor Kay #STPPL2019 #CEKemptonPark #cesazone2

Congratulations to Pastor Lebo and Pastor Mosa Mnisi. Glory to God. #cekemptonpark #cesazone2

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Pastor Mosa Mnisi. What beauty and joy in the Lord. Glory to God #cekemptonpark #cesazone2

Don't waste your substance - Pastor Biodun Lawal #STPPL #CEKemptonPark #CESAZONE2

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mugarisi. #farlonwedscliff

Live at Farlon and Cliff M's wedding. Such beauty

"see His glory, see His glory, see His glory in me..." *Singing* ... Thank you Lord Jesus #cekemptonpark #cesazone2

What a marvellous partnership Sunday we had this Sunday. We praised, danced and received the Word with meekness. Glory to God

#aboutlastnight what a beautiful Date Night with the King. Thank you Pastor Sue, thank you LMAM Kempton Park. You guys are awesome 😀😀😀

LMAM Kempton Park for Jesus. I love these people. Bantwana baka Pastor Sue 😀😀

What a beautiful Super Sunday. To God be the glory...

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