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5 March - Randburg SA Birthday .....

5 March Ps Freedom's Birthday Celebration. We had a good time, real fun. Yeh Mzansi has got talent and more of it was revealed. We saw new Rapp stars & Vosho. We celebrated excellence in a spectacular way. We received blessings from our Zonal Ps. God bless you Sir.

Breakfast with Pastor Joy Devine Wealth Excellentia. Thanks for the visit Pastor. Your supernatural energy is contageous. Thanks for your love for my family. The aroma in Moy 'oMnandi Residence is sweeter with you around.

Happy Birthday to our Zonal Pastor Freedom Wealth Eriya. Thank you for your examplary leadership, for your love and compassion. A big thank you to Ps Rebecca for caring for you. We thank God for your life & today we want to say we love you, God be with you till the end of time.

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Happy birthday Pastor Ekele. We love you. Haven Sandton #peu33 #pastorekele #thehavennation #thehavenzonee4

CE Sandton - Haven ZE4 family filled with love. Thanks to our Zonal Director Ps Senga and Gov Peta for leadership. Honour to our Group Ps Moiponi for motivation, support and trust. Thanks for We are the light of the world. Thanks to our man of God for the vision. Praise the Lord!

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Flashback - IPPC 2018 in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Now am geared up for IPPC2018 in MyCity - Johannesburg GAUTENG, South Africa #Mzansi4Sure! I am certainly moving to another level of glory, anointing is all over me. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you Ps Chris for the vision.

#KnowYourNumber About diabetes: Carbohydrate foods are broken down into glucose in the blood. Insulin helps glucose get into the cells.  Not being able to produce insulin or use it effectively leads to raised glucose levels in the blood (known as hyperglycaemia).

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that acts like a key transport glucose from blood stream into the body cells to produce energy.

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Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. BNZ Foundation using all media platforms to say "NO" diabetes is not a death sentence, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and diabetes can be managed with proper nutrition and exercise.

#DiabetesConcernsEveryFamily #TestToPrevent #KnowYourNumber #KnowledgeIsPower_donotperish

Thank God for #LPCSA2018 for my potentials are perfected. I can do all things through Christ 🙏. #lpcsa #CESAZONE1 #CERANDBURG

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LPCSA 2018 Supernatural favour. Surrounded by power pack in Ps Mpume, Ps Andy & Ps Feli Chijema with Ps Joy Devine love Motaung in the presence of God. We are attuned for eternal success, prosperity, wisdom & wealth. We have the Power, Plan & Purpose to serve Jesus. #PsChrisLove

LPCSA 2018 - DAY 2 Yes we are here with my very own Phenominal Regional Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. "Walking in Jesus - the totality of divinity." We are the masters of circumstances. #I_carry_my_own_environment #God's_rule_ONLY_matters #God_loves_MZANSI_4Sure Thanks Pastor Chris!

LPCSA 2018 - DAY 2 Yes we are here with Pastor Feli Chijena. Ready to receive impartation of the Word by our man of God Ps Chris. Picture this, Dome is packed, decor excellent & the atmosphere is supernatural. Miracles continue to take place. #best_place_to_be_God's_presence

LPCSA 2018 is happening right now. #pcdl_empowerment #theWordpower #Pastor Chris is the' Pastor

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