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Seated together with Christ in heveanly places

#lwcgi #lz5 Thank you pastor chris

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“God’s people needs to know that the Holy Spirit has a ministry in their life. It’s not enough to have the Holy Spirit in you, is he leading you? Romans 8:14”.......Pastor Deola

“The most dangerous man in the world is a man with conviction”.....Pastor Chris

“The word of God is unchangeable and yet it can change anything”.....Pastor Chris

Their righteousness is of me saith the Lord

“Success, victory and prosperity are qualities of the human spirit. They come from your inside”.....Pastor Chris

“God is looking for those who have developed the mentality of the spirit. Those who look beyond all there is in this world”....Pastor Chris

“As you get filled with the spirit you will discover that you are problem solver, a solution provider”.......Pastor Chris

“Your level of operation and how you play in the spirit depends on spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is important”....Pastor Chris

“Your will needs to be strong. I’m a very strong willed man on purpose”.....Kenneth Copeland

“Greatness don’t happen in a day, it happens daily”....Ben Courson

“You program your life with your tongue and it’s not one week’s job”....Pastor Chris

“There is a certain place you get to in the spirit, the only way you grow it’s by feeding on obstacles. Without them you will starve”....Pastor Chris

The word of God says so and that settles it. There is no option to God’s word.

“It’s time to stop begging. Begging is not part of shinning. You will not beg anybody, you will stand on your own. I train people to stand on their own”.....Pastor Chris

“God gives no praise to a man for being used as an instrument, God gives praise to a man for working for him out of love for Jesus. Do not be only an instrument in the hand of God”......Pastor Chris

“All you need is inside you. Don’t look for an answer outside you. What do you wanna see? Bring it forth with your words”....Pastor Chris

“When we meditate on God’s word, the glory of the word unites with our spirit”.....Pastor Chris

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