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Happy World Book day!🤗 #PastorChrisWorldsNo1Author # Fiestaoflights2019 #WBD2019 #CEDENDALE #CEDURBAN #CESAZONE2

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Happy world book day,Thank Pastor Dr Chris for loving us so much #pastorChrisWorldsNo1Author #WBD2019 #cesazone2 #cedurban #CePortshepstone

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Sir, The Word packages in every book you authored is LIFE ETERNAL!! #PastorChrisWorldsNo1Author # Fiestaoflights2019 #WBD2019 #CEDURBAN #CESAZONE2

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WORLD BOOK DAY CELEBRATION The Esteemed Zonal Pastor , Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye joins the Loveworld Nation and the entire World to celebrate Our Man of God ,the Number 1 Author . Thank you Pastor for opening our eyes to the Chariots of life ,now we know how to win souls and we are transforming lives also . #PastorChrisWorldsNo1Author # Fiestaoflights2019 #WBD2019 #CESAZONE2

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Thank pastor sir for all your written books they changed and transformed our lives. I am grateful. #pastorchrisworldno1author #fiestaoflight2019 #WBD2019 #CEDURBAN #CESAZONE2

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Happy World books day Thank you so much Pastor Sir, for giving our lives a meaning. #PastorChrisworldsNo1Author #fiestaofflights2019 #WBD2019 #CEDurban #CESAZone2

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Thanking Pastor Chris for the books he authored & made it easy for me to study God’s word. Reading “Now that you are born again” it’s been 11years it’s revelations are new & timely. I love you Dearly #PastorChrisWorldsNo1Author #Fiestaoflights2019 #WBD2019 #CEDURBAN #CESAZONE2

#TEAMGLAMOUR The Celebrity Chef Competition is here in celebration of our father and man of God's birthday! This year, its a couple's affair and our very own Bro Joe and Award winning Sinach (CE Isheri) are contestants. Let's throw in our Support-Like, Share and Repost for #TEAMGLAMOUR #CELEBRITYCHEF2018 #CELEBRITYCHEF

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Happy Birthday Pastor Andy! Your consistency & focus on the work of the ministry is of great inspiration! I love u dearly

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FALF BREAKING NEWS! Naomi Epoki, Future Africa Leaders Foundation (FALF) Ambassador and 2017 Future Africa Leaders Award Star Prize Winner was present at the United Nations General Assembly in the United States of America, where she was given the floor in a meeting with the European Union to question the roles of Youth on Death Penalty, Poverty and the Rights to Legal Representation at the UN ECOSOC Chamber. She was also given the opportunity to voice her opinions on Peacebuilding in Northern Nigeria, Free Access to Quality Education for Every Child and Increased Opportunities for Young People.

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Dearly beloved, my friends in Malaysia has just be arrested for distributing ROR to schools and on the way side.. they are yet to get to court.. we have to pray,I don't want them deported.. join me NOW in prayers.. #lagzone2 #pastochrislive #rhapsodyofrealities #loveworld

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All the things which he has made are beautiful in his time: he has also set the whole world in their heart!!

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Hallelujah! !!! Born of the Word!!! Thank you, Pastor, Sir for bringing out the best in God's children all around the world!!!! I love you, Sir.

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Great Bargain

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Andy. Thank you Sir for your passion for the Lord and all you do for our great ministry. We love you 😍🎁🍾 🥂

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Celebrating an Icon Of Success Celebrating M Pastor! Celebrating My Father! Celebrating My Mentor! Celebrating My Life Coach! Celebrating God’s Best! Celebrating The God-kind! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR DR. SIR🍾🥂🍾🥂 #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

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🎉🥳HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR🎂🍾🥂🎁❤ Today, it is a great honour for me to celebrate you Celebrating My Pastor! Celebrating My Father! Celebrating My Mentor! Celebrating My Life Coach! Celebrating God’s Best! Celebrating The God-kind! #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

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Children Ministry #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

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Happy birthday Pastor Dr. Andy! #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

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Happy birthday PDA Sir, Thank you for carrying us with the wings of the spirit. I love you Sir

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