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God's Radiating glory is being glorified in my life and everyone around me #mydeclaration

He leads me on in joy fullfilling all that he has called me to do and everything has been made possible #mydeclaration

God's Radiating glory, is being glorified in my life and every one around me .He leads me on in joy

#Prayingnow #Ghana

#Prayingnow #Ghana

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Hmmmm....this one is big. My journey with the highly esteemed Rev Tom. The first time I had an encounter with him in Benin, I was meant to lead the choir in a special number. So my microphone just didn't work. I just walked up boldly to Rev Tom and asked him for his microphone(I didn't know the due process Amazingly he just gave it to me. I took it and did the song. He came up afterwards and told the church "when he was walking up to me I was wondering what he was coming to do. But I'm glad he used the microphone well" I had no idea that that was the beginning of intense ministry training from goodness!!! One day it was total experience with the man of God pastor Chris in 1999, and Rev had bought me a new keyboard to use in church. So that programme was going to be the unveiling of that keyboard. So I opened it for the first time, and mounted the keys. We had a Holy Ghost programme . Then I was packing up afterwards and Rev came to me and asked for the waterproof casing for the keyboard. I replied " I threw it away sir. it's not important. I will move the keyboard in the box like that sir" What I heard in reply took me off my feet.....He said " go and look for it from where you threw it and put the keyboard in it and meet me in Church. That waterproof casing had to show up that night....and it sure did!!!! I moved everything to church and when he saw all intact he said to me profoundly "if you take care of God's vessels of service , He will beautify your life beyond your imaginations. The house that stands tall and beautiful took some digging into the ground to make it that way" I was like all this teaching on top of waterproof then I didn't know....Now I know!!!!! Rev Tom would call for me at seemingly inconvenient times and we would set out on journeys to do crusades and Church visitations and I would play the keyboards. I used to wonder "won't he leave me in school so I can read my books" ( I was in medical school). One day I was in class and they "came for me" ..."we are going to Lagos". they said. So from classroom to car to Lagos . From car in lagos to a meeting with the man of God pastor Chris. "Go and play the keyboards" Rev said. I walked there and played for pastor. Pastor finishes and says "give a big hand for Rev Tom's keyboardist" and I'm in awe!!! The stories go on and on. Then the day came and Rev Tom released me officially to our man of God and says to me "You are ready for the world now" .....and trully here I am with my man of God changing lives all around the world. Thank you Rev Tom sir. You made it work for me . I'm forever grateful.

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I will tell you about this picture collage. My Caption is "She helped me" This is the how: It was in Benin City Nigeria several years ago. We had a campus Leaders training programme at the Precious Palm Royal Hotel in Benin. We had had several Senior Pastors come minister to us. Then this day came and it was the Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan that was to minister to us. She came in filled with the Spirit and started prophesying. We prayed so much. All this while I was on the keyboards playing background music. Then she turned looked at me with thesame look on this picture and said to me : Brother , I have seen many keyboardists make king-size mistakes cos they thought they were "too skillful" for the church . Then she said "If you would take your keyboard playing seriously and do it by the Spirit, God will take you round the world with it. I received the word with gladness in my heart though I didn't have a clue what she meant at that time. Well the years have come and gone and still counting ....and my first trip out of the shores of Nigeria and later Africa was to be graciously granted the opportunity to be in programmes with the man of God pastor Chris where I would be playing the keyboards for our man of God. I have been everywhere around the world serving in this capacity which means the whole world to me. Thank you pastor Joy ma Thank you my man of God pastor Chris sir. Im eternally grateful.

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Happy Birthday dear Dcns! Keep flourishing from grace to grace. I love you.

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Happy birthday Daddy .You are my number one Hero . #dec7

FIRE WORKS DISPLAY #CelebratingPastorChris #CelebratingGodsGift #Dec7

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Happy birthday Pastor Benny Sir. Thank you for being a great blessing to us. Thank you for your love and kindness.

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Special Heartfelt Birthday Greetings to The Highly Esteemed Pastor Benny Hinn. Thank you Sir for visiting Ghana with Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris during the Special Ministers' Conference; a program that ushered the nation of Ghana into a new and higher level of transformation and prosperity. We love and appreciate you dearly Sir. #CeAccraGhanaZone

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CHRIST IN YOU CONFERENCE, Ho Technical Univ, Volta Region The word of God will flourish in the land and amongst the youth like never before

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Happy wedding anniversary my love. 19 years ago our journey started being guided every step the way by the Lord. You are the best husband.

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#BLWDayofService updates... Brethren from BLW University of Cape Coast, Central Region, had a special time with 100 inmates at the ANKAFUL PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL as part of the Day of Service in honour of our Man of God. Many of them got filled with the Holy Ghost and are responding to the word of God! Hallelujah! More updates to come... #blwghzone

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Cleaning up the Berekuso Library and sharing the Word of God with young ones. What a day! #BLWDayofService #BLWAshesi

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Service to man.... #blwdayofservice #ceatonsu #ce

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#ConfessionsForLiving Christ is my life. Having received Jesus Christ as my Lord, I live triumphantly in righteousness, glory, health, dominion and authority! I walk, conscious of my oneness with the owner of the universe; therefore, the whole world is mine. Blessed be God! Happy New month of Thanksgiving precious Saints! @ror #blwghzone #BLWDayofService

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