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Happy birthday to my Boss and father. I love you dearly sir.

Happy birthdayyyyy pastor....... you are the best

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Happy Birthday Sir. #pbn15phz1

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Celebrating Grace Happy Aheadship Birthday to my Esteemed Group Pastor #pbn1511 #thewinningteam #myfather #mypastor #pastorwaysabi

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Happy birthday🎂🎁🎉👑 Pastor Sir Celebrating a man so full of Love and care for the people, never a dull moment with you Sir thank you for all you do for the ministry and gospel. I love you Sir

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Happy birthday Dear Pastor. We love you Sir

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Happy birthday my father like no other. #pbn1115 #myhero

Meet Our Indefatigable #Superheroes Thank you highly esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, & partners of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 1 for your phenomenal partnership with us in the month of September. We impacted lives & communities through our Global Hospital Outreaches and Medical Outreaches with your support and kind donations. God bless you abundantly. #uplifting #lmms #lmc #ltc #savingliveseveryday.


It was an awesome time in God's presence tonight at 'Your Loveworld', live from the UK. We were inspired to press 'Towards Maturity', in 7 vital points. We're thankful for another opportunity to carry out ministry. Catch the rebroadcast on our Loveworld Networks tomorrow. #monthofministry #howicarryoutministry #iaminoffice #ministryinprogress

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Light of Hope...

More Sights from the colorful celebration of the ReachOut Nigeria with 3 Million Copies of the Messenger Angel "Rhapsody of Realities" at the Phenomenal Zone, - CEPH Zone 1 #Phenomenallife #peeay #peeayforever #ror #ron #reachoutnigeria #rhapsodyofrealities #cephzone1

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Kindly vote for 8-years-old Miss Muna Nwaneri for the Face of RON 2019 using this link. #cephzone1 #RON2019

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Kindly vote for 25-year-old Mr Great Ishie for the Face of RON 2019 using this link. #cephzone1 #RON2019

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Kindly vote for 23-year-old Miss Prevail Baadoo for the Face of RON 2019 using this link. #cephzone1 #RON2019

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Kindly vote for 23-year-old Miss Grace Usen for the Face of RON 2019 using this link. #cephzone1 #RON2019

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Tips on how to teach your Child to pray @kiddiesLoveWorld Don't Leave Out The Children! They can pray and impact their world, rearranging and reordering circumstances from the realm of the Spirit. As you pray, remember your children. Yes, pray for them! But much more than praying for them, encourage them to pray for and by themselves. It's important that we realize that children aren't going to pray just because we're praying. No, they may not. Children must be taught to pray; you must inspire, guide and devise ‘structures’ to help them inculcate the discipline to pray. Teaching children to pray is a vital part of introducing them to Jesus and strengthening the consciousness of their relationship with the Lord. As christian parents, it's our responsibility to lay a firm spiritual foundation for our children. Today, we will give you 2 tips that will help: Start Early: It's never too early for your child to start praying, especially because you want it to be part of his daily life. The way to achieve this depends on the age of your child. At age 2–5 years, children are impressionable; hence, this is the time to imprint the discipline into them through consistent family prayer times (we’ll talk more about this tomorrow). Then as they grow up, introduce some more information to guide their understanding about this all-important spiritual exercise. Be The Example: Being an example is one of the best ways to get your child interested in prayer. Of course, if you're not praying, your child isn't going to have an example to look to. Therefore, aside those times we pray together with Pastor Chris during the day (12pm and 10pm), you must also have or set times you pray together as a family, every day. It could be early in the morning, before meals or before bedtime. Pray With Him: Your child doesn't necessarily have to pray at the start, but he can listen to how you pray. So, model simple, heartfelt prayers for him. Tell him words, and then let him add some of his own. Let him pray while you help, and one day he won't need your help anymore. Be Consistent: When you're teaching your children to pray, consistency is key. To reinforce the importance of this exercise in the mind of the child, you must be consistent. Don't just talk about how important the family prayer time is, prove it through your actions; the efforts you take to ensure you keep to your special prayer time as a family. #cephzone1 #prayer #kiddiesLW #KLW

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THE PHENOMENAL LIFE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU (Episode 4, Season 2) What are the consequences if... - the invisible, unapproachable God can become flesh? - eternity can invade time? - God can become man? Get these answers and more from this episode of the Phenomenal Life with Pastor Amaechi. God bless you. #cephzone1 #TPL #ThePhenomenalLifep

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To my priceless perfect Wife. You make life easier and make each day a beautiful one by simply being in it! I love you Sha Sha ♥️🎉 @carissasharon

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DO YOU KNOW? The Teens Summer Camp with Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku kicks off TOMORROW the 13th of Aug. Wowza!!!!! What a time of impartation, learning, excitement and absolute fun it will be!!! It's gonna be LEGEN.... wait for it... DARY!!! CEPH ZONE 1 TEENS, ARE YOU READY?!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 #cephzone1 #Thehappychurch

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