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"To flourish means to be extravagant in splendor; To grow luxuriantly means to grow with thickness; Significant Attainment needs significant attachment. When you are attached to the word of God you will have significant attainment. To be Persistent means you are not stopping, you are not giving up. "- Rev Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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"A forest is made of one tree. Every tree is capable of making a forest."- Rev Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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SA ZONE 3 DAY 7 OF 8 DAYS OF GLORY The esteemed Pastor Siji Dara imparted significant wisdom regarding production through speech; "... It's your talking that produces...", he declared. #cesazone3 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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8 DAYS OF GLORY DAY 7 WITH THE ESTEEMED REV KEN OYAKHILOME Watch this short clip as the Esteemed Rev Ken Oyakhilome gives insight into the characteristics of a new creation and the atmosphere they carry. #cesazone1#8DAYSOFGLORY

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Short Notes from 8 Days of Glory Day 7 in SA Zone 2 with the Esteemed Pastor TT Edun 8 Days of Glory is designed to increase your capacity, it is not about getting money. To bless means to empower to prosper. God blesses us to bless. •Gen 22:16 When u come to a conference like this, it is so that by the end your ability to bless would have increased. Hebrews 11:1 What are you hoping for? An attaiment is what you will achieve. The word of God is always producing pictures in your mind. When the word of God comes forth, it must birth something. •When God gives you a vision you might not be the first person doing that thing. •When God gives you a fortune he gives you an idea •To inheret the vision that God has given you takes patience and faith #cesazone2 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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Watch this short clip and be stirred as you relive moments from Day 7 of 8 Days of Glory in SA Zone1 #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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Watch this powerful, insightful short clip as we delve deeper into the scriptures as deciphered by the Esteemed Rev. Ken Oyakhilome #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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DAY 2: #iFLOURISHONLINECONFERENCE The Grand Finale of the #iFlourish Prosperity Online Conference was live on Facebook, Instagram and Skype. Pastors, Coordinators and Leaders connected excitedly, ready to receive more insight on the subject of First Fruits and Tithes. The BLWSA Zonal Secretary Pastor Alfred Goletlanwe admonished the delegates not to be quick to announce the absence of what they don't see because it doesn't communicate it's non existence; but rather to manifest it through words from their mouths. According to the Zonal Secretary, “You can animate prosperity in your sphere of contact and it can come to stay with you”. He further said giving First Fruits is the reason you will have Tithes to pay. "Tithes know how to activate a rebuke from God to the devourer on your behalf" said Pastor Alfred. The atmosphere was electrified with excitement as the delegates jumped up to receive the word. Delegates from all over Southern Africa testify of the impact of this program resulting in testimonies of bursaries, new jobs and miracle money. Surely this has been an expose on first Fruits and Tithes!!! #LoveworldUpdates #blwsazone 

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PERSISTENT PRODUCTIVITY - DAY 5 OF #8DAYSOFMEDITATION As you Watch this Video, and follow the Study Outline, it will completely overwhelm your spirit , soul and body with the revelation of Persistent Productivity, God's plan for you this year. Speak fervidly in tongues, sanctifying your faith and don't forget to roar 'Rhema ' in the affirmations section. Remember to post your testimonies - Like, Comment and Reshare this Post.

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It's the 5th Day of our Journey in #8DAYSOFMEDITATION. Get ready to be Metamorphosed as you meditate on the Words of the Spirit in today's guide. Like, Comment and Reshare!

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37 DAYS TO GO - COUNTUP TO AUTUMN SESSION 2017 ✔Have You invited someone for the upcoming session? Be a part of the 2017 Healing School autumn session in Johannesburg, South Africa! Click on the card for details.. Click here to INVITE someone to the Healing School NOW on the Healing School mobile app http://cehs.ch/?i=24545 or at www.enterthehealingschool.org FOLLOW the Healing School Superuser on Kingschat, download the Healing School mobile app or visit www.enterthehealingschool.org for live updates. #healingtothenations #thankyoudearpartners #autumnsession2017 #summersession2017

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When I entered the Healing School,Acute Leukemia left me forever!See me!!Hurry and register#2017HSAutumnSession

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SHE DIED & CAME BACK TO LIFE... WATCH THIS!!!👇👇👇 She Died But Came Back To Life By Working out God's Word in The Message, "The Impact of The Holy Spirit in The Human Body" Being connected to God's Word on the go, is paramount! [Source: Spectrumnet SuperUser on KingsChat] #CEWarriZone

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One of our choir members gave birth to QUADRUPLET (1 boy, 3 girls) Mom,Dad & all 4 babies are healthy and strong. GLORY!! WE'RE FLOURISHING!

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A time of refreshment and rejuvenation. Join us at the 'My Flourish' prayer rally holding on the 4th of February. #Myflourish #gylfukregion

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It's been 5yrs since I left the Healing School,and I'm still walking,enjoying divine health!!Come to the Healing school.#2017HSAutumnSession

8 Days of Meditation with the Year of Flourishing message Download your guide today and follow the instructions for the next 8 Days starting today, for 40 minutes to an hour daily.

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Darl' Happy Wedding Anniversary. Its been 23 years of marital bliss like yesterday. I love you always💖 Mwah! 💋

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