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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank You for enriching us with your knowledge of the Word of God. Indeed we are better than Yesterday. Usuku lihle!!!!!!!

# Christ Embassy East London # Makorokoto!

# Partners Meeting with Pastor Freedom Wealtb Eriya!




#saz1zclc #cesazone1 Glooooorrrryyyyyyyy

8 DAYS OF GLORY SHORT NOTES (PART 1) DAY 2 WITH PASTOR TT EDUN * Don't live in a New Stone Age. * The age of books is the New Stone Age. * I see the lives of those that see Pastor and how they have changed by following Pastor. * 8 days of glory began yesterday, it's not a program where we come to just give things, it increases your capacity. * You have got to do the things you hear THERE ARE THREE IMPORTANT SEEDS FOR GLORY * The bible tells us about different kinds of seeds. * I'm proud to say that I'm a giver. * I used to look at Pastors life and the speed at which it was going. * I listened to Pastors word. * I listened to the things that he said, * I discovered something that there are two kinds of lives- there are people looking to live the miraculous life, miracles to live, looking for miracles all the time. * Miracles are good they are beautiful. * I used to listen to when pastor talked and he would always talk about other people's miracles I would always wonder how I would hardly hear pastor talking about how he got money miraculously. * It all begins with which kind of life you live. * You can have a miraculous life and supernatural life. * The person who is living by miracles will always be behind. * These miracles are not a change of capacity. * After some time they will not be able to replicate those miracles again. * I understood that there was a miraculous life, * To attain is something you produced, it's not something someone gave to you." #cesazone1 #8DAYSOFGLORY

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All Grace Mega Cell Outreach 05.11.2016


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#EAST LONDON SUPER SUNDAY ON 28 FEBRUARY!!! Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit Says the Lord of host.

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