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Celebrating a Helper of the War, a rare gem - Bro Bayo ! @agapethemayor Thank you for all that you do, always ready to lend a helping hand and make things happen. Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🥳God bless you more and more! I love you! #CANADA

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#IamReady #GlobalDayOfPrayer #CEStCatharines #CECanada #Canada

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Happy birthday Dear Sis Flourish Aduroja, thank you so much for being a blessing to us all at CE St Catharines. We celebrate and love you dearly! #CEStCatharines #CECanada #Canada

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💢Breaking News💢- Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn declare Global Day of Prayer - Friday March 27th 2020 Dont miss it - Join online,tv,radio 7pm GMT+1 2pm Eastern SPREAD THE WORD

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn declare GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER! With a special message for you!!! Date: Friday, March 27, 2020 Time: 7pm GMT+1; 2pm Eastern Time. Join Online. TV. Radio etc. Don’t miss it!!! Watch out for more information.

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HOW DID JOHN G. LAKE REACT TO AN EPIDEMIC LIKE THE COVID-19? "I love John G. Lake’s story. An epidemic had broken out in South Africa where he was living at that time. The epidemic was so contagious that mere touching of those already infected could lead to an infection. But it was observed that John G. Lake had had contact with several infected patients without being infected. When asked about it, he replied that another kind of life was at work in him and that if the disease germs came in contact with his body, this life in him would burn them up and destroy them. They asked him to prove it and he agreed to a test. They took a sample containing these germs and dropped some on the back of his hand. They actually viewed his hand underneath a microscope to ensure the germ cells were alive. After a few hours, they checked under the microscope again and the germ cells had stopped moving. They had all died." -  culled from None of These Diseases Don't wait another day, get copies of this book for those in hospitals, your friends and loved ones who may be struggling with fear of sickness, virus or disease in their hearts. You can purchase print and electronic copies of "None of These Diseases" on the LoveWorld Books website: or e-copies on the Rhapsody App. Also available on Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Smashwords, Barns&Noble and Scribd To place your orders, call: 🇳🇬Nigeria: +2348086656497, +2348086656533,+2348086656547 🇬🇭Ghana:  +233 548951736, +233 548951799, +233 548951800 🇿🇦South Africa: +27 113260971 🇬🇧United Kingdom: +44 1708 556 604, +44 (0) 8001310604 🇺🇸United States: +1-281-829-4443, +1-281-372-8100 #LWPM

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🎆CORONAVIRUS: BREAKING NEWS🎆 On March 1st, our Man of God prayed against the coronavirus and dispatched angels to go forth and make the treatment available and cheap. Today is March 19, and the US announces a drug showing great promise against the virus !!! Guess what the drug is????

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Be on the right side as it concerns COVID-19. Entertain no fear. If Coronavirus is contagious, the divine life we have is more contagious. #RevKenOyakhilome #PastorChrislive #PastorChrisgeneration.

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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Wed March 18 We are completely immersed in Christ. He is our life, our dwelling place and environment. Learn more in this Wednesday's Rhapsody. Visit for information on the 1Million Rhapsody Outreaches Campaign. Colossians 4:2 says, "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving". It's Pray-A-Thon Day 73, and throughout the day, and at our specific prayer times, we'll pray mostly in tongues and intercede, bearing up the nations of the world in prayer, that many would look to the Lord for salvation, and the faith of the saints remain strong. Remember to attend the midweek service today in church onsite or online. God bless you.

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💥Celebrating Perfection and Exceptionalism, Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Akin Abrahams (CE Oakville)💥 Your life is indeed the outshining of God’s Love to the world. Thank you for your loyalty to our dear Man of God and to the Vision of Ministry. Thank you for all you do, we love you dearly. #Knowledge #Perfection #Canada

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💥 HEALING AND PRAISE SERVICE WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED #PSTJIDE 💥 The atmosphere was saturated with God's presence... with great manifestations of power ... Hallelujah! #CESCARBOROUGH #CESCARBOROUGHGROUP #CECANADA

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Rev Ken Oyakhilome sir thank you for talking to us last night. Look at what your word produce today at CENDG! We did special worship and praise service and had 20 first timers children not included. COVID 19 could not keep them from attending service. I salute your faith Rev sir.

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#AutumnSession2020 Updates: Heart failure, bipolar mood disorder, asthma, orthopnea, and lower back pain were just a few of the many ailments that caused Ellen Dube to the Healing School in a wheelchair. Today, she smartly walked up the stage to share of her remarkable experience: “When Pastor Chris told me to get up, my body listened and my feet obeyed. A voice said, ‘It is done my child, run!’ Now, I can do things that I never knew I could do.” Stay connected. #healingtothenations

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This is the moment you have been waiting for. It's time to witness the Word at work at the first healing service. You don't want to miss the next updates. Stay connected. #AutumnSession2020 #healingtothenations

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Brain tumors, heart diseases, ailments of all kinds have been healed by the powerful Name of Jesus. Glory to God! #autumnsession2020 #healingtothenations

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She hasn't walked from birth, until today! This is the beginning of perfection for her and her entire family. Hallelujah! #autumnsession2020 #healingtothenations

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Irrespective of how long, regardless of how bad. No matter what the name is, all bow to the awesome and all-powerful Name of Jesus! #autumnsession2020 #healingtothenations

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Colosians 3:3 says, "your life is hid WITH Christ IN God. So for coronavirus to get to you, it has to go through God first and then Christ before it gets to you... Brothers & Sisters, is that possible? EMPHATICALLY NO!!! Therefore as a child of God, FEAR NOT! Fear is the weapon of the enemy. The devil has no new tricks. Watch the video 📹 below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 and trust me, you'll be so stirred up in your spirit after watching #usar1z2

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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Fri March 13 The Word teaches us to see victories and possibilities for their manifestations in our lives. Learn more in today's Rhapsody. Visit for more information on Rhapsody of Realities products and programs. 3 John 1:2 says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth". At our prayer times today, while praying fervidly in tongues, we'll pray specially for our nations, as the Word enjoins us, and also intercede for the sick, especially for fellow Christians whose bodies have been ravaged by the enemy, that their faith remain strong, and the power of God manifested in them. Pray fervently in the Spirit. God bless you.

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#TALKINGSESSION 12TH MARCH. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Father, thank You for granting me an excellent spirit that is full of the eternal deposits of Your goodness, graces, perfections, and beauty. My understanding is enlightened to have precise knowledge of the great riches of Your glorious inheritance in me. I thank You for granting me the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, which enables me to deal excellently in the affairs of life. I am living the God-life to the full, growing in grace, and increasing in wisdom and understanding, by the Spirit, and through the knowledge of Your Word. My faith is growing and prevailing, producing greater results as I put it to work. The forces of righteousness, success, divine health, victory, and prosperity are activated in my life as I live in God’s Word, guided and inspired by divine wisdom to fulfil God’s perfect will for me. I am who God says I am, and I have what He says I have. I am an heir of the Sovereign, and I am reigning as a king in life. Eternal life is my present-hour possession! Yes! the victorious life is mine; I live above sickness, disease, poverty, failure, and death, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. • Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #knowledge #wehavemoved #blessings #alignment #talkingsession #perfection #ministry #completeness #loveworld #affirmationtrain #thankyoupastorchris

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