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I wont be left out am celebrating greatness my father see you have changed my live and others thank you man of our season love you PLO

My musumbaaaaa #CelebratingPLO

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An epitome of commitment and possibility Happy Birthday PSO #solabration2017 #flourishingpso

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My one and only Adesola for Jesus-show! The ever shinning girl for the Lord You've been an ever increasing blessing to me, to the ROR Dept, the Ministry and of course our man of God. You're a great inspiration to many around the world. Thanks for inspiring so many to greatness. I must also mention the impact you've made in such a short time in the Zone with Rhapsody and through Vision 400. I love you 💖 love you 💖 love you 💖 love you 💖 love you 💖😍😍😍 Enjoy your springtime and surely you'll go out with joy, and be led forth with peace. The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands with you and for you. You"re special to me, us and everyone. Flourish on, my Sola for show! A city set on a hill cannot be hid

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Its celebration time happy wedding aniversary to the most beloved parents Love sir and mum .thank you for changing my life.

Its party time all the hosts in heaven with keen attention all eyes at ma lovely C.E.O ummm shouts sent out of heaven #luxuriantpyk loveu

Balakosey words ain"t just enough to describe who manificant you are stars and the moon envy your brightness star you are #luxuriantpyk

The contagious smile always bring joy to the hearts of many through Rhapsody of Realities and all through out the ministry #luxuriantpyk

I have thought and thought but no words to significantly describe how much I love you Ma. Happy Birthday to a beautiful Woman of God.

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Yippee..... just some.minutes to go!!!! Put on your dancing shoes it's time to celebrate the coolest boss ever!!!

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AM FLOURISHING FLOURISHING FLOURISHING ALL THE TIME. celebrating luxurant and significant attainment.ALL THE WAY Thank you for diections

How beautiful , how beautiful are the works of your hands... celebrating a flourishing personality He says well done and welcome I love you

Happy birthday lovely , who you are you are she is never fake , deligent and committed to the ministry of the Lord Join me and celebrate

#PBO-11-03 Who are is who you are. Ma thanks for changing and touching our lives . You are my source of inspiration. Celebrating life, joy

#PBO #11PBO Pastor ma, i join the host of heaven to celebrate a principality in the kingdom such as you love you mummy.

When my mother walks all heaven stands still knowing that a son has walked when she speaks all circumstances bow. H birth day mum #PBO

Happy birthday mummy I love you so much thank you for shaping my life

Mashatakabaye all expectations met on this beautiful and life transforming meeting with highly esteeemed pastor Ambrose thank sir

Where else can one be ummmmmm am coming expectant #eav3cfc


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