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Our super hero, excellence itself, the voice of Jesus. Sir you have turned us into mighty men, taking up nations for Christ. You said "we are not speaking in tongues for nothing we will shake this world". Indeed. Where else was I going to hear such boldness. I love you sir.

Happiest birthday pastor sir. I thank God always for connecting me to your vision. With your mentorship, guidance, teaching and coaching, I can only win, live on top, produce lasting results - the list is endless. I appreciate you so much sir and love you dearly.

Happy birthday pastor Benny sir.

Happy birthday pastor sir! Uganda is not the same with you, we fly oooooo. We celebrate you immensely sir. Happy birthday pastor Betty Ma. You are such a kind soul. We love you dearly.

#prayingnow #yookos

This is glorious in our eyes. #sharonwedsphil #uganda

Glued on ceflix. Everything is phenomenal. Thank you pastor sir for the privilege to be part of this divine event. We love you Sharon and Phil. #sharonandphil #uganda

I'm set for the royal wedding. Glorrrrryyyyy!!! #SharonwedsPhil #Uganda

Congratulations Sharon and Phil. #Uganda


Thank you so much pastor sir for allowing STPPL to hold in EastAfrica. We are fired up and results shall be evident. We love you sir.

Thank you pastor sir for prayer service, what a glorious time it was.

#mydeclaration: I am seeing the SUPERNATURAL.

#prayingnow #Uganda

#prayingnow #Uganda

#prayingnow #Uganda

#prayingnow #uganda

#prayingnow #Uganda

#prayingnow #Uganda

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