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Join us today as we intercede for all the students of the 2nd batch of the 2019 Healing School Summer Session in Mississauga, Canada. Join us at: Date: Saturday 7th September 2019 Time: 7:00pm GMT +1

What an amazing time at the WEC with our Man of God Pastor Chris. A destiny changing meeting. Opportunities to be taught and enlightened by great Men of God Pstor Benny Hinn and Dr Cerullo. Listening to Evangelist Hathaway; amazing! Thank you sir. We are changing this world! Ratakabaya!

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Get ready for the WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE with our Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome and Pst Benny Hinn!!!!

SUPER FM GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY - A GATHERING OF THE MIGHTY The Super FM Ground Breaking Ceremony in Ijebu - Ode was a huge success as key stakeholders from various walks of life gathered to commemorate the beginning of a world changing endeavour.... #SuperFM #GroundbreakingCeremony

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Happy birthday dear Pastor Lanre. Thank you for your passion and for being a true son of our Man of God. You have moved! From glory to glory! I love you dearly.

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Happy birthday dear deacon IK. Thank you for your amiable personality and sincerity. Thank you for being a mighty helper of the work and a great son to our Man of God. I love you.

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Kindly click on the link to register for the Online Prayer Conference for the Healing School Summer Session in Toronto Canada from August - September 2019.

SPECIAL APPRECIATION!!! Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. I want to express my gratitude to God for His ever increasing grace and glory in my life. Thank you Lord! With a deep sense of humility, I express my profound appreciation to my dear Man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, for this appointment and the special privilege and honour to be the Chief Executive Officer of our great Loveworld Nation for a tenure of 4 years! Thank you Pastor Sir for your investments of the word in my life over the years, and for giving me the opportunity of service to God in the ministry. Thank you sir for always believing in me and giving me platforms to express my love for the Lord. I wish to appreciate the highly esteemed members of the CEC for this superlative endorsement and for their unflinching support and prayers always. Thank you sirs for the confidence reposed in me, and for your love for me. I specially appreciate our wonderful Pastors, Leaders and Brethren all around the world. You are indeed the best family. Thank you for the loving congratulatory messages to me since yesterday. The word has gone forth and WE HAVE MOVED! We have moved in ranks, addresses, abilities, functions and we are 1000x greater. Indeed, the years ahead will be much more glorious and filled with ear tingling achievements that are humanly inexplicable. By the Spirit, we will forge new frontiers to advance the course of the Gospel with even greater speed and impact. I am excited at what the Lord has purposed for us at this time. I trust that with your support and prayers, we will fulfil all that He has planned for us to do and even more. Warm regards, Pastor Deola Phillips Chief Executive Officer, Loveworld Nation


I am BOLD! I am FEARLESS! I am AUDACIOUS! I am a REVOLUTIONARY! #therevolution #middleeastrevolution #LoveWorldMena

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Praying now #CEMalaysia #CEPhilippines #MESEA

6 Days to Go #ICLC2019 #SoulWinners FROM THE ICLC CHAIRMAN In this featured video, the esteemed Regional Pastor of Middle East & South East Asia Region and Chairman, ICLC 2019 Pastor Kay Akinwolemiwa, provides Vital Information to aid your planning and make your Conference Experience a pleasurable one. Remember to share your expectations on your timeline using the relevant hashtags.  Keep following this SuperUser for Updates

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#Prayingnow #PrayingwithPastorChris #MESEA #MALAYSIA

Oh Thank you Lord! We see harvest of Souls coming into the Kingdom of God! Glory ! Glory! Glory! #prayingnow #prayingwithpastorchris #uae #middleeastzone #measearegion #PCLPrayathon2019

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ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES IN SERVICE The BLW Inte rnational Day of Service is a special day set aside by our BLW Nation for each member, partner and friend of our great nation to give a birthday gift to Pastor by rendering acts of service in honor of our man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD What Service are you rendering on this day? Let us know in the comment section #blwcelebrates30years #BLWDayofService #internationaldayofservice #ids #celagoszone5

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Rhapsody of realities reach out Malaysia! Yesterday was Deepavali (Festival of lights)- a Hindu festival celebrated every year. We thought, "if it is a festival of lights then we are the real celebrants here for we are Lights!" On this note we organised ourselves, targeting the most famous Hindu temple in Malaysia- Murugan Temple, Batu Caves where we stormed with thousands of copies of our Messenger Angel. Words can't describe the impact...though the authorities tried to hinder us but we overcame and fully accomplished our work, relaxed and left triumphantly. Thank you to our Man of God for the opportunity to be relevant in ministry.

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Vision 400 is so clear and all our brethren in the region are so energised by the Holy Spirit. We shall surely surpass the target. The training during our MYPRC and ICLC onsite in Lagos with our Man of God and in both Dubai and Kualar Lumpur has put our Pastors and cell leaders at a higher level of productivity in our year of flourishing. Thank you to our Man of God and Father Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. We hear to do sir!

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Unforgettable moments at the ongoing Regional MYPRC/ICLC in Malaysia... it's indeed been phenomenal! Goliath's head must fall!! Gloryyyyyy

Unforgettable moments at the ongoing Regional MYPRC/ICLC in Malaysia... it's indeedbeen phenomenal! Goliath's head must fall!! Gloryyyyyy

It's DAY OF BLISS MALAYSIA with our Esteemed Regional Pastor!!! Be there!!! Gloryyyyyy #DOBMALAYSIA #CEMESEA

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