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Its unusual to see me with headsets but for this cause of ROPC am more than ready to participate with my gadgets installed ,glad to be a partner of this messenger angel it has given my life a meaning and am so blessed.

#prayerweek #praying now #i declare that in all circumstances I win and make progress, my heart is full of joy because the greater one lives in me and making me able to do all things. All challenges come only to pilot me to my true success and victory. Am so blessed .

#uganda #praying now #i declare that I have eternal life in Christ Jesus, I'm making progress with giant strides, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. There is no failure and lack in my life.iam living supernaturally every day and my success i sure.

#praying now #Uganda # I declare that I'm independent of circumstances and limitations, miracles are around me no matter what foes plan against me and no matter challenges I face it's all for my victory and success because Jesus strengthens me

#praying now #uganda #i declare that I'm laying down gold as dust, seeing in imaginables and understand expected things only. I no longer look for opportunities instead they look for me, as a child of God all things work together for my good and success is mine

#praying now #Uganda #I declare that all things work together for my good, I'm taking over reigning and ruling over circumstances, there is no failure, lack and limitations in my life. I'm God'real chosen son and I'm supernaturally supplied in all that I do #EAVZ3

#Praying now #Uganda #I declare that I'm a seed of Abraham, I'm a joint heir with Christ Jesus ,there is no lack in my no fear and I have insight over everything and situations.

#Praying now #Uganda #I declare that all things were created for my benefit,the weather,whether summer,winter or any situation were all created for my advancement and benefit.in every situation I win and I live in miracles every day.there is no name higher than the name of Jesus

#Praying now #Uganda #I declare that God has settled it all for me, I'm complete in Christ Jesus, all things are mine,No matter what I face and go through right now all is settled for me. I'm walking in external life

#praying now #Uganda #I declare that the Lord is my shepherd, I carry the atmosphere of healthy, prosperity and success everywhere I go. All things work together for my good, I'm taking over reigning and have authority over everything in this world

#praying now #uganda #I declare that I'm a child of God, created in his image. I have over comed the world and its systems, I live far and above all principalities. I'm a success and a victor

#praying now #uganda #I declare that all things work together for my good, Iam walking in the light of God making tremendous changes every day. The Holy Spirit dwells in me and have his fullness me. Taking the word of God to nations, Glory to God

#praying now # Uganda #I declare victory in all that I do, I enjoy favour in all aspects of life, my life has changed and living higher live everyday

#Praying now #Uganda #I declare that the word is working for me now, I'm so blessed and catapotated to the new level of life, prevailing in prayer everyday and my success is a guarantee, I know who I'm and I'm Abraham 's seed walking in Abundance always #EAVZ3

#praying now #uganda #i declare that my tomorrow is greater than today, all things working together for my good, The Lord is my shepherd a #EAVZ3

#praying now #uganda # I declare victory and financial freedom today, as I start my day miracles are waiting for me, that promotion has already come, I'm unmovable, unstoppable and the greaterives inside of me. Amen

#praying now #Uganda #i declare that I'm walking in victory, enjoying the financial increase and promotion granted to me. My life is an upward and forward ,living in truth success everyday

#praying now #Uganda #i declare I have received financial increase and promotion today, my life is upward and forward walking in victory always, I'm elevated to the new level of life and live prosperity and victory

#praying now # uganda #i declare favour financial increase and promotion in this month of prayer, I'm living by the word of God and no situation that can put me over. #EAVZ3

#praying now #uganda #i declare that I am a victor, failures, defeats and limitations have no room in life, I'm a joint heir with Christ Jesus walking in success, financial increase and promotion is my mine no matter what comes my way the Holy Spirit lives in me

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