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Happy birthday Pastor Iris. Thank you for raising me up in ministry, thank you for guiding me in the way of the Lord. On this special day I celebrate God’s grace upon your life and thank Him for increased grace in your life. I love you dearly.

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We are making tremendous impact in our world with our messenger angel Rhapsody of Realities Teevo Our city is transforming #Teevoservice #Magnificientyouthchurch #TeevotheChange #Teensministry #EWCAZ4

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♦️1 Hour Non-Stop Fervent Prayer in tongues of the Spirit @ the Zonal Hour of Prayer with Our Esteemed Regional Pastor. To participate kindly use the link: bit.ly/ceflix-live #CeAccraGhanaZone #PCLPrayathon2021 #Iamapriestinoffice

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OVER 1000 SOULS ADDED TO THE KINGDOM Indeed, heaven is rejoicing now as many have been led to Christ at the school outreach organized by the GYLF in collaboration with Teevo Club in Buea. This program which held in BGS Molkyo Buea, Southwest of Cameroon, had in attendance students from various schools, who came ready to be impacted and receive clarity for their future. The outreach was a huge success as over 1000 students received salvation and have begun their journey in Christ. Glory to God! These are the last days and there will be a massive harvest of souls like never before. Ensure you talk to someone about Jesus today! For more inspiring reports, kindly visit www.globalyouthleadersforum.org #GYLF

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Glorry. Celebrating change as we change the state of young peoples heart with the word of God during our teevo club outreach #lwteensMinistry #EWCAZ4 #CEBueaTeenChurch #TeevoClub

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MEET OUR STARS ‼️‼️ The BLW Campus Ministry says a BIG "Thank You" to the 1. Esteemed Pastor Kelechi Bright 2. Esteemed Pastor Success Ayorinde 3. Esteemed Pastor Sally Eyong-Manyo; for your exceptional partnership with us, in the month of February 2021! We love and appreciate you dearly!!! For more information on how to partner, kindly send us an Email @ cmpartnership@loveworld360.com; OR call +2349062547344 www.blwcampusministry.com #Blwcampusministryrocks™️ #YearofPreparation #MonthofChange

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♦️Captivating highlights from an inspiring panel discussion @ the Cell Leaders Conference with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. 🛑REPRODUCTION - THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF CELL MEETINGS. #CeAccraGhanaZone #CellMinistry

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#kingschatrecommends TAKE CHARGE!!! Credit: @okayoh Usually when I get into a plane, I sleep off. Before, it used to be the only place no one could reach you until the invention of Wi-Fi on planes 🙄. My thoughts usually are focused on Ps. 127:1. I mean God is watching, my angels are on full duty, why should I do watch night with them? Mtcheww!! I hiss in Japanese! Then there was this flight. We were coming from Kano into Lagos. The flight had already been delayed severally due to bad weather. As we entered the plane, it looked like the devil had started to play those ominous movie music. Those ones they play when something evil is about to happen. Na wah!! Anyways I settled into my window seat and in no time was asleep even before the plane took off. Next thing I knew, someone had gripped my hand like they had equal rights with me to it. I opened my eyes to see we were in a storm and the plane was being tossed to and fro. My neighbor was besides herself. I could see fear all over her. She wasn’t the only one. First, people were murmuring under their lips. As the flight grew worse, people threw off all pretense. “Allahu akbar,!! La ilaha illallah” went the chants “Ebenezer! Ebenezer! Ebenezer!! Hosanna”(best enjoyed in an Ibadan accent) “We cover this plane with the blood. The blood, the blood. All demonic forces we bind...” Went the initial chants. Then we had the “God, I don’t want to die!! I don’t want to die!!” I looked around calmly, wondering where the crew was. Hmmmm... there they were strapped into their seats, worried looks on their faces yet trying to be professional. Next thing before I knew it, some drama queen had jumped out of her seat and started rolling on the floor seemingly praying. “All my village people, you shall not win. I will live and not die. Mama Risikat, not today. Iya Olode, I bind you!! All coffin spirits, marine, air spirits... in Jesus name!! I was surprised when even the person that was shouting “Allahu Akbar” went amen!!! 😳🧐🙄 I looked at him in shock and he took his eyes away, looking like ehen?!! I seemed to be the only sane person at that moment. I told my neighbor to calm down and that we would be fine. I held her hands and said a loud prayer. I calmed the storm and took charge and declared peace. As I finished, I heard more amens than I could see. My other two neighbors and the people at the back had joined in. Almost immediately after I finished praying, the storm disappeared. Everywhere went calm. It was like there was nothing before. Praise God!!! Praise God!! was all we could hear even from our Muslim folks. Now I couldn’t sleep again. “Which church are you....” Mt 6:26-27 “can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (NIV) Relax, God’s got your back. The outcome is always favorable. *** Consistency How did the snail get into the ark? It got there by doing the right thing every day. Consistence is steadfastness. It is the ability to establish a routine and stick to it. Consistency is dependability and reliability. The Bible refers to it as faithfulness and we are told that God rewards faithfulness Mt. 25:21. It is better for your body to walk 15mins every day for 5 days than to do a 1hr walk every 2 weeks. Most people never prosper because they are always looking for a big break. This big opportunity to make it. “Nope, I can’t give $25, God has called me to do big things. I am waiting to give my $1m”. Good enough but it is now 25 years and you haven’t moved forward. People forget that the small opportunities make way for the big one. The $25 makes room to give the $1m. Same way, just start that thing that has been on your mind since. Start!!! Stop the analysis, paralysis!!!! Study Mt 25:21. The servant was promoted for consistency. His faithfulness in little things brought him promotion. Learn stickability. Finish one project well and take on another. Don’t start and then abandon the project. Don’t allow excuses get in your way. Life is a relay. Your input is needed to give someone else access( ROR, Jan. 21st 2020). Where you fail, someone has missed out. Interestingly, to be consistent, you need administration and discipline. Count for something, be consistent in your victories. *** buzz word Artificial intelligence:- the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Bottom line, man has finally created a system that learns and thinks like a human. It is either our greatest opportunity or our greatest threat. #12in3challenge Yup, I have finished the power of your mind. Now I am going to read it again. It was like I hadn’t read it before. Take aways from the book “God had changed the man’s name to Abraham to reflect his new identity and align with the vision for his life, and as far as He was concerned, it was a foregone conclusion. God didn’t need to do anything more to make it happen. It was Abraham who needed to discover and align his mind with God’s idea and plan for his life” Power of your mind page 134 “the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing!” Pg 168 ***Playlist Rita Soul As we prayhttps://loveworldworship.com/main/track/157-as-we-pray *** quote of the week *** meme of the week *** hangout picture of the week *** wedding picture of the week *** bonus picture of the week. *** first words, last words. Your first fruit. Totally un-negotiable. You give your first and your best. There are several first fruits. It should be from everywhere you have received an income. Well, that’s it. Till next week, sayonara.

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TEEVO TOUR By Boundless Cell, Led by Pst Charity, Higherlife Church, Rumuji. Reaching out to over 500 students of Community Secondary School, Rumuji, with over 300 eagerly giving their hearts to Christ. We commence teevo club immediately. #lwteensministry #cephzone3

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Starting the Month of March in grand style, taking the gospel to our world. Glory to God. The grace is available!! Hallelujah. #LWTEENSMINISTRY #CeCongoBrazzaville #Ewcav4

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Teevo Club outreach at Good Shepherd Secondary School Limbe. Over 30students received salvation. #lwteensministry #ewcaz4 #celimbe #TeeVo

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Teevo Club outreach in Good Shepherd Secondary School Limbe Attendance: 80 Saved: 40 #lwteensministry #ewcaz4 #celimbe #TeeVo

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Teevo Club Report MACBICOL BUEA Thursday-4th-03-21. Handled by sister Zita Attendance=92 Born Again=58 #lwteensministry #ewcaz4 #cebueateenschurch #Teevo

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*Teevo Club Report* *MACBICOL BUEA* Thursday-4th-03-21. Handled by sister Zita Attendance=92 Born Again=58 #lwteensministry #ewcaz4 #CEBueaTeensChurch #Teevo

PROGRAM REPORT FROM CE ABAKALIKI TEENS, SOUTH EAST ZONE 1 It was an awesome time in God's presence as Christ Embassy Abakaliki 2 Teens ministry organised a program tagged "Guys, Girls and God" reaching out to over 350 teenagers. The meeting was power packed with beautiful presentations such as dance, drama, eating competition, games and lots more. The presence of God was so evident in our midst as over 30 teenagers gave their hearts to Christ. Glory to God. #cesez1 #lwteensministry

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#FebGlobalcellministryoutreach #CellMinistry #CEMile16 #ewcaz4 #Cameroon

1000 Grace outreaches #FebGlobalcellministryoutreach, #CellMinistry #CEMile16 #ewcaz4 #Cameroon

TEEVO CLUB REPORTS EWCAZ4 30 Copies of Chemistry textbooks were given to the science students of Saint Frederick Comprehensive High School Mankon Bamenda. Led over 250 students to Christ and each went home with a copy of Teevo. #lwteensministry #TEEVOCLUB #EWCAZ4

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We're set for RECORD-BREAKING MIRACLES! It's the ROPC 2021!!! Join the Largest Prayer Conference in the world on the 26th-27th of February, 2021. Register TODAY via: https://rhapsodytv.live/ropc/tni and create your own avatar https://rhapsodytv.live/avatar/ #ROPC2021 #TNIGlobal

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