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Thank you pastor sir, 6 years ago I came in contact with your teachings and they changed my life completely your revelation about the new création realities can only come from the Holy Spirit. Much will be said about you my genesis, my teacher and father. I love you Papa❤❤

Brightest birthday pastor ma. We love you and appreciate you so much. #DelightfulPJ #CelebratingExcellence #VMCCONGOBRAZZAVILLE

Celebrating a icon of love, humility and care. I love you papa. Happy birthday pastor sir❤

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE à mon pasteur zonale. Nous aimons pasteur vous êtes une bénédiction pour nous et toute la zone. #POKET2105 #POKETROCKS #ewcaz4



IT'S ALL ABOUT GRACE. My special appreciate to my father in the Lord my papa ABUNDANCE Samuelson for believing in my and giving me the opportunity to be what I am today , to my special mum she is a mark of Grace and to sis fredly Zoé for her love and all the people that helped.

Happy brightest birthday to one of my part my inner circle . Sister Joy I love you dearly may your life be also full of Joy as the Spirit has said . ❤❤ rejoice and be glad this is your day

#prayfornigeria #Brazzaville #Congo

#prayfornigeria #brazzaville #Congo

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What an awesome service with had on the 31st with our man of God pastor Chris it's my year of lights #enter2019withpastorchris

Happy brightest birthday highly esteemed pastor sir . We love you and appreciate you. #pastorchrissonPBL2019

Happy supernatural birthday pastor sir words will not be enough and perfect to tell you how much I LOVE you and appreciate you! You are God's given and reveal GRACE to me and for my life! ❤❤

Happy supernatural birthday pastor sir we love you! #FALF

Happy supernatural birthday one of my part!!

Happy supernatural birthday to our star winner FALA 2017 you are a great inspiration to all of us and our generation! Keep growing in grace in jesus name

Happy supernatural independence Nigeria may the Gospel of your Lord Jesus Christ continue to spread with might trough the messenger angel the R.O.R

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