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#ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21Daystudyonprayerpcdl #LWCENTRALCHURCH The Anointing is the Working of the Holy Spirit upon my Life. He is Building His Church! I am Filled with the Fullness of God. I have JOY UNSPEAKABLE and Full of Glory

Meditation on the Holy Spirit is my Communion with Him. He is my Gift from God. He is my Downloader from God. He has Tabernacled Himself inside of me! #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonprayerpcdl

Thank You MAN of GOD, Zonal Pastor Tony Aduroja for Such a Glorious time in the Presence of God, Teaching us the Word of God. I Spread the Sweet Fragrance of God everywhere! This is my Calling as a King & Priest. #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRALCHURCH

Ephesians 3: 7-9 V9 I have been Called to Make ALL MEN *SEE* the (unending boundless, fathomless, incalculable & exhaustless Riches of Christ) Hallelujah! #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRALCHURCH

Good morning Everyone. Welcome to Kingschat! I Specially Invite You to our Glorious Online Meeting with Our Dear Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor Tony Aduroja. *Guaranteed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!! *SEE YOU THERE* #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRALCHURCH

DADDY, I want to say THANK YOU 4 Raising me UP in the WAY I should Go. For Teaching me the Word of God & putting it into my Spirit. Thank You 4 Training me in the things of God. Thank You 4 SENDING my PASTOR & SHEPHERD to the UK 🇬🇧 I LOVE YOU!!!!! #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRALCHURCH

Thank You Highly Esteemed Pastor Tony for Encouraging us, your Children!!! This is Amazing! The Power of God is inside of us! We simply speak in Tongues & the Power of the Holy Spirit is activated, over circumstances & situations on this Earth. #UKZONE2 #ExposeonPrayer

The Power to cause Changes is inside of us! We activate this Power by speaking in Tongues! It's our Responsibility to activate it. We have unleashed our Stubborn Faith over everything! We are Strong & Courageous. #UKZONE2 #ExposeonPrayer #Freeonpcdl #WearePrayerInfluencers

We have grown in Grace in the Knowledge of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. I want to be a Reflection of JESUS. I've Chosen the Better Road, by walking & talking with the Holy Spirit. To know JESUS, is to Love Him. #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonPrayerpcdl #Freeonpcdl

John 14: 10 The Holy Spirit who Lives in me, is my Father! He is the one who does the Works! I am God-Inside minded. He works thru my eyes, mouth, Feet, hands, doing the Works!!! #ExposeonPrayerpcdl #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonprayerpcdl #WatchitFreeonpcdl #LWCENTRALCHURCH

Roman's 14:17 For the Kingdom of God is not meat & drink, but it is Righteousness - Peace - Joy in the Holy Spirit. Words from the Lips of Jesus has Power!!! Mix the Word of God with my Faith = Power!!! #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonprayerpcdl #LWCENTRALCHURCH


Thank You to my Prophet & Pastor, my Teacher Pastor Chris for Teaching me how to Pray Effectively. My ZEAL has Increased for More off His Word. My Faith & Expectancy Daily Occurs as I Study & Meditate & Learn. Hallelujah!!!

*OH!! HOW I ADORE #EXPOSEONPRAYER *OH!! HOW I LOVE STUDYING IT DAILY! 2-3 hours Daily Studying, Meditation, Learning! If You're not following it *I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU*🥰 #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonPrayerpcdl.tv #LWCENTRALCHURCH

I Partake in Rich Communion, Deep Fellowship and Uncommon Transportations. I am my Fathers Daughter! #ExposeonPrayer15daysnon-stop #IamaPrayerInfluencer #UKZONE2 #IamaPriestinOffice

I partake in Rich Communion with the Holy Spirit. He is the AIR that I Breath! I declare what He has done - to myself & to God. *Testimonies Galore* #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #IamaPrayerInfluencer #IamaPrayerSpreader #LWCENTRALCHURCH

Roman's 4:20 I am Strong in Faith, giving Glory to God, like my Father Abraham. I *Testify* *I CRY GLORY!!!* My Life is a Testimony! I Testify by giving my Offerings! satan is not a factor! #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #IamaPrayerInfluencer #IamaPrayerSpreader #LWCENTRALCHURCH

If there is anything I know, it's my Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That is where my Confidence lies! I don't hv it anywhere else. My Limitations R removed. I am a Victor, Success, a Master! #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #IamaPrayerInfluencer #IamaPrayerSpreader..#LWCENTRALCHURCH

The Communion of the Spirit Prt 1. John 4: 24 Everything that comes out of God is God: God is a Spirit - He has a Form! The Holy Spirit is a Person, He is Real, we feel His Impact. The Holy Spirit is not *WIND* but a description #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonprayerpcdl

Day 15: The Communion of the Spirit Prt 1. John 6: 63. Jesus said: The Words that I speak unto You, they are Spirit and they are Life! Spirit In Greek means WIND! We don't know where it cometh from or where it goeth! #ExposeonPrayer #UKZONE2 #A21daystudyonprayerpcdl

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