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#prayingnow #cephzone2 #SSR #ceabulomagroup

Happy Birthday to my Zonal Pastor. Thank you Ma for loving us. #cephzone2 abuloma #cephzone2

#prayingnow #nigeria #portharcourt #cephzone2

#prayfornigeria #portharcourt #cephzone2 #nssr

#prayfornigeria #cephzone2 #nssr

#prayfornigeria #portharcourt #cephzine2 #nssr

#prayfornigeria #Cephzone2 #portharcourt #nssr

#prayfornigeria #PortHarcourt #nigeria

Happening now NSSR prayer rally

Happening Now #NSSR prayer rally

Happening now #nssrprayerrally


Happy Birthday Sir, I love you Pastor. I'm Live!!!!.

DAILY NUGGETS *AUTOMATIC LAUGHTER* ~Pastor Chris It is difficult to laugh especially when there is no reason to. People laugh when they are amused or excited or happy. But to laugh in difficult times is the medicine that takes you from where you are, to where you are going. Laughter is a weapon. Don’t wait to be joyful first before you laugh, in fact, the devil is an expert in doing and manipulating things that will stop or hinder your laughter, hence some people believed that there are worse days and there are better days. It is a lie. Everyday is a day that the LORD makes for you to REJOICE and be GLAD. Psalm 118:24. This is why this message is very relevant. Automatic Laughter is laughing whether you feel like it or not; without any motivation, David knew this secret, no wonder when he was in his dead-end, the bible says, He encouraged himself in the LORD. It is now time for you to encourage yourself and laugh. You may think it is difficult, but you need to understand that joy is what brings solutions to problems. It is joy that triggers inspiration for solutions. That solution is closer than you can think. You need to start practicing the habit of automatic laughter to locate it. When you start laughing automatically, you trigger the joy of the LORD that is already in you. I am filled with joy as I write this because you are now too smart for the devil to handle. LAUGH NOW. IT'S YOUR MIRACLE TIME.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 #cephzone2

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#prayingnow #nigeria #mydeclaration : there is peace in Nigeria. I declare peace in the country of Rwanda. In Jesus name hallelujah.

#praying now #Nigeria

Thank you Pastor Sir.#cephz2

It's in the timing of the Spirit! Your Rhema for 2017, 'The Year of Flourishing'. Get the full message NOW from the Pastor Chris Digital Library. Free 1 month subscription for all who purchase from the digital library. Download PCDL APP from Google and Apple app stores Don't Delay! Get yours today and get for others...let the flourishing continue!!! ...and so mightily grew the word and prevailed #Newyearmessage #SUBSCRIBE@PCDL #iflourish

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