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Happy Birthday Ma. Thanks for all your Hard Work in the Healing School. We Love you so plenty. Shalom Shalom

I celebrate you Sir. Love you so much

Guess who will be having birthday soon. My Sister from my Fathers side. My faithful P.A. my accountant during Outing, my strong adviser. In just less than 10uhrs we will be celebrating a daughter of Consolation.

Our young Activist. Always Bold to spead the Word. No sissis in God Kingdom. #Rogers2020 #ChristEmbassy #GodLovesGermany #ChristEmbassyBerlinCentral #WEZ4

Mummy I celebrate you today and always. When my Faith was down You lifted me to stand with your Soft words. Love you so plenty Ma. Pastor Kemi Adeshina. The Mother with a Very Big Heart. Where would I have been now without your words that brought me back to me Faith and feet.

Celebrating Simplicity Personified. Humility in Words. A mother whose ears are always open to hear the challenges of her children. A mother that you can lay your head on her laps when in pain. A mother whose words are always Lifting. I will for ever be greatful Ma. Love You .

Celebrating God’s Peculiar Icon. Is not a surprise that you are having your Birthday on our Nations Communion Service (DU HAT DAS VERDIENT).Today with your many Children all over the world which I am so previledge to be one of them we Celebrate you Ma Happy Birthday.

Celebrating God Own Special Treasure. Pastor Kemi Adeshina.HappyBirthday Pastor Ma. Celebrating you is a great joy and previledge. Writing the story of my life without you, the story is not complete. The words you planted in my life will for ever bearing much fruits. Love you Ma

Before it becomes too busy and jam packed with many many post from your children all around the world, let me quickly say Happy birthday!!! I love you ma. You have always been a blessing to me, my family, the church and the boby of Christ. Keep shining ma.

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Just doing what we were born to do. Our purpose here, at this time on this planet earth. #Rogers2020 #GodLovesGermany #CEGermany #WEZ4 #CEBerlinCentralChurch

Our Children were not left behind. #Rogers2020 #GodLovesGermany #CEGermany #WEZ4 #CEBerlinCentralChurch

How beautiful are the feet of those who share the good new. #Rogers2020 #GodLovesGermany #CEGermany #WEZ4 #CEBerlinCentralChurch

Powerful Ladies of The CE Berlin #Roger2020 #GodLovesGermany #CE Germany #WEZ4 #CEBerlinCentralChurch


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Mighty Ladies Of Valour, Taking the Gospel to the Nations. Germany for Jesus. CE Berlin Central Ladies. WEZ4

Loveworld powerful Beautiful Ladies from Berlin. Germany WEZ4.

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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Happy Birthday Sir. God's Icon of Love. First Ordained Havens Govonor in Berlin Germany. Thank you Sir For all your good works in the Havens Nation. God bless your new Age, with His Wisdom and Grace above all Ability to continue in the Good works.

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