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#Happening Now Strategy Session with Pastor David Brown of CE Zambia Group during the Zonal Capacity Building Conference. #cbc2021 #cbcday1 #cesazone3

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We’re grateful to our Man of God for raising our darling Director, Pst Yemisi Kudehinbu who loves us. 25 SUVs & 2 Sedans (27 cars) given out in 1 day & still counting😮! That’s like 1 car for each day. This response from faithful Bro John made me cry. Pst Yemisi, we love you ma😘

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This is that which was spoken of by the Prophet, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, years ago. Through his phone, an individual will be identified amongst the billions of people in the world. His private transactions will locate him. He can be censored. He can be persecuted for his beliefs. His life can be disrupted completely if he doesn't conform. Thank God for the prophetic guidance of the Man of God. He was led to pioneer KingsChat. He was led to pioneer Yookos. These are messaging apps that are free of the "Big Brother" intrusion of the last days. Beloved. Don't agree to the intrusions and wickedness of these platforms and their likes. We have nothing to hide but we have to protect the universal human rights freely accorded every human being. #yearofpreparation #christembassy #cemcabeokuta

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Wed Jan 6 It's our month of Celebration, and we have every reason to celebrate as we complete today, by 12noon GMT, 366 DAYS, one full year, of non-stop prayers on the Pastor Chris Live Pray-A-Thon 2020, hallelujah! We praise the Lord for the great grace He made available to us to 'pray without ceasing', and for the answers to our prayers throughout the year. And now, we continue in prayer, as we launch immediately, without pausing, into Pray-A-Thon 2021. Don't be a spectator, but a participant. To this end, Plan your schedule to join saints from around the world on the Pray-A-Thon, by praying for 15min everyday of 2021, in addition to our other prayer times. At 12noon (GMT/Local), we'll pray fervently in tongues of the spirit for 1 full hour, with our hearts and minds focused on the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea, and God's righteousness prevailing in every sphere and amongst all people. At 10pm (GMT/Local), we'll pray with the same focus for 15min. Beginning on Friday 8th of January, to 14th of January (7 days), we'll have a global prayer hour at 12noon to 1pm GMT+1. Check your local time to coincide with this specific period. During this hour of prayer, all we'll do is pray in the spirit, in tongues of the spirit, each day, at the same time. God bless you.

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#StillPraying #Day362 (pt 2) #photospeaks - inspiring moments from prayer sessions led by groups from CE Chad; C Quebec Zone, Canada; CE North-West Zone 2, Nigeria; and CE Zambia, Southern Africa Zone 3! #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #PCLprayathon2020 #iamapriestinoffice

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This is really amazing! I also like the part that says "If it wasn't for Christ Embassy, If it wasn't for Pastor Chris, Spirit Embassy would not have had the blue print to follow. I also like the part that he said, "His life changed the day he realized that the prophet, @uebertangel is his man of God" even though he is his son. Ignore the voices around you, and fix your gaze on Jesus.

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I Love you so much Pastor Sir Am extremely honoured to be a member of your house🙏🏼 #Dec7 #BlueElite #CESAZone3 #CEZambia

Happy birthday Pastor Sir, its because you yielded to God's Spirit,that the healing school was birthed.Thank you for your sacrifices, Thank you for never seizing to cry in your prayers for us.I love you Sir #Offer7 #DHconfessions #healingtothenations #HSzambiagroup

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HBD to my super dad, hero, life organiser & world changer. Pastor Sir, thank U again and again for a super & unsearchable testimonies I have recorded thru ur immeasurable impact in my life, family & ministry. U're more than a wonderful to the world. I luv & celebrate u Sir.

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Happiest Birthday Pastor Chris, We surely celebrate with you👏🙏😊🎉🎊🎂❤️🎈🎈💯🎁🙏 #Progresscell #Celusaka1 #Cezambiagroup #CESAZONE3 Glorrrry 🔥

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Thank you so much for leading the church of Jesus Christ with boldnes. Through the Spirit of God and your ministry i was priviledged to discover,as a child,that the only thing that matters in this life is the ministry that has been entrusted to us by God.I love you Sir.HBD

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Happy Birthday Dad You are a wonder #HappyBirthdayPastorChris #Dec7 #Offer7 #MessageMixtape #Perfection #PastorChristeachings #PreachWithFun

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Perfect birthday Pastor Sir #Offer7 #Dec7 #Bestdad #Pastorchris #SAZone3 #Zambia

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The best Daddy!!! #Offer7 #Dec7 #Bestdad #Pastorchris #SAZone3 #Zambia

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#offer7 #Dec7 #Bestdad #SAZone3 #Zambia Celebrating the best dad the whole world.

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I Celebrate you Daddy. #Dec7

💥Celebrating our dear Man of God. We love you dearly Pastor Sir!💥 #OFFER7 #DEC7 #PERFECTION #CECANADA

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Happy Birthday my Dearest Father.. I love the way you Love, Dad you're the expression and definition of God's Love.. Thank you so much for causing me to walk in Love.. #Dec7 #CESAZ3 #CEZambia

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Happiest and most phenomenal birthday to my most adorable Dad, Mentor and my Man of God Pastor Chris. I love you so dearly Sir.

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