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Happy glorious birthday to my very own mum. Thank you MA for giving me the opportunity to fulfil God's purpose for my life. I will be eternally grateful to God for you MA. I love you so much.

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Happy birthday of lights PST Regina ma Thank you for lighting our lives in a special way We'll keep the light shinning I love you

#newyearservisewithpastorchris #CEobili

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#enter2019withpastorchris #CEOBILI

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#enter2019withpastorchris #CEOBILI

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Welcome to 2019, the year of "Lights"! 💥💥💥 4 Important things Light brings to us: 1. Light is for illumination, illumination produces clarity, refinement, innovation, sound judgment. 2. Light gives Leadership : Daniel 12:3 . Shine means to admonish, to inspire, to teach, to send out light, all this is leadership. Light gives guidance. John 8:12, Matthew 28:19. 3. Light gives empowerment because light is energy. What's energy? Capacity to perform. Light empowers you. Colossians 1:29 . This is the energy of God at work in you. . 2 Corinthians 3:5 4. Genesis 1:14, Light is for signs and seasons. Isaiah 8:18. #entering2019withPastorChris

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Eagles Wings Productions worshipper #ALVY is finally back after a long recess with I WORSHIP YOU. Anticipate this Masterpiece produced by Cpiano on September 15th. 🔥🔥🔥🔥.You will #WORSHIP like never before. #EWP 🦅🦅🦅🦅 #ewcavz4

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SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR AMAECHI UDEAKU; SEPTEMBER 1, 2018. " The network that u subscribe to, determines the service you receive. What network have you subscribed to? " Isaiah53:1-4 ● The arm or hand of the Lord or outstretched arm of the Lord talks about supernatural intervention. ● God has given us the power of life and death. You can make things die or make things live. ● The Spirit of God that you have received is not the one that leads you away from troubles and fire. He leads you through the fire victoriously. ● The christian life is not a life devoid of problems, the christian life is an overcoming life. There is no overcoming without challenges. ● Your believingis your faith connection. It is seen in your action. ● What you should do with fear is to turn on your faith. II Cor 4:13 - Faith has an attitude. Faith expresses! ● Everytime the challenges increase, don't run back, it means you are doing the right thing. Stand your ground! ● You don't cast out a devil by negotiaiton. You cast out devils by the authority in the name of the Lord! ● God has a report. The report that you believe is the report you subscribe to and you receive service from. ● The network that you subscribe to, determines the service you receive. What network have you subscribed to? ●The power of the Word never diminishes irrespective of the number of transfers it's had. #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch

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HAPPENING NOW @SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET. The Esteemed Pastor Sylvia expounding on the 7 principles of leadership: Vision, Courage, Strategy, Determination, Power, Fellowship, Action #CampingWithPastorOket #blwteenschurch #CWPOket2018 #GYLF #EWCAVZ4

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@SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET. The Esteemed Pastor Regina expounding on INFLUENCING YOUR WORLD FOR CHRIST. Training the teenagers on the subject of INFLUENCE. Getting them acquainted with the INSTRUMENTS of INFLUENCE in Christianity such as: 1- The Power of the Holy Spirit, 2- The Word of God 3- Money #CampingWithPastorOket #CWPOKET2018 #ewcavz4

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HAPPENING @SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET. The Esteemed Pastor Paul Nzokwe expounding on the Topic: How Can I number my days to be relevant in church, in schools, at home and have time for myself To Manage my time well I must priotize and some of the conditions to follow to prioritize -Know the things I must do -Know the things I should do -Know the things that are nice to do -Know the things you should delegate someone else to do -Know the things you must Eliminate or avoid Determine time wasters and eliminate them from your life. Set your priorities clear. #CampingWithPastorOket #blwteenschurch #CWPOket2018 #GYLF #EWCAVZ4

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THE IDEAL GYLF AMBASSADOR by RONALD ODU @SUPER YOUTH CAMP WITH PASTOR OKET We should be : -PASSIONATELY and EARNESTLY contend for the faith , and the preaching of the Gospel, ensure that the Gospel becomes the dominating thing. -Don't live on experience, live by the Word of God. -Take up opportunities to display What God has given you. -Spread your influence and impact your world like a virus, -Leadership with distinction, Leadership is the assumption of responsibility ,guidance, control ,directing ;following the burden of higher intelligence, superior knowledge or information. -Get your friends and mates registered and join the vision of the GYLF -Don't be motivated by fear #CampingWithPastorOket #GYLF #ewcavz4

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Lot's of fun, laughter and reflection at the SYC #campingwithpastoroket #blwteensministry #gylf #ewcavz4

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Esteemed Pastor Evans and Pastor Sylvia are on the Super Youth Camp with Pastor Oket!! #campingwithpastoroket #blwteensministry #gylf #ewcv4

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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2018 GYLF Ambassador Ronald Odu from Cameroon was specially impacted by our Man Of God during the IEYC this year which has made him been on fire ever since. He has organised several soul winning outreaches, conferences, sport programs and music programs. He is currently organising a life changing Youth Camp to change the lives of young people in his country forever. The Youth Camp has featured several activities including sports, dance, inspiring talk shows and special time of the word. After this Youth Camp, Cameroon will be on fire for Christ as everyone that attended will go back to change their community for Jesus. Praise God! #IYD2018 #GYLF

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SUPER CAMP DES JEUNES AVEC LE PASTEUR OKET. L'estimée Pasteur Regina exposant sur le thème "INFLUENCE TON MONDE POUR CHRIST". Formant les adolescents sur le sujet de l'INFLUENCE. Leur montrant les INSTRUMENTS D'INFLUENCE dans la chrétienté tels que: 1- La Puissance du Saint Esprit 2- La Parole de Dieu 3- L'argent #CampingWithPastorOket #CWPOKET2018 #ewcavz4

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Praying now Healing school online praying conference ..... #CEOBILI #EWCAVZ4 #healingnow #CEOBILI

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DON'T STOP LAUGHING. Is your Laughter only in church, and when you see or hear hilarious things? No please, this Laughter is of the Spirit and from the spirit. Remember, He that sits in the heavens shall laugh. (Psalm.2:4) We sit together in Christ Jesus in heavenly places. (Eph.2:6) So laugh anyway, especially when you even feel like crying or upset. Then you'll see: ⇒ Sudden blessings ⇒ Sudden Restorations ⇒ Sudden Open Doors In your room, laugh In your Office, laugh In the car, laugh Start now.

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