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PUT YOUR BODY UNDER. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc. D. D. "But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway (1 Corinthians 9:27). As a child of God, one thing you have to consciously do is to put your body in subjection to the Word. There’re Christians who can’t undergo such a spiritual exercise as fasting. They just can’t fast for a reasonable period of time. Why? They’re too lazy! Once it’s time to fast, their bodies wouldn’t let them; they start struggling. That’s when they suddenly remember the cake that’s been in the fridge for weeks; a voracious appetite for food suddenly wells up in them and sustaining the fast becomes a struggle. But the truth is, any time such a thing like this happens, your spirit will always talk to you; it’s just whether or not you’ll listen to your spirit. At such times when your body is trying to lord it over you, if you yield to your flesh rather than to your spirit, you’ll lose another opportunity to make your body conform to your spirit. In the day of trouble, your body will be the master, and God doesn’t want that. The Apostle Paul, in our opening verse, said, “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway” (1 Corinthians 9:27). Every time there’s an opportunity for a spiritual exercise, take advantage of it. For example, when it’s time to pray, pray! Refuse to feel tired or sleepy; put away everything that’s likely to distract you, and discipline yourself to observe your prayer times. By so doing, you’re training your spirit to dominate your body. The outward man (your body) has its senses, and your spirit has its senses as well. The outward man has a mind that holds the memory, and the human spirit also has memory. So, whichever one you train is what will determine the quality of your life. Those who live according to their senses are terribly limited; they’re the ones that experience failures and defeat in life. But those who are led by the Spirit, those who have trained their spirits, have the mastery. Make up your mind to let your spirit gain the dominion over your body; live beyond this earthly realm. @ror #21DaysPrayerandFasting #CEPHZONE3

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#TALKINGSESSION 14TH AUGUST. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Father, Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! It is the compass by which I navigate through life, driving me in the path of righteousness, success, and prosperity. My heart will forever trust in Your Word to do what it says, for not only is Your Word my best teacher, it also pilots me to the highest heights of success. Thank You for the ministry of Your Word in my life. Your Word is like a burning fire shut up in my bones. I cannot hold it back; I’ll promote and publish it everywhere with fervency until it engulfs my world. I am a burning and a shining light and many are coming to bask in the brightness of my light, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. • Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #affirmationtrain #light #illumination #peace #leadership #angels #empowerment #signs #wonders #loveworld #pastorchristeaching #mercy #talkingsession #wisdom #divine #insight #higher #truth #word #alive #goodnews

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WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE 2019 🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟 *A divine conglomerate of royalty* And as the curtains are drawn to a close to round up the 3 day divine fiesta in the Holy Ghost, where ministers from all nations were enrobed with divine gifts of the spirit that have been programmed to troubleshoot them and their ministries into unimaginable realms in spirit, in gratitude some ministers delivered their own heartfelt gifts to the esteemed Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny; who heartily adorned their regal robes gifted to them from Uzbhekhistan 🇺🇿... Enjoy these splendorous snapshots ☺️

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RHAPSODY OF REALITIES PASTOR CHRIS NO EXCUSES FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it (Habakkuk 2:2). One of the things you must ensure in your personal life is to get rid of excuses. Do what you ought to do, say what you ought to say—at the right time, and in the right way. When you want to live a life of glory, power, success, and influence, you shun mediocrity and excuses. As long as you make excuses, you can’t be excellent. Be known for excellence, for glory, because that’s your calling in Christ. He called you to display His wonderful deeds, virtues, perfections, excellence, and wisdom: “...that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9 AMPC). What vision did the Spirit of God lay in your heart to have achieved by the end of the year? Review the current status and make up your mind there’ll be no excuses. Stay focused and disciplined; tell yourself it’s going to be nothing short of excellence. Be challenged and motivated by the joy and anticipation of an excellent finish. Many procrastinate, and give excuses for their poor performance or ineffectiveness. Choose to win. Choose to succeed. Success is measured at different stages. So, do your best now, and then move on to the next stage. Do the right thing at the right time, for the right purpose. Be consistent. Be diligent. Don’t be that person who always starts things but never completes them. Persevere in transforming your vision into reality. You’re sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency (2 Corinthians 3:5). In Him, you’re up to any task; you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). CONFESSION I live a life of glory, power, and influence, displaying the virtues, perfections, excellence and wisdom of Christ. I exercise carefulness, persistence and determination in ensuring excellence in all that I do, exuding commitment and perseverance in transforming my vision into reality. I’m effective and productive, transforming challenges to opportunities as I soar in greatness. Hallelujah! FURTHER STUDY: Proverbs 22:29 (MSG) “Observe people who are good at their work— skilled workers are always in demand and admired; they don’t take a backseat to anyone.” ‭‭ John 9:4 (KJV) “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” 2 Corinthians 3:5 (KJV) “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;” 1 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Romans 11:25-36 Psalms 82-84 2 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Luke 14:15-24 Judges 17

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DECLARE NOW!!! Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for the enlightenment that has come to my spirit through your Word. As I meditate on the Scriptures, your will and purpose are unveiled to me; I’m guided by your wisdom in preordained paths, fulfilling my glorious call in Christ, to the glory of your Name. Amen. DOWNLOAD RHAPSODY 3.0! Visit #prayingnow #rpn #rhapsody

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CONFESSION CORNER Sunday 11th August 🗣DECLARE NOW!!! I affirm that I am the workmanship of God, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which He had before ordained that I should walk in them. It shall be said of me continually look what the Lord had done. The beauty of God in my spirit is showing forth on the outside, evidently, manifest for all to see! I am the perfection of beauty and through me, God is shinning forth. Hallelujah! Thank you Father, for the privilege given me to be a legal representative of your eternal kingdom in the earth, I commit myself today to impacting the lives of men in my sphere of contact with the glorious gospel of Christ in Jesus Name. Amen SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES NOW. #ConfessionCorner #60DaysofHarvest #CEPHZONE3

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INTRODUCING➡️ THE NATASHA DARA PALETTE by LULUS MAQUILLAGE The next big eyeshadow palette!! Kindly visit our stand at the loveworld exhibition tomorrow to get yours and get trained on how to explore this beautiful colors (Live Demo) by @tashadara

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THE MONTH OF AUGUST IS OUR MONTH OF BEAUTY!!! Our Man of God, Pastor Chris Expounds on Isaiah 9:6-7 at the August Global Communion Service: - The dominion shall rest on His shoulders. We are the Church and we have the dominion. Live in dominion this month. Talk like the Prince of God with power that you are.  - God is your extraordinary strategist. It doesn’t matter what is in front of you, if you want to know what to do, consult the extraordinary strategist and He lives right inside of you.  - The everlasting Father means our God that never dies, He never goes away, He’s always there as our Father. You go everywhere with God; He lives in you and He’s your extraordinary strategist.  - The Prince of Peace  means the one that brings you peace that can never be taken away. He is the Champion of peace. That’s the reason that no matter what happens, we are unperturbed, unmoved because the Prince of Peace has come.  - He has brought us BEAUTY FOR ASHES; Ornaments of Beauty and grace used to beautify.  - Your life is made beautiful, you have a beautiful life.  This month, learn to thank God for your beautiful life.  ENJOY THE MONTH OF AUGUST; THE MONTH OF BEAUTY #CEPHZONE3

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MIDWEEK SERVICE WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND - WEDNESDAY 31ST JULY 2019. 🔘 God has given us His life and brought us to a place of rest. 🔘 If you allow the Word of God change your mindset, you will have a new way of thinking and doing things. 🔘 Weakness is a feeling and feelings do lie, never let your feelings control you. 🔘 Reality is the Word of God and what it has said concerning you and all that pertains to you. 🔘Obadiah 1:17 - Whoever comes into Zion will find deliverance. 🔘 There is a daily abundant supply for you and it is inexhaustible. The question is, ARE YOU USING IT? 🔘 Instead of complaining, turn that energy into possessing your possession. Whatever you need, declare it! 🔘We are possessors! We are saviours, to judge the world.  🔘You are the light of the world; SHINE! 🔘The down life is not yours; don't let the economy, your salary, boss or environment, dictate the circumstances of your life. Live from the mountain top. 🔘 You are the Light of the world; you bring clarity, illumination and leadership. 🔘 Always square up, chest out, walk tall; the greater one lives inside you. 🔘 You are not here to balance the ecosystem; your life has a real meaning. 🔘 The wicked will be a ransom for the righteous, therefore your life cannot be wasted. Evil passes before you arrive or after you've passed. 🔘 Live and walk in the consciousness of your identity in Christ, don't settle for anything less. 🔘 Eternal life is yours NOW! No unwanted growth, no sickness, no cancer can stay in your body; you can cut it out with your mouth. 🔘 Learn to use your mouth; your tongue was given to you to frame your life. Keep talking to every unfavourable condition or situation. 🔘 Your body has intelligence, you have power, you can create, USE YOUR TONGUE, DON'T BE QUIET. 🔘 Your body was not built for sickness or weakness, your resources are not meant to diminish. 🔘 You may start small, you may be knocked down but you are not out, the victory is surely yours! 🔘 Don't accept the lies of the devil; failure is not part of your DNA. 🔘 The small things are not for you. God cannot be sick, He cannot fail, He cannot lack; you can't either because you have His life. Glory to God. See you in Church on Friday for a wonderful time of Prayer. #CEAMC

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Happy birthday dear Pastor Amaechi. Thanks for your work of faith and labor of love in our gospel. What an amazing product of our Man of God you are! Thanks for being an activist-level practitioner of our message. And more to come. I love you.

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Happy Birthday to a dear sister and friend @ewaenedun . I remember the times.... our music ministry and television programs back in the day... It's surely is a joy to know you in the midst of our Loveworld Nation. Wishing you greater grace, joys and lots of sterling accomplishments this new year. Enjoy the life in your years. Have a glorious year of Lights a 1000 times greater. I love you!💝 Ptad

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Happening Now!!! Special Prayer Service with the Esteemed Zonal Pastor-Pastor Emeka Eze! It's Affirmation segment! I affirm that the joy of the lord is my strength and my joy knows no bounds. I’ve been brought into an inseparable union with the Lord, to enjoy the bliss of rich and intimate fellowship with the Spirit! My life is the expression of God's perfect will, even as He manifests himself to and through me to my world. I have the wisdom of God working in my spirit; I do not make foolish mistakes in life. The wisdom of God is propelling me to go in the direction of God's will and purpose for my life. My life is planned out by God; therefore, the days ahead of me are not days of regret! I will never ever become a victim of another man's mistakes. The Holy Spirit has made me super-intelligent; He has anointed my mind, therefore, I have extraordinary amplitude of comprehension. I have quickness of understanding, and the wisdom of God is at work in me to produce excellent results in everything I set my heart to do. Halleluiah! * I affirm that I’m steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that my labour isn’t in vain in the Lord. My passion for the Lord, and the things of the Spirit are fuelled continually by the Holy Ghost. I’m an ambassador for Christ and of the Church, zealous in turning many to righteousness. I'm strengthened with might in my inner man by the Holy Ghost, to be effective in the ministry of the Gospel of Christ. Irrespective of the tests, trials, and persecutions; I'm firmly rooted in the word. * The love of Christ compels and controls my actions; my heart is circumcised by the Holy Ghost. I'm the seed of Abraham and God had given me a great platform to be a blessing to my world. I move with the speed and urgency of the Spirit, guided by God's wisdom in leading many to righteousness. * I affirm that life isn’t a mystery for me because the Holy Spirit teaches me all things. The truths of God are unveiled to my spirit, and by them I walk in the realms of glory. I've received not the spirit of this world, but the spirit, which is of God; that I may know the things that are freely given unto me by God. I’m an associate of the God-kind; a partaker of His grace, glory, and expression of His righteousness. All my needs are supplied according to God’s riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Despite the inflation, recession and global economic meltdown, my needs are supplied! Glory!

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MY AFFIRMATIONS Sunday 28th July 2019 Dear Father, I thank you for the ability to speak words of power by the Spirit; life-altering, destiny-changing sound codes that are guaranteed to produce results. Even now, I declare that my life is for your glory; my future is that of success, progress, and prosperity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I dwell continually in peace, divine health, and in your grace, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. #SERegion #Pastorchrislive #WEC2019

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VERY IMPORTANT! To prophesy means to speak words of divine revelation and potency;words that have and give life 📖 (Ezekiel 37:7).This is why the ministry of the Spirit, fellowshipping with Him, is indispensable in our lives,because it’s the Spirit that actually knows the codes.

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THE WORLD LISTENS TO PASTOR CHRIS GENERATION Engr Ayomikun Femi-Obalemo, daughter of Pastor Femi Obalemo - Group Pastor Lokogoma Group Abuja Ministry Centre, delivered her speech during the convocation ceremony at Greenwich University London before a large ensemble made up of The Chancellor, Erudites, Professors, Scholars, and Students. With flawless brilliance and boldness of the Spirit, Engr. Ayomikun shared nuggets from THE POWER OF YOUR MIND filling the entire hall with powerful words from our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Truly, an inspiring delivery.👌

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SCRIPTURE FOR MEDITATION - DAY 17 Romans 11:36 (TLB) 36 For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory. To him be glory evermore. #CeAccraGhanaZone #21DaysPrayerandFasting

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I TESTIFY I testify that light, understanding and excellent wisdom is found in me. I am sagacious and perspicacious; I have a ready insight, a keen mental perception into and the understanding of all things; I have an acute mental vision and discernment, with the ability to make good judgements. I testify that the Lord has perfected all that concerns me; spirit, soul and body, materially and financially. I’m filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. I have a special and uncommon grace. No task or endeavour is beyond me, for I have in me the grace and supernatural ability I require for every task. Hallelujah! I'm not of this world; therefore I'm not subject to the circumstances and rudiments of this earthly realm. I have the overcoming, indestructible, unconquerable life of God in me, and I walk with this consciousness today; reigning over sickness, poverty, failure and the negative circumstances of this world in Jesus name. Amen.

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I DECLARE The Lord has set eternity in my heart. I carry eternity, forever in my spirit. I carry God in my spirit. The world and all that is therein is small. Therefore I carry trillions comfortably in my spirit. Trillions are a small matter to me. I carry them inside me. I am walking in the manifestation of the trillions in this world. Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the action of His power that is AT WORK WITHIN ME, is able to carry out His purpose and do superabundantly, far over and above all that I dare ask or think infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams. To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen  #Cephzone2

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I’m an ambassador, a conscious representative of Jesus Christ, living in His Name! My communication and actions aptly depict my union and oneness with the Lord. And as God’s Word gets into my spirit, I’m transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, by the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! #ism #SpeaktheWord #PastorChris #WEC2019

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I PRAY FOR YOU BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. I pray for you today, that the blessing of God’s Word will rest upon you and in your home. Health is yours. strength is yours, promotion is yours, protection is yours, Increase is yours, in the Name of Jesus. No weapon fashion against you shall prosper, and God will increase you from glory to glory, you will move from grace to grace, from strength to strength, and continually experience the victory of Christ in your life, in the mighty Name of Lord Jesus. I pray that He will cause you to increase, in every way, cause you to make progress in your life, in the Name of Jesus! May He continually reveal Himself to you, in a greater measure, may His purpose be fulfilled in you. I speak in the Name of Jesus, that the power of the Spirit of God will move you from where you are today to the next and higher level of success. I decree in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that circumstances, men, materials, finances, will fall into place to cause you to move to the next and higher level of success. The grace of God is working in you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Doors are opening for you now, opportunities are opening for you now, in the Name of Jesus. I speak by the power of God, your name is coming up for opportunities now, your file is coming up in the Name of Jesus. They have to remember you in the right place now, in that place of opportunity they remember you now in the Name of Jesus. #thanksgiving #prayingnow #amen #loveworld #pastorchris #affirmationtrain #talkingsession #opportunity

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