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#ROCAMCARNAVAL2017 #ROCAMDANCE Cameroon is very grateful to Daddy Pastor Chris, and to Pastor Oket We love you so much sirs

Happy birthday to you my dear sister . Thank you for being an inspiration to many, and for your love for the ministry

Happy Birthday to you my dear sister. Thank you for being an inspiration to many and for your love for the ministry

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Day of service DIPLOMAT Senior Cell cleaning the streets at Bessengue .Souls won ,house cleaning supplies and equipments distributed


In this month of November , it is only OBOSSO for me

Pastor Chris eulogizes Pastor Benny in an inspiring opening address at the MHIS. full story on LoveWorld News at

"Hunger to know the Lord is the greatest sign of spiritual life," Pastor Benny Hinn teaches. Get full News at

Word At Work in CE Kinshasa DRC. Miracles, healing and souls saved by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is still same. Hallelujah. Special thanks to Pastor Afam and Leaders and Brethren of CE Kinshasa DRC. Well done. #ewcavz4

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"Whatever is consistent with God's nature is endless," Pastor Chris teaches. Get full story on LoveWorld News at

"God's not expecting that you're going to live your life according to salaries," Pastor says. LoveWorld News at

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FALA CONFERENCE a leader is he who sees a need and meets that need Problems are there to make us great

Wherever there is a challenge , there is an opportunity FALA CONFERENCE

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Pastor Deola shares 3 factors every minister must consider in the fulfillment of their trusteeship. LoWorld News at

I'm sure you had a great time praying. From our nations in Central Africa, we will reach the whole world with the message of our Ministry. Hallelujah. #ewcavz4

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Beloved. Let us pray for Christian Missionaries around the world. That they be strengthened from the inner man. Pray especially for those that face persecution and the danger of death for preaching the Gospel. Declare that they are safe and they will continue to preach with boldness. Pray that every evil plan against them will come to nothing. Read 2Thess3:1-3. We will pray at 9:00-9:15pm. God bless you. #ewcavz4

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