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BLW WITS UNIVERSITY RES TALKS On the 19th and 20th of February, global rap minister Achaz visited two residences namely Mens Res and Jubilee at the University of Witswaterand, in Johannesburg South Africa. Filled with the Holy Ghost, he preached on the truth of gospel dissolving doubt and setting forth the realities of the Kingdom. Over 50 first year students got saved, the harvest is indeed ripe and the labourers have gone forth in the year of perfection. #blwsazonea #blwcamousministryrocks

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MEET OUR SISTER & BROTHER~ SARAH TRACE & JEAN PAUL KUDEHINBU Hallelujah!!! We Celebrate As Our Man Of God Dedicates Our Beloved Sister & Brother To The Most High God. Beloved Children Of Our Highly Esteemed & Much Loved Zonal Director. Let The Celebration Continue! #CELVZ #Dedication

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CELEBRATING OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED DIRECTOR ON THE DEDICATION OF HER BABIES👶👶. We say a hearty congratulations to our Esteemed Director on the dedication of her babies; Sarah Trace and Jean Paul Kudehinbu, this day February 12th 2020. Congratulations Ma! Our hearts are beyond full!! #LWPM

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir! Thank you sir for the glorious opportunities given unto us, as a department to reach the lives of many around the world from the United Kingdom! #PA0902 #BLWUKZONEA

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir! Thank you for your special love for Group B and your consistent demonstration of love towards all of us! From all of us your children in Group B, we love you dearly Sir! 🎉🎉 #PA0902 #BLWUKZONEA

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Excited to celebrate the Messenger Angel’s exploits!! #Celebrating20YearsOfImpactWithRhapsodyOfRealities #GlobalRhapathon2020 #Rhapathon2020 #BLWUKZONEA

#equppingzone A must watch excerpt part 1 Be stirred for radical soulwinning as you watch. Like, share and comment. God bless you. #SERegion

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GROW WITHOUT AGEING BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day (2 Corinthians 4:16). Eternal life is the life with agelessness. When you received eternal life, you passed from death to life; from time into timelessness; from age into agelessness. In Christ, we grow; we don’t age. It’s important you catch this, because the generation of the Church that catches this truth is the generation of the glory. The human body wasn’t made to grow old and die. In Bible accounts, some people lived to be over nine hundred years, some eight hundred, and others seven hundred and so on. But the number of years that man lived on earth progressively reduced because of sin, according to the scriptures. However, the Bible says that Jesus Christ took the punishment for our sins, and died to save us. If indeed this is true; if indeed, He laid down His life for us on account of our sins, it therefore means that the problem of sin has been dealt with. In that case, the effect of sin should no longer continue. As a result, man should no longer be a victim of age. His years should no longer be limited to 70, 80, or 120, because being born again, you’ve been brought into His glory and should be living a glorified life. You’re supposed to be a victor everyday of your life. Nothing on earth should make you a victim; not even old age, because when you come into the zone of agelessness, you can grow without ageing. Take Moses for example, the Bible says that at a hundred and twenty years of age, his eyes weren’t dim; his physical stature wasn’t abated: “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated” (Deuteronomy 34:7). Even though he could see that he was clearly an old man, his physical stature was strong. He wasn’t the only one. At the age of eighty-five, Caleb said, “I am as strong today as I was when I was forty; therefore, give me this mountain” (Joshua 14:7-12). Hallelujah! Grow, but don’t age! Don’t be like those who are only forty-two and they say, “You know I’m not so young anymore.” Christ makes you forever alive, strong, and effective. You have eternal life; meaning you’re in the ageless zone. Blessed be God! #mediaactivist4christ #pastorChris #mediaactivist #MerryChristmas #christmasevewithpastorchris #christmaseveservicewithpastorchris #Thanksgiving #HappyNewYear

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Rhapsody of my Reality (free but priceless) | Inspired by Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” which was sold for $120,000. SWIPE LEFT ➡️ On the wall is a copy of the devotional “Rhapsody of Realities” which is distributed freely around the world but it’s priceless in people’s lives.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Rhapsody of Realities is now available in 2,010 languages of the world and still counting! GLORY!!! WE DID IT!!! IT'S IS A REALITY BECAUSE OF YOU! Join us in taking Rhapsody of Realities into all the active languages of the world.. #TNI #Operation2008areality #2010languagesandcounting

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Congratulations ,🎉 Sis. Divine Omoleme on your graduation - Bachelor of Law. It's a new level, and such a special time to celebrate our blessings in Thanksgiving.

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Glooorrryyy!!! Our Dear Bro.Chibukem preached in his school and won over 30 grade nine students to Christ. We preach the Gospel everywhere! We are truly inspired! #CECalgary #CECan

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Happy birthday to you my beloved PND. You are so precious. Thank you so much for all you do and for ensuring that the Word of God is spread abroad with Rhapsody of Realities. Also, thank you for always being available especially for the late night work 😃. I love you ❤️

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Thank you Esteemed Pastor Mo and Loveworld Publishing International Office UK / Europe! I love you dearly!! @pastormo

Thank you to my Esteemed Zonal Secretary Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi for your great words of guidance! I love you dearly Sir! @Pastorairen #BLWUKZoneA

Wishing a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pastor @ndukaalex !!!!!! May God continue to use you and to bless you

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir! 🎉🥳💖 @ndukaalex

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Happy birthday to Pastor sir 🎉🎉🎉 @ndukaalex

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