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THE HOLY LAND TOUR; DAY 8 IN FOCUS The 2016 edition of the Holy Land Tour with the Man of God, Pastor Chris comes to an end today and it has been an extraordinary journey. Earlier today, Pilgrims with the Man of God visited Jesus' home in Nazareth, the River Jordan, the mountain of Jericho and Nazareth. 1. The Man of God, Pastor Chris descends the Mount of Jordan 2. Group picture with Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe and Pastor Biodun Lawal. 3. Church of Annunciation where the angel told Mary she would give birth. 4. The River Jordan where John baptised Jesus, many are still being baptised there today. 5. Overhead car ride over the city of Jericho This experience has left an indelible mark of God's boundless love in our hearts. Every delegate has been inspired and motivated beyond measure and we are set to do even greater works for the Lord. #cewarrizone #HolyLandTour

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