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#PROGRAM ALERT!! - SOUTH EAST ZONE 2 CHURCH GROWTH PROGRAM Get ready for exponential growth!! #sez2cgi #sez2

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What a Panel... providing bespoke answers to every question! Growth! Growth!! Growth!!! #EWCAZone4 #CGI

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Super CGI Wednesday Service across Cameroun! Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas ministering in CE Bonaberi #EWCAZone4 #CGI

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Happening Now: Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas teaching on the Cell Ministry #EWCAZone4 #CGI #unstoppableChurchGrowth

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Happening this Sunday as the results of CGI , new level, new grace, new results #ewcavz4 #ceteensobili

#Celebration Happy 14th Year Wedding Anniversary to Pastor(Dr) Patrick and Pastor Lauretta Nwachi. May your love💜💛💝 continue to shine. We love you!

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#Yourloveworld Our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris gives the definition of the Word at the ongoing Your Loveworld live broadcast. ”The WORD is that message from God that reveals or communicates His works, will, thoughts, plans, purposes and pursuits to bring men into or promote fellowship with Him in love. It is His message of truth with the content and power to build His image into the life of the hearers. It’s content is the embodiment of Christ’s revelations, provisions, perfections and instructions. It is profitable for Doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction or training in righteousness” Hallelujah!! #Cephzone2

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HAPPENING NOW... The Director of LW CGI the Highly Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi expounding on ADMINISTRATION as key for Church Growth. (A special session with Staff members and Pastors.) #CGIEWCAZ4 #CGI #EWCAZ4

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IYD PICTORIAL REPORT: CE OBILI TEENS CHURCH YAOUNDE, EWCAZ4. Teenagers in the Zone organized a program tagged "ARISE AND SHINE with 131 teenagers in attendance and 82 first timers. First timers received free copies of teevos and Message of the Year given to them on PCDL. GLORY!! #lwteensministry

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IYD 2019 HIGHLIGHTS. CE Buea Teens & Youth Churches, EWCAZ4 stormed the streets with music and dance accompanied with copies of Rhapsody of Realities TEEVO leading over 500youths to Christ. This is in commemoration with the international Youth Day Celebrations. Glory to God.

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IYD REPORT: CE BAMENDA I TEENS & YOUTH CHURCHES EWCAZ4. 600 Teevos distributed during their street storm leading over 400 to Christ. There was joy in the city of Buea as recipients danced with joy as they were told how beautiful and unique they are to God. Halellujah! !!!

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Arise , Shine the light has come #ewcavz4 #lwteensministry


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What an amazing time today during the Arise , Shine , all glory to God , PCDL install in their phones , Gloryy. Thanks to Pastor Regina Ma, Pastor Stella Ma and all my zonal teens coordinator, Amazing way to celebrate the international youth Day. #ewcavz4 #ceteensobili

IYD Report from Teens Ministry, CE Douala Group, EWCAZ4 Over 100 Teenagers gave their hearts to Jesus through Success Motivation Seminars, Football outreaches and Evangelism across different catchments in commemoration of International Youth Day 2019. Glory to God! #loveworldteensministry

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Another big thing , let's show them the light path #ewcavz4 #AriseShine

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, You have shown me what real love is, not just in letters but from the heart. You make me laugh, You make me dance. You raised me in ministry, taught me the keys to a successful ministry life. I am Bold, Strong and Courageous because you taught me to stand and face the giants. I thank my a Man of God, Rev. Chris who has brought us such an advantage in life, by choosing you and his "Joshua" and "Elisha". Thank you for being the great example of followership; like Ruth, I know you must have said many years ago "For whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people will be my people, and thy God my God." Ruth 1:16. You stayed with Pastor and that has helped many embrace loyalty. I celebrate the General of our Time! I celebrate the Best Husband! I celebrate the Best Dad! I celebrate the Best Friend! I celebrate stability and strength of character! I salute the most decorated Soul winner per excellence. I salute the passionate giver. You will continue to sponsor the Gospel all over the world, Because that is your heartthrob. Many more years of successful ministry Sweetheart. My Love, you have the best birthday because you are with our Father. Enjoy every bit of it, Though we miss you here physically.

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Most Rev sir. We rejoice today as we celebrate your life of excellent dedication, passionate commitment, ardent followership and unfeigned love. Thank you for being such a worthy example for us to follow. Seeing you ahead, we know that our lives can only be upward and forward. We love you dearly sir. #RT1508 #mostrev #ewcaz4

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Dr.Morris Cerullo Prophesies of Pastor Chris' Significance to the Body of Christ “I have ordained Pastor Chris…to unite the body of Christ,” Dr. Morris Cerullo prophesies according to the word of the Lord... "I have ordained him to bring a spirit of unity to the ministry that I have raised up in these last days! He will be an instrument to unite the body of Christ,” Dr. Cerullo said, on behalf of the God and Father of the whole family of Christ’s body on earth and in Heaven..." Get the full story here - #cephzone1 #WEC2019 #prophecy

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