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Day 27 - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I rejoice in the knowledge of Your Word today. My love for You is lavishly expressed in my complete obedience to Your Word by following You, with wholehearted devotion. Thank You for manifesting Yourself to me, and revealing Your glory in my life. I thank You for the Lordship of Your Word over my life. In my dealings with people today, I am humble and tender-hearted, fully yielded to Your Word. Wrath, anger, and clamour with all bitterness are not a part of me, for I am rooted and grounded in love, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. I affirm that the speed of the Spirit has been granted me! I’ve entered into the rest of the Lord; therefore, I experience luxuriant growth and persistent productivity in every area of my life. Whatever I set my heart to do, the blessing of God is on it. I have multiplied abilities, wherever I am being checked or tested; the least they will ever find is that I am ten times better. I am anointed to walk on water and everywhere around me is green. The land is green for me! The wilderness is now a fertile field, and the fertile field has become a forest. Everywhere I turn, doors of opportunities are open unto me by the Spirit of God. I’ve been granted spiritual insight and set on the right course for life. The keys of the kingdom have been given unto me; thus, there’s no challenge that I can not surmount. Daily, I live above lack and other distracting influences of this earthly realm because I live in, and by the Word. Nothing is impossible with me because my life is the story and testimony of God’s grace. There’s nothing that I do that is void of the anointing. The anointing of God is on everything that I do. This anointing causes me to expand, spread, flourish and advance in life. This is my year of lights and I am far ahead of any competitor or distractor. This is my month of leadership and I am bringing water out of the rock. Blessed be God. Hallelujah! #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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Day 26 - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I thank You for Your life that’s at work in me, in every fibre of my being, in every cell of my blood and in every bone of my body. My whole being is immune to death, decay, and the corrupting influences in the world! My path is the path of life, righteousness, joy, gladness and peace forevermore. I walk in the light of my justification, rejoicing in the life of glory and righteousness in Christ! Having been justified by faith, I have peace with God, absolved of all guilt, free to live and serve the Lord joyously, and gloriously, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.  I affirm that the Word of God is the truth by which I live today and always. God’s Word has enlightened the eyes of my understanding and has strengthened my faith to lay hold of all that the Father has given to me in Christ Jesus. I am living triumphantly, making my way prosperous, as I live in, and by, the Word. I am alive unto God; my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, where His glory, beauty, aura, and perfections are expressed. I function in the dominion of the Spirit, having been enthroned over Satan, the principalities of darkness, and all the rudiments of this world. My life is the manifestation of the graces, many-sided wisdom, and perfections of God, whose glory I am, and whose presence I carry. Christ lives in me; His life and immortality have been unveiled in my spirit! I am a partaker of the God-life— a life that is superior to sickness, disease, and death! I walk in dominion over death and everything associated with darkness, for I dwell in the realm of life. I’ve passed from death to life; therefore, all that is associated with death can never lord it over me. Jesus is the Lord of life; I can never be disadvantaged, because He is my Rock, my salvation, and my exceeding great reward! He’s made my life beautiful, and I am His delight! Glory to God. Hallelujah!  #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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Exhibiting at the "BIG CHURCH DAY OUT" #loveworldexhibition #bigchurchdayout

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Day 25 - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I thank You for making every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance, so that I may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, be self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support, and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation. I thank You for Your word of power that’s in my heart, and in mouth even now! I am moving forward by the power of the Holy Spirit, making progress with giant strides, and waxing stronger every day, in health, prosperity, and success, in Jesus’ Name.  I affirm that the Word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! It is the compass by which I navigate through life, driving me in the path of righteousness, success, and prosperity. My heart will forever trust in the Word to do what it says, for not only is the Word my best teacher, it also pilots me to the highest heights of success. The eyes of my understanding are enlightened; therefore, my life is full of light. I’ve passed from death unto life, and now I live in the glorious liberty of the sons of God! Death and everything associated with darkness have no place in and around me for I am the offspring of the Word and a life-giving spirit. I reign in life with Christ and have the power to keep satan, sin, and death under my feet. Hallelujah! I see all trials and challenges that come my way as bread. No force has the ability to defeat me or throw me off balance because greater is He that lives in me than he that is in the world. I am more than a conqueror, and I live with confidence, knowing that all of heaven and the power of divinity are working for me, for my good. Blessed be God! #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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Congratulations my David of many colours on your Aheadship & Supremacy.You're the Light in the midst of darkness & your Lights shine everywhere. Congratulations Pastors Sir @pstuche & Ma"am @pastorifeoma I Love you all. God bless you David

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Happy birthday dearest @thebestkindlife you’re indeed a burning and shining light. I love you dearly ❤️❤️

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Congratulations David Onubogu Increased grace for your next level

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Congratulations dear David! A significant milestone. Keep shinning.

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Happy birthday to an amazing minister of the gospel, a precious daughter to our MOG and Sec-General of our great nation, Sis. Zoe Adesina. Thank you for your exceptional life of service to the LW Teens Ministry. We love you.

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Congratulations my Prince!!

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Day 24 - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Lord, thank You for the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Having been justified by His blood, eternal life is mine. His blood, which was poured out for remission of sins gives me the right to a life of glory, peace, and dominion. I celebrate my treasured salvation, consummated by the blood of Christ. I am full of God’s might! I function by His power and glory today, full of the Spirit in wisdom, having spiritual understanding of all things! I am powered by the Holy Ghost and on a perpetual victory parade, excelling and making progress consistently! I receive unparalleled advantages, unprecedented favour and prosperity, in Jesus’ Name.  I affirm that my spirit is refreshed and enlightened by the revelation of God’s Word to me today! I know who I am; I am the seed of Abraham! The world belongs to me. I reign and rule over circumstances by the power of the greater One who lives in me! He lives in my spirit, in my soul, and in my body! No failure for me, and no defeat on my path; I am moving from glory to glory! I walk in prosperity, victory, and health because I live in God’s Word. I am literally transfigured into the image that I see in the Word, as I meditate and yield my mind to the tutelage of the Word. Therefore, my attitude, mindset and belief systems are transformed, and my life and character, improved and upgraded. I am loaded on the inside, and the grace of God is multiplied in my life. I have eternal life, righteousness, and oneness with the Spirit. I take advantage of this multiplied grace and live victoriously today and always! Nothing is impossible with me, because my life is the story and testimony of your grace. Glory to God. Hallelujah!  #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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#CEPHZONE3 #BLUEELITE #FACEOFSTAFFWEEK2019 Unveiling Our Award-Winning Entries for the BLUE ELITE FACE OF STAFF WEEK 2019... Our First Contestant, Pastor Chizua Nwabugwu. Let's support this contestant to victory with your votes. Kindly download and post her pictures below on your KingsChat timeline with the following hashtags: #FaceofStaffWeek2019 #FaceofStaffWeek  #CEPHZONE3 #BLUEELITE  Let the voting begin!!!

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I AM#FaceOfStaffweek2019 #CEAMC #CEAbujaministryCentre #BlueElite🤩🤩💃💃🤩🤩

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Day 23 - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I thank You for Your grace in my life, and the ability to show care, and be diligent in all my duties and responsibilities. I am full of wisdom, and continually receive thoughts and ideas from the Spirit that put me over, and give me the advantage always. I am made for life, and set up for honour. I live above the economy and the systems of this world, because the greater One lives in me! I am not subject to the elements of the world, and my life is a testimony of God’s greatness. Divine might is at work in me, and my victory in Christ is fully assured. Hallelujah! • I affirm that I am a victor, a success, and a winner forever! Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I am a product of God’s Word and, therefore, I achieve results by the Word and through the power of God’s Spirit. I walk in the realm of glory today because life has come to me in the Word, and through the Word. I am eternally victorious in Christ. I have power over crises; I am prospering exceedingly, manifesting the righteousness and dominion of Christ everywhere. I live above, and far beyond the distracting elements of this world, because I live in Christ! At all times, I manifest God’s majestic splendor; I display His perfections and unveil His multifaceted wisdom to the world. God’s Word is effectual in me, producing excellence and glory. I am well positioned for the triumphant life through the Word, with circumstances aligning with God’s will, thought, purpose and destiny for my life. I walk in the light of God’s Word and exude wisdom and sound judgment. Hallelujah! I am in charge, and nothing will ever take me by surprise. I am an heir of salvation, and my way is paved by the Lord! God’s angels have been assigned on my behalf; therefore, as I make affirmations of the Word, they are dispatched in the Name of Jesus, to establish the words of my mouth and ensure that the words that I speak do not come back to me void but accomplish that which I please. Blessed be God. Hallelujah! #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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Celebrating a Champion, Leader & a woman full of grace and glory.Happy birthday Pastor Oge, a passionate & contageous BLW DPAC Coordinator. Thank u for raising us in the digital ministry. CE UK Zone 3 DPAC Team love & appreciate your dearly❤❤ #pastorogerocks #poge0523 #dspukzone3

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Happy birthday dear Deaconess Kenechi, you are very special! Thank you for your exemplary life of faith. Do enjoy your new year of LIGHTS.

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Ever so refreshing from the first day we met; ever so loving, giving, caring, sacrificing & inspiring. You're a true reflection of the teachings of our Man of God Pastor Chris (Dsc. DD.) I bless God continually for giving me the fairest of them all! Happy birthday my very own Olo

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