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SUPER SUNDAY @ CE MANHATTAN, NY On October 21st the Glory of God would be manifested in our midst and in our lives at our upcoming SUPER SUNDAY service. Invite your family & friends to this blessed time in God’s presence. Also share on social media and other fora. C U There!

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Thank you for allowing your family to embrace me and my family as family. We are truly grateful Sir. Happy Birthday Sir. We Love You Sir.

Today, I join the host of Heaven to celebrate you Sir. May all of God’s Plans for your life and family be established in your lifetime. U will be slapped on every side with his love. Your days shall be filled with the Supernatural. Full of testimony of God’s great power. HBD Sir

Bro. Kelvin. When I see you, I see true Love. Love for the Lord, Love for His Work, & Love for People. I can write a book on these 3 alone. Now, your love for me & my family has been unmatched. You have been that one person that truly & genuinely cared. Happy Birthday Sir.

Relieving the moments from ADA Live! in Concert- Maryland, USA

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ELO U ARE SO BLESSED, Thank you Holy Spirit for this year of the supernatural , thank u Jesus for the Word and ability to pray in d Spirit always 🇬🇧🇬🇧💃🕺🏼🙏🙏🙏 #ukzone2 #lmam #blwhammersmith church

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A special Thanksgiving segment for Elo during the Sunday Service yesterday with Brother Afo and Sister Rita Ogidi. It was power-packed and full of glory as everyone, with hearts full of Joy, danced and praised God profusely for His mighty and wondrous works. Ours is a testimony of prevailing faith and God's unfailing love. #CELVZ

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Mon Aug 27 The Healing School August Session in Lagos, Nigeria concluded yesterday with an extraordinary healing service where many received healing from diverse sicknesses and diseases, and demonic oppressions. What a mighty avalanche of the miraculous it was, with shouts of praise and rejoicing to the Lord, who's most gracious, loving and of tender mercies. We're grateful for God's calling to manifest the amazing works of Christ, and to make known His glorious gospel to all men, everywhere. Hallelujah! See highlights of the service on Loveworld News - Learn more about the principle by which we live as God's saints in today's Rhapsody. And please remember the 24 hour Rhapsody Prayer Conference holds this Friday 31st August- Saturday 1st September. Visit for more information. At 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray in tongues of the Spirit for most of 15min; also giving thanks to the Lord for those who were healed at the just concluded healing school session, and praying that they grow continually in the knowledge of His Word, and become effective witnesses of His grace, love, and healing to others. Remember His goodness to you, and praise Him exuberantly, for He has done great things for us, whereof we are glad. Thanks to all of you who prayed along with us, and the Ogidi family, when little 4yr old Elo was kidnapped; stolen, from us, almost two months ago. The Lord delivered her, and has restored her back to us. Glory to God evermore. Many thanks to the Pastors and members of CELVZ and our Security personnel for their prayers, faith and tireless efforts and of course, the amazing faith of Elo's parents: Afo and Rita Ogidi. Congratulations.

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Happening Now: Talkshow on the Global Day of Evangelism and CE Largo’s 50 days of soul-winning initiative. The Harvest is plenteous and the laborer is YOU! Where will you be on September 1st, 2018? #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #GlobalDayofEvangelism

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📣🇺🇸 ONE WEEK COUNT UP! ‘Rule, Reign, Dominate’ our All Night Service holding in Manhattan, New York on August 31st, 2018! Glory to God! 🎉🙏 Pastors and Leaders across U.S.A Region 1 will gather for a night of impact, insight, and power. Join us as we make lasting changes in our churches, communities, cities, states, nation! The link to register is: See you there! #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #USAVZ2

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MORE SNIPPETS FROM THE ONLINE SOUL WINNERS CONGRESS WITH PASTOR CHRIS - 7 STEPS TO PERFECTING SOUL WINNING: After sharing insightful truths on seven steps for the effective soul winner, our man of God, Pastor Chris, took the participants at the Online Soul Winners Congress to the next level by unveiling ‘7 steps to perfecting soul winning’. Here they are - 1. Be constantly filled with the Spirit - be ever filled with the Spirit. 2. Have a clear understanding of the gospel – It’s important you have a clear understanding of the gospel, else you may be preaching, but your message won't be producing the right results. Build that understanding for yourself through daily ingestion of Scriptural materials. (Our man of God specifically made reference to the Teaching on PCDL - An Understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ). 3. Explain the gospel - You cannot win souls if you can’t explain the Gospel to them, and you can't explain the gospel if you don't understand it. Explaining the gospel is beyond preaching; preaching is an announcement, but we also must explain the gospel. You have to do both to be effective at soul winning. 4. Lead them into Salvation (The Confession) - when you preach the gospel, give your hearers an opportunity to come into Christ. Don't stop at bringing them the gospel; help them into the confession of the Lordship of Jesus. That's where salvation comes from, so when they believe you, make sure they confess the Lordship of Jesus. 5. Receive them into God's Family (The Awareness) - the new believer must be received into the family of God. This involves helping them to become aware of where they are now. They need to know that they're in Christ now, they're in the Kingdom of God now, and they’re born into God's house; into His family. They must have the awareness of their new place, their new home, their new family in Christ. 6. Introduce them to the Church's Mentorship Program - this is bringing them up in the way of the Lord. Having been brought into the family, they must now understand that there's a way of life for the Christian. MATTHEW 28:19-20. The church does have a mentorship program for this purpose - the cell system, the foundation school etc. All of these are necessary for the development of the individual Christian until he becomes a mature and dependable leader. In Acts 18:24-28, Apollos' knowledge, though accurate, was limited. He was eloquent and excellent in all he had been exposed to, but needed to be raised in the things of God. Aquilla and Priscilla mentored Apollos, and afterwards he became a leader, an inspiration and a great blessing to the church in Achaia. 7. Release them into leadership - Having mentored people, we release them into leadership, to do what they've seen us do, and become a blessing to others, just like Priscilla and Aquilla did with Apollos. 👉 Soul Winners are always inspiring; they are the fire brand of the church. 👉 Churches without soul winners don't grow. 👉 As a soul winner, you must raise others to be soul winners; those who come around you must become wise as you are, for "...he that winners souls is wise'. (Proverbs 11:30) 👉Every church must be filled with soul winners.  #OSWC2018 #soulwinnerscongress2018 #soultracker #supernaturalsoulwinner

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Whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death. Luke 14:23 ESV And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. #globalevangelismday

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🔊 🙎‍♀️🙋‍♂️Soul winning; It means that we go out of our comfort to reach someone who needs Christ. It may not be convenient or comfortable, but that person needs Christ. People who make no effort have never effected a change. On September 1st, 2018 all across the Ministry and in U.S.A Region , it’s Global Day of Evangelism!!! 🎉🇺🇸 How to prepare for God’s number 1 Business: 1. Pray for yielded hearts- That their eyes are open to see and ears are open to hear! 2. Grow in your understanding and approach- Listen to messages about soul winning on PCDL! 3. Be present. You are God’s laborer-Show up at your local church, your fellowship, or your cell’s designated areas of soul winning or at other places you’ve 4. Sidentified to encounter people; 5. Joy! Joy! Joy! -Be excited to tell someone about Jesus; 6. GO!! SPEAK! WIN! INVITE! With boldness!!! The harvest truly is plenteous and the laborer is YOU!!! #USAREGION1 #USAVZ1 #USAVZ2 #GlobalDayofEvangelism 📣

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Did you LAUGH today?! HAHAHAHA! Remember, ‘You’re going to experience the miraculous power of God in a special way this month! There are things that will suddenly happen because the word of Blessing has gone forth. The manifestation of your faith, you will see sudden blessings: sudden restorations; sudden open doors. It will be like a dream.’ - Pastor Chris. HAHAHAHAHA! Glory! Share your testimonies with us! #USAREGION1 #USAVIRTUALZONE1 #USAVIRTUALZONE2 #LAUGHTER

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Congratulations Sir We love and appreciate you dearly

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