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#prayingnow #Zone1 #CE #LCC2

Happy birthday sir . We join all of heaven to celebrate you today. We love you sir

A set of expectant delegates at the LCC2 TeeVo Club Leadership Conference. Our Teens are doing big things for Jesus. #lcc2teens #celcc22excels #celz1rocks

delegates arriving at the LCC2 Teevo Club outreach - wow this is like having Mega Teens Conference at the Cell Level - #lcc2teens #lcc2excels #celz1rocks

#prayingforNigeria #Lagos #Nigeria

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Glorious service today @ CELZ1LCC2TEENSCHURCH partnering with #InnerCityMission on the Food for #1k initiative #CELZ1ROCKS #CELCC2EXCELS

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Thank you Pastor Sir! The world says Teens are self centred...no way! Not us!!! #blwteens we're a different breed!!! #CELZ1LCC2TEENS rejoicing as we give to Feed for #1k in partnership with #InnerCityMission #celz1rocks #celcc2excels

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Happening now as the members of lcc2 receives the word thru the message of our man of God titled THE BENEFITS OF PRAYER indeed there shall be testimonies. Lagos zone 1 prayer rally #lz1prays #lz1wonderful #Lz1rocks #lcc2excels

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Ce lcc2 brethren making power available at the ongoing lz1 prayer rally happening now gloryyy #lz1prays #lz1wonderful #lz1rocks #lcc2excels

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#vacancies #jobseekers #jobsearches


Outpouring of Abundance, new grace will be released as we spend time to pray. Super excited!!!yayy!!💃🕺🙏😍❤️ #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELZ1ROCKS #CELCC2EXCELS #CELZ1PRAYS

Just can’t wait am expecting to see the unimaginable, heavenly interventions supernatural occurrences every where. Hallelujah!!! #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELZ1ROCKS #CELCC2EXCELS #CELZ1PRAYS

Happy birthday to the one and only husband if life.To the highly esteemed hubby of inestimable value.I love you and celebrate always.

#PAE4TEN Happy Birthday dearest Pastor. We love you.

The Most Exciting Part The most exciting part when there is a call to prayers in whatever form is the fact that God wants to do something. Now it's our month of intercession. In Isaiah 59 that our man of God shared with us during the Communion, the situation was bad, God wanted to make a change, but alas - there was no one to intervene. Is 59:19 NIV. "He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene; But it's different now! Praise God, there are people to intervene; God has people He can trust to intervene; He has YOU & I - that's why His call for intercession came to us this month! Glory to God! As Pastor shared with us some people came to my mind and I know it's not a coincidence - it's their time and season to be free to serve God completely because I'm taking their place in prayer. Was there anyone or group of people that came to your mind as Pastor shared with us? Or even since then? It means God has something for them - don't fail to help them make it come to pass this month. Pastor admonished us to take the place of that one that is suffering, that one in danger as though you were the one in the situation. He said you may need to break the power of Satan over such a person. I'm excited because many lives will be transformed; cities, nations, ministries. Make something happen for someone this month as you take your place in intercession. Looking forward to the testimonies! Enjoy your day and don't forget to like, comment and share. #todaywithpastoryemisi #intercession

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Wow....congrats to our Sis Emerald Chukwuma! 1st Place...."Cell Leader of the Year!! We are proud of you and you will do more!

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