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My daughter has been healed from cerebral palsy. Hallelujah! #GPWTestimonies

I am a soul magnet. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus is prospering in my hands. Am unstoppable. My life is the supernatural.#mydeclaration

My family & I are kinging over very situation around us today, everything we need for a prosperous life is ours. Glory! #mydeclaration







5 Reasons to Care for Your Kidneys: 1.     They help to keep your blood clean of waste materials 2.     They help to regulate your blood pressure 3.     They help to keep your bones strong and healthy 4.     They contribute to the production of red blood cells 5.     They are important for maintaining your body composition #worldkidneyday #vmcorps #healingschool #supervolunteers            

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Special Lunch Hour Service with Pastor Joy Amenkhienan CE Durumi, Abuja Zone was greatly blessed and honoured to have the Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Port-Harcourt Zone 3, Pastor Joy Amenkhienan in today's lunch hour service. It was a glorious service with so much Words of wisdom and power that stirred the hearts of everyone present. Exhorting from Psalm 92:12, Pastor Joy said, "God has made everything available for you to be stable." The Palm tree drives its root deep into the ground, it is stable and gets its nutrients from the ground not the atmosphere. Your flourishing will be determined by how rooted you are in the Word of God which is your source. What you require for stability is God's word. She further charged the brethren to go all out to achieve Vision 400. "Christianity is not a religion. If you are convinced about your faith you will not keep quiet. What do you feed on? Let the study of the Word be a natural thing to you. Do not depend on the information of others to rule your life." The brethren have been charged up and ready for greater exploits by the Spirit. Don't miss this Special Evening Service with Pastor Joy. You don't want to be told. Glory!!! #ceabujazone #PastorJoyInAbuja #Vision400 #SpecialLunchHourService #MonthofExpansion #RevTomInAbuja

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