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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WELCOME TO 2019, THE YEAR OF LIGHTS!!! 4 Things About Light 1) Light is for Illumination Illumination produces clarity, refinement, innovation, sound judgement 2) Light Gives Leadership Shine in Daniel 12 vs 3 means admonish, warn, teach, inspire, send out light, all of which is leadership. Light Gives guidance. 3) Light Gives Empowerment, because light emits energy. Energy is capacity to perform. Light empowers you. 4) Light is for Signs and Seasons 馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍馃敻锔忦煍革笍 We are entering into a new phase of the church's like never seen before. A new dimension. You have to begin to believe more than ever before, in the Power of Good over Evil. Evil does not have more power than good. Overcome evil with good. The more evil they do, respond with good. Everywhere you go, you carry a season of Peace, Love, Joy, Victory, Health. We are light, we are illumination. We are changing seasons everywhere. #enter2019withPastorChris #UKZONE2

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