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Glory! ..Its global Patience Day! Happy Birthday to my dear wife, Esteemed Pastor Patience Aniemena. I cherish and celebrate you. Thank you for ur passion for d Lord & souls. U r a huge blessing to me & d children. I proclaim: it's ur new year of perfection. Shine on, my love.

We are SET! ...On the go with 1 million Outreaches campaign! Glory to God! #weareset, #rorfiestariversstate #1millionoutreaches

"I will never be broke in my life!" "The eternal God is my refuge and dwelling place" 'Jesus Christ is my wisdom! The Holy Spirit is my strengthener! ...some great Confessions of my solid front! Hallelujah #wordfest2020, #wordatwork, #cephzone1, #ceperfectplace

The first step in charting my course of greatness is to hear the cry of the needy! ...Glory! So blessed by the Word today... #wordfest2020, #wordatwork, #cephzone1, #ceperfectplace

The first step in charting my course of greatness is to hear the cry of the,needy!...Thank you Lord! #wordfest2020, #wordatwork, #cephzone1, #ceperfectplace

Glory!! #walkinginperfection

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A glorious Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and grace partner, the esteemed Pastor Patience Aniemena. The patience of hope, of love and of faith, you are! Today and always, I celebrate the huge blessing that u are to me, the children and to so many others! I love u lavishly!

The human nature was supplanted by Gods divine nature the moment I got born again. Now, I have the God-life in me. I am sustained by the Spirit, who is the life of my physical body. I chose to walk conscious of this reality and express my divine nature. Glory! #liftchallenge

Yesterday I was reading Pastor’s Book “Healing from Heaven” on my way to Kuala Kurun, Indonesia where we were expecting Thousands of people to attend a crusade, Pastor said “when sickness or infirmity tries to bring you down, insist on the reality of God’s Word and say, “No, I refuse to be sick! Because Christ lives in me, He makes me well!” When I gave the call for salvation about a thousand persons came forward include a dear gentleman who had suffered a stroke and was restricted to a wheelchair, after leading them to Christ I heard myself saying those same words “Christ makes you well!” The man started moving in his wheelchair and one of my Pastors seeing his faith went to him and helped off that wheelchair and he stood and walked up the platform to meet me! Glory! Praise the Lord for His Matchless grace! Thank you Man of God Pastor Chris for teaching me the word! #liftchallenge #monthoflifting @pastorchrislive

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Highlight of #CEPHZONE1 REON Conference on the 22, August 2019 Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network  (REON)  is a network of ministers of the gospel from around the world who have adopted Rhapsody of Realities as their daily devotional and are encouraging others to do the same.  In one of the REON conferences in Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Chapter which aimed at enlisting many more pastors into the network, many of the pastors who participated in the previous conferences returned with glorious testimonies; • Church growth in attendance from 78 to 245, in 2 months through the adoption of Rhapsody of Realities as evangelical tool. • Deaf ear popped open while reading Rhapsody. And the Lord is confirming His words daily through the ministry of our Messenger Angel every where. Glory to God! #cephzone1 #REON

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Live from the World Evangelism Conference Day 3 An inspiring testimony segment on the impact of Rhapsody of Realities as a tool for Church Growth and Global Evangelization. more updates to come... #WEC2019 #CeAccraGhanaZone

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HAPPENING NOW@ THE WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE #WEC2019 Pastor Chris welcomes God’s great Evangelist who touched all of Europe, Evangelist David Hathaway. Stay abreast of the ongoing conference on this superuser. #cephzone1

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HAPPENING NOW @ THE WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE Christ has given us: 1. Life and Immortality 2. Divine Health 3. Divine Union -Pastor Chris teaching. #WEC2019 #CEPHZONE1

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21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING Prayer at 12 noon. DAY 4: THE IMPACT OF THE PRAYER AND FASTING ON THE BRETHREN Pray for the impact of the prayer and fasting to result in an unprecedented growth of the faith, passion and zeal of the brethren across the zone and that this growth will be evident in the service they render in the house of God and their various endeavor. Matt 8:10, Luke 7:9, Heb 11:33 Declare that the hearts of the brethren are open to receive specific instructions from the Holy Spirit regarding every area of their lives and ministry. Also pray that there will be an unprecedented manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit in the lives of the brethren as a result of the prayer and fasting. 2 cor 3:18, Job 32:8 1 cor 12:11. #cephzone1 #Thehappychurch #21DaysOfPnF

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Mission Accomplished-Egypt in View A grand salute to the highly esteemed Pastor Ameachi Udeaku and the ''BEAUTIFUL" LTM partners in Portharcout Zone 1 for fulfilling 100% of their commitment to the LoveWorld MENA base station project in Egypt. Indeed Egypt is taken!!! #therevolution #thetimeisnow #LoveWorldMena #middleeastrevolution

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Valiant! Dauntless! Phenomenal! We applaud a champion! We loudly celebrate a Proud Revolutionary- Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and Partners of Christ Embassy Portharcourt Zone 1! #Therevolution #middleeastrevolution #LoveWorldMena

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MAINTAINING FOCUS IN PRAYER – PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME @ror For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful (1 Corinthians 14:14) One vital element of effective prayer is focusing your mind on what you’re praying about. Imagine that someone is praying for the salvation of souls in a particular region of the world. He’s interceding that, through the preaching and teaching of the Word, God’s righteousness would prevail in the towns, hinterlands, and cities without hindrance. While at it, his mind wanders away, and he’s thinking about some nice cars, houses or a meeting he’s scheduled with a friend. His prayer would hardly be effective that way, and this happens to a lot of people. Focusing your mind, emotions and entire faculties on what you’re praying about is very important, and praying in the Spirit is a great advantage in this regard. When you pray in the Spirit, your spirit prays; your mind is unfruitful (1 Corinthians 14:14) Therefore, it’s important that you yield yourself to the Spirit by giving Him your mind—paying attention to Him as you pray. That way, you’ll be in sync with Him; His visions, promptings, ideas and thoughts will be clear to you. Praying in the Spirit gets you synchronized with God’s will, His purpose, and timing. But your mind has a role in this; you must get your thoughts together as you pray in tongues. You might say, “As much as I try, I just can’t help it; my mind keeps drifting as I pray.” Maintaining focus in prayer is something you do consciously. Your mind is a tool. You’d have to discipline your mind to think in the direction of your prayers, and switch it back to that thing you’re praying about. If it wanders again, bring it back until your mind gets the message. In prayer, arrest your mind; channel your thoughts and emotions in the direction of the Spirit, and you’ll receive the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. #cephzone1 #Thehappychurch #21DaysOfPnF

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See who I get to share my birthday with!! Happy birthday to the exceptional award winning pastor amaechi udeaku. Wow!!! Shine on from glory to glory. I love you

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