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I have Registered, I am Ready, I will be Attending!!! #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneA5 #HisGloryCare

#PCLprayathon #CELVZ

Wow... Awesome truths at the March Global Communion Service YOU IN CHRIST, CHRIST IN YOU "The acceptance, endorsement and affirmation of the legalities of our salvation  results in the vital realities of salvation" "Thus what we are in Christ is the legal basis and actuation of the vital realities of what Christ is in us." "When I received the message of salvation ( that is in Christ substitutionary and vicarious death, my sins were remitted; and in his resurrection and new birth, I resurrected) and I affirmed or confessed it, I received by faith the new life of resurrection and I was at once recreated, born anew and justified." -Pastor Chris  

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"One of the most profound principles in the Word of God that guarantee continuous increase in finances is the principle of giving"....from today's Rhapsody devotional. Watch this!

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Christ has been made unto me wisdom. #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration It's my year of the Supernatural. I have Supernatural Supply, Strength, Insight, Ability, Wisdom, Knowledge and Health.

#mydeclaration I am the seed of Abraham! I am the king's kid, I display divine verities and am full of the wisdom of God.

I grow in grace and in the knowledge of the word of God. #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I reign and rule in righteousness in the name of my Lord Jesus. I am the planting of the Lord and I know no lack or dryness.

#mydeclaration Christ in me is the hope of glory. I am beautiful inside and out giving glory and praise unto my father. I am blessed!

#mydeclaration My life is a testimony of God's goodness. Glorious things are heard and spoken of me O daughter of God. Glorrrrrryyyyy!

#mydeclaration In my path and all that are mine, there's no death, sickness, disease, infirmity or disadvantage In our path is life n peace

#mydeclaration My children and all my generation after them will serve the Lord forever. We are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood

#mydeclaration The wisdom of God is at work in me. I lay up gold as dust and the blessings of the Lord are resident in me #Supernatural

#prayingnow #Nigeria

#mydeclaration Chika you are made whole in the name of Jesus. AMEN.

#mydeclaration I am mightily blessed of the Lord! Kings shall come to my rising and prince's to the brightness of my shining!

#mydeclaration For me and my household we will serve the Lord forever.

#mydeclaration My horn is exalted like that of the unicorn. No one can successfully stand against me for the greater one lives inside of me

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