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Im am wiser and stronger in Christ#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

Im marching on to Greater heights by his Spirit#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

Whatever it is I got Victory#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

All things are working together for my good,#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

My Life is an unending story of Gods grace#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

I stand amazed in Gods Presence where there is Joy Peace and Hope#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

All things are possible with God in me#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

Im a Champion#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

Im a WInner by His SPirit that lives in me#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

With me all things are possible by his spirit and by his Word#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

HILIGHTS OF ICLC DAY 1 WITH PASTOR CHRIS. The anointing is the effect of the workings of the Holy Spirit. It is also the Impact or Impartation of the Holy Spirit's power. "Makarios" The Greek word for BLESSED Means: To be supremely blessed, It means to be lifted, It is a blessing of separation- these are those which have been freed from their senses and flesh. Everything I touch turns into success. Because I am fruitful in every good works. I will never be weak in my life, I am too powerful. I am invigorated with strength. I am full of God, I know who I am. Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! #ICLC2016 #IMC7 #CEBZ3ALL4UCONCERT #CEBENINZONE3

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ICLC 2016 THURSDAY EVENING REV DR CHRIS OYAKHILOME MORE EXCERPT Pastor's DAY ONE teaching What is the anointing? It is the effect of the workings of the Holy Spirit, the impart of the Holy Spirit Power. Don't ignore the Spirit & seek the shadow.You can't know the Holy Spirit without the revelation of the Father. Eph 5:25-27. Jesus is coming for a glorious Church. Eph 3:14-21. You are to be awakened to this. Col 1:9-11. Attend church services to build your faith up & enjoy corporate anointing. I'm fruitful in every good work. Nothing of our past can compare to what we have in front.

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Congratulations to our global award winning leaders. We celebrate you today because it's a new level of operation for you. The grace to win and dominate your catchment and world like never before has greatly increased in your life and the world will hear the testimonies of your exploit. We Love you all!

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Congratulations to Pastor Olumide Adewolu and all members of Christ Embassy Evbareke church, Benin Zone 3 on your award as one of the Top 50 soul winning church in the ministry. Keep the fire burning! #cebeninzone3 #iclc2016

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Kudos to our highly esteemed Zonal Pastor, our fabulous flyer, trail blazer; Pastor Mary Owase for our awards and for leading and inspiring us to achieve great things for the kingdom of God. We are set and more determined to run with you to gain more grounds and territories for the kingdom in this new cell ministry year. We salute your courage ma! #iclc2016 #cebeninzone3 #cebz3all4uconcert

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We celebrate Deaconess Charisa Dada on your ordination as a Dcns in the BLW Nation. God will achieve greater things in the kingdom through you. Enjoy your new level!

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Congratulation to our dearly beloved Dcns Winifred Jaiyeola on your ordination. It's a new level for you. We love you!

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I take heed to the ministry which have received in the Lord, and i fulfil it.#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

My needs are well supplied by God according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.#CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

I am blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ #CEBENINZONE3 #cebeninzone3 #cebeninzone3

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