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Check out my inspiring post on Yookos!

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Happening LIVE on Saturday 29th of August '20. Time 4:00pm (GMT+1). To Register + Participate + Create Your Own Avatar Kindly Visit:* https.//lmam360.com/i-believe-conference/ #myLMAMmyMinistry #ProudlyLMAM #ibelieveintheLMAM #LMAMSSNZone2 #LMAMSSNR #Iamready! ...are you ready!..

📍It’s fresh, It’s exciting, It’s history in the making, it’s God’s Agenda. It’s the I BELIEVE CONFERENCE 2020 🙌🏻💃🕺🙌🏻 🌟 You are invited. Saturday 29th August 2020 ➡️ 4PM GMT+1 I BELIEVE IN THE LMAM #MyLMAMmyMinistry #ProudlyLMAM #IbelieveintheLMAM

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THE WORLD I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN One very important lesson I received from YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS season 2 phase 3 is that The World is Ruled by Fools (Psalm 53:1). Therefore to live in a world shaped by a fool is to live in a fool's world. Even worse is to accept their promises of developing the world into a better place. That would be living in a fool's world and looking forward to living in a fool's paradise. I refuse to do either of them. I choose to live in a world of my own creation and creativity. A world restored to the glory of the mind and vision of God. I will live in God's aeons. Modeled by His Word in my mouth. #yearofperfection #myperfectlife #abkmc

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PASTOR CHRIS LIVE 24HR PRAYATHON South South Zone 2 Leads the whole world in 24hr  Prayer....Glorious Testimonies #CEUYO #SSZ2 #pastorchrislive

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🎆CORONAVIRUS: BREAKING NEWS🎆 On March 1st, our Man of God prayed against the coronavirus and dispatched angels to go forth and make the treatment available and cheap. Today is March 19, and the US announces a drug showing great promise against the virus !!! Guess what the drug is????

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Happy birthday @pwales sir. Your live simply preaches the Love of christ. Thank you for teaching us the word and perfection. The Lord has perefected that which concerns you. I love you sir.

Year of perfection

Its a year of Prophecies fulfilled.

Uyo 1 says Happy Birthday Deacon Emeka, The Haven Zone D2. #THEHAVENNATION #THEHAVENZONED2 #DCNEMEKA1912 #ZDHAVENZD2 #THEHAVENUYO2

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Happy birthday @pastorchrislive I love you sir.

Celebrating The Greatest Teacher with divine sagacity and divinely perspicacious- Our Most Esteemed Father and Man of God. We love you Pastor Sir! #LMAMCELEBRATESOURFATHER #OFFER7 #DEC7

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#nextifiedconcert #loveworld #Loveworldnextuyo

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This is that special day in which the Lord formed me and separated me from my mother's womb for His Glory. Thanks to my Dearest man of God @pastorchrislive for your investment of your personality in me. Thanks to @PASTORTT and @pwales for everything. Happy birthday to moi.

Question : How do you engage discussions about the gospel? Watch this video to learn how. _ http://www.loveworldsat.org/our_project/live_television.html _ #yourloveworld #loveworldsat

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Happy birthday to you sir, Obi Shine @shineobi . Your Music and Ministry have been a great Blessing to the body of Christ. More Grace and Blessings to you in Jesus name.

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Photo Speaks!! Day 2_ 4DAYS OF GLORY WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR, PASTOR T.T EDUN. Brethren Sharing Live Recap of Day 1 Ministration... #PROJECT10000 #SSZ2 #CEUYO #4DOG.

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HAPPENING NOW!! DAY 2_ 4DAYS OF GLORY WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR, PASTOR T.T EDUN. Taking his charge from 1peter 1:23; Ephesians 2:1, Ephesians 1:1-21; 2corinthians 5:21; Genesis 12:1-2.. Pastor made us understand that a seed determines the fruit, and the seed gave birth to our lives forever.... The word of God hath made us, compelled us to Exhortation over principalities, power, sin, might etc. Our spirit cannot be dominates by anything HALLELUJAH!!! #PROJECT10000 #SSZ2 #CEUYO #4DOG

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