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HBD to a very dear daughter of our MOG, my darling & best friend Pastor Ose. I celebrate all that you represent in my life. You are so faithful & graceful. Your beauty & radiance are divine. Your passion for the Lord & desire to please our MOG are breathtaking. I luv u forever

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Happy birthday to my ageless mummy ❤️. I love you very much and I’m grateful to God for sending you to me as a special gift and also to the world to make an impact and cause changes in the lives of many😘💕. We celebrate you today and always 🎈

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Happy birthday Mummy, I love you❤

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It's our month of Auto edification by glossolalia. It has worked all the time for us and here when have an opportunity to even take it to a higher level. Thank you Pastor Chris Sir. My picture here is our "before" and our "after" ....We heard lots of things that made us want to think Elo will never be found. But we stood on the word and prayed relentlessly. The upper picture in my collage was when I visited with the Ogidis on the 15th of August and declared by faith that the next time I'm gonna take a picture with these kids they would be three with Elo in the middle. I said it will happen and nothing can stop it. The second picture was taken on Elo's birthday 5 days ago, after The Lord brought her back home supernaturally . I shout in praise!!!!! THE WORD WORKS!!!!! GOD IS FAITHFUL. THANK YOU PASTOR CHRIS SIR for always showing us the way and how it works. We are forever grateful Congratulations again to the Ogidis. Our faith prevailed. Happy month of Auto edification!!!!

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Can’t wait 2 days to gooooooo

It's time to bring in the Harvest. Are you Ready? #celz5 #financeconventionwithpastorchris

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Our baby girl has been found. Glory to God...❤️ What testimony...Something to shout about 😭😭😭 Father you are gracious and kind... I love you so much..

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Updated his profile photo

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#prayingnow #Nigeria

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#CE Makurdi

#praying now #Nigeria

Getting ready for a glorious Homecoming service @ church property. Expectations are high and the Lord is magnified I'm our midst,Amen.

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This month of March is the month of Dominion. You’re going to thread on serpents and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

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DAILY NUGGETS *MAINTAINING FOCUS IN PRAYER :* One vital element of effective prayer is focusing your mind on what you’re praying about. Imagine that someone is praying for the salvation of souls in a particular region of the world. He’s interceding that, through the preaching and teaching of the Word, God’s righteousness would prevail in the towns, hinterlands, and cities without hindrance. While at it, his mind wanders away, and he’s thinking about some nice cars, houses or a meeting he’s scheduled with a friend. His prayer would hardly be effective that way, and this happens to a lot of people.Focusing your mind, emotions and entire faculties on what you’re praying about is very important, and praying in the Spirit is a great advantage in this regard. When you pray in the Spirit, your spirit prays; your mind is unfruitful (1 Corinthians 14:14). Therefore, it’s important that you yield yourself to the Spirit by giving Him your mind—paying attention to Him as you pray. That way, you’ll be in sync with Him; His visions, promptings, ideas and thoughts will be clear to you.Praying in the Spirit gets you synchronized with God’s will, His purpose, and timing. But your mind has a role in this; you must get your thoughts together as you pray in tongues. You might say, “As much as I try, I just can’t help it; my mind keeps drifting as I pray.” Maintaining focus in prayer is something you do consciously. Your mind is a tool. You’d have to discipline your mindto think in the direction of your prayers, and switch it back to that thing you’re praying about. If it wanders again, bring it back until your mind gets the message.In prayer, arrest your mind; channel your thoughts and emotions in the direction of the Spirit, and you’ll receive the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. #cephzone2 #mydeclaration

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Announcement- All Churches to meet dis Friday by 6pm to conclude #GlobalPrayerWeek #PrayingNow #GlobalPrayerWeek #LiveUpdates #Power4Change

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The word of God is growing mightly in me and in my family. I declare that all my family members will receive salvation. #mydeclaration

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I declare that my family are supernaturally living in abundance & all their steps are ordered by God & sickness in their body #mydeclaration

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GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK WITH PASTOR CHRIS REMINDER: URGENT INSTRUCTION FROM OUR PRESIDENT: "Post your declaration of faith now on KingsChat with the hashtag: #mydeclaration, or send it to the email address - prayerweek@yourloveworld.org. Make a declaration of your faith; declare what the Lord is doing in your life this week, and prophesy to your future. Declare the direction of your life. Jesus Christ is the High Priest of your confessions. What you say is what you get! It's a special moment in the Spirit." Pastor will be praying over our declarations in the Evening Session today, so don't delay.cc Watch today's sessions by 11:00am and 5:00pm GMT+1, LIVE on all LoveWorld Networks, LTM & Radio Networks and on the Ceflix, Live TV Mobile, CLoveWorld and CeTunes Apps. Keep following this SuperUser for updates. #ceabujazone #prayingnow #GlobalPrayerWeek #power4change #Nigeria

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