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I believe in perfection therefore I walk in it. #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #cephzone2 #celwc

Hearty birthday Pastor Ma. As we mark your new milestone of perfection today, i join the beloved Loveworld Nation to specially celebrate Loyalty and God's superabundant Grace personified. Happy Golden birthday Ma. #PLO0604 #Perfectbirthday #Celebratingexcellence

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HBD Pastor. You are one of a kind; amiable, charitable, caring, inspiring, kind, delectable, friendly, motherly. Not enough words to describe your personality and all the warm wishes you deserve on this special day. I celebrate you. I love you Pastor

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Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ekele, my Sweetheart. To know you is to love you. It is joy to celebrate you today and always. Thank you for being such an awesome husband and dad. Thank you for teaching us the word of God. We will follow you as you follow our MOG. I love you 😘😘

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Happy Birthday to my dear Man of God. #revray

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HBD to my sweetheart, full of love & full of God. God's grace continues to abound in your life even as u display the virtues of Him who has called u. Thanks for being an amazing husband & a great father to our children .We will continue to follow u as u follow Pastor Chris. .

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Welcome to 2020, Our Year of Perfection!!! Congratulations oh dear Haven Nation. You are perfect, you are flawless, you are complete. Glory Hallelujah

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New Year's Eve service with Pastor Chris on my mind. It's one great meeting in several centres all over the world. Don't miss it #enter2020withpastorchris #cephzone2

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NIGHT OF BLISS PORT HARCOURT WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR LINDA OKOCHA is 2days to go!!! Wow!!! we are getting set for a most exciting time in God's presence, our expectations are on the High and we know that all our expectations shall be met and surpassed. Glory!!! #Cephzone2 #NOBPHZ2

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NIGHT OF BLISS PORT HARCOURT DAILY PRAYER POST Publicity And Publicity Campaigns ...Pray for all our publicity campaigns; for God’s Spirit to go ahead and prepare the mind of the people to receive us and that a mighty harvest of souls will be brought into the kingdom. (John 4:35-36) ....Pray for the publicity and logistics put in place for the success of the program, (the men, materials and the funds) to work in harmony with God’s perfect will for the program. (Rom 8:28,Phil 2:13) ....Declare that there will be positive responses and testimonies in all the campaigns and many will attend the program as a result of what they witnessed during the campaigns. (John 6:2) ....Pray for a wide spread of our publicity materials and information on the program through the activities of angels; that people who come in contact with them would be personally convinced to attend the program with or without human medium. (Acts 10:2-6, Acts 26:13-16) Participation Of Our Brethren ....Pray for maximum participation of all our brethren in every detailed activity leading to the success of the program. Declare that every member of the church is excited about bringing atleast 5 persons and they drive and achieve this with so much passion .....Declare that we do everything by the leading of the spirit, not by human instinct or familiarity syndrome, opening up our spirits to new and innovative ideas to achieve uncommon and remarkable results in every aspects of the program. (Rom 14:17-18) OUR SURROUNDING CATCHMENTS & WATERFRONTS – Hab. 2:14, Isa. 2:2, Col. 4:3, 2Cor. 4:3-4, Deut. 16:19 NIV ....Pray and declare that angels of salvation have gone ahead of us into all our catchments, and as we preach the gospel everywhere, the hearts of the people are opened to our message and we witness a massive harvest of souls into the Kingdom and our churches ....Pray against fear, violence, wickedness and all forms of injustice in our catchments. Pray that all malicious and antichrist policies, customs and laws crafted to hinder the gospel be voided and that the voices and influence of those who take positions against the Lord and His gospel be diminished. .....Declare peace, progress, stability and prosperity within our borders that the name of the Lord be glorified. Pray for political leaders, youth bodies and security agencies; that they are not used as instruments of coercion and intimidation, but to foster righteousness #Cephzone2 #NOBPHZ2

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Yes!!! It's the #SayIt1000TimesADayChallenge! ° In today's devotional, our Man of God taught us that 'WORD ARE THINGS'. So, what are you saying? Here's something you can say at least 1000 times today: 'I HAVE EXPONENTIAL MIRACLES!' ° We look forward to your testimonies! God bless you. ° #SayIt1000TimesADay #MyAffirmationMyExperience #THMNetworks #THMN #RaisingFinancialGiants #GodsAnswerToTheNeedForTrueLeaders

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The Haven Convention with The Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD, Wow, the Meeting started with such an incredible atmosphere of the Supernatural, The Haven Nation across the Globe came ready to receive all that God has in store for us Opening from the packed program outline was a Super Session by the Member of the Central Executive Committee Esteemed Evangelist Dr Eddie Owase. The Message tagged: YOU HAVE BEEN IN THIS LEVEL FOR TOO LONG IT'S TIME TO MOVE He shared some important things to note: See your spiritual realities - dont be a shadow of yourself - See realities about yourself Know the value of your calling The Haven Nation is called to be a solution in the body of Christ - An embodiment of answers to the world - A place of solace - God's power, grace, wisdom is expressed through The Haven Nation - Source of comfort Personal convictions and eternal motivations - conviction is an unshakable believe in something without any evidence or proof Have a warrior mentality - The Haven Nation cannot be fable - The Haven Nation don't wait for victory, you make victory - The Haven Nation don't accept no for an answer #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation

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The kingdom of God is winning; I am winning and the gate of hell shall not prevail against me...Pst Linda Okocha #Liftchallenge #Monthofuplifting

Date with Destiny!!! Our Set time. The Haven International Convention with Pastor Chris on 20/21 September 2019 Just 7 Days to Go!!!!!! #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation

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Happy birthday sir. I celebrate your unique personality to the body of Christ. I love you sir.

#coupleclassique #cephzone2 #cegarrison

What Have You learnt from the Ongoing ICLC in My City?? Let's get Your Comments Below👇👇👇 #Cephzone2Iclcinmycity

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God loves me unconditionally and I know it #CEPHzone2iclcinmycity #CEgarrisonchurch

Live!! CE Port Harcourt Zone 2 Pray-a-thon You can Participate live on pastorchrislive.org

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