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Thank you Esteemed Healing School Partners. #celz1rocks #healingschool

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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

THE POWER TO CHANGE NIGERIA IS IN OUR HANDS JOIN the global distribution of One Billion Copies in 1000 languages by being part of the distribution of 10 million copies in Nigeria on democracy day. Sponsor Today: 1. Through your Zones OR 2. rhapsodyofrealities.org/partner

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I am prospering in allthings. Lines are falling unto me in pleasant place and I have goodly heritage! #mydeclaration

I am seed of Abraham. His blessing rest in me. The world is my mine. I am heir of the Father and joint heir with Christ! #mydeclaration

'Four weapons that will never fail you' Mike Smalley 1.   Your confession- ✔Your mouth can move mountains ✔The mouth of the upright (not God) shall deliver you. ✔Life and death are in the power of the tongue 2.       Your seed of honour ✔When you sow honour in any environment (whether right or wrong) God hours you with a harvest. ✔When you honour god with your meditation he honours you with his revelation. ✔'Honour' in an environment brings you promotion. Prov 15 ✔Daniel and Joseph were promoted when they sowed the seed of honour ✔Anythime you allow your budget  determine your seed you have given satan the right over your harvest. 3.       Your faith  ✔Doubt sees the obstacles faith sees the way ✔Doubt refuses to take a step but faith soars high Heb 11…without faith it is impossible to please God  ✔Your faith unlocks divine provision and abundance ✔Your seed documents your trust in the lord ✔When you sow a seed wrapped in faith, your harvest is guaranteed. #YourLoveworld

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Cuties! #ronceshangisha #ceshangisha #springtime!

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BLW Nation Ushers, Shangisha join the Host of Heaven in Celebrating our amiable leader, Deaconess Magaret Effiok. We say Happy Birthday Ma

Happy birthday & Happy Anniversary dearest PSO! Thank u for all these glorious years serving d Lord together. Thank U precious Holy Spirit!!

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RON 90 Days of Prayer for Nigeria - Day 48 Let us Pray - for all Christians in Nigeria. 1 John 5:4

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Happy birthday Pastor Matth. Sir, BLW Ushers, Shangisha join Host of Heaven in Celebrating you on this day. #HBDPMAT09BLWUSHERS

Happy Birthday to our esteemed Pastor Matth. Express Group Ushers say thank you Sir for saying Yes to the calling. #HBDPMAT09BLWUSHERS


It is time to Recreate your world

Cell Ministry Day of Bliss - 1 day to go! Prayer Post for July 26th.

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Happy Birthday to a wealthy, spritual, singing, joyful, thriving, excellent, amiable Zonal Director. #PLA711, #Allforjesus

Indeed a powerful and devoted man of GOD. I love you Sir, our most agile ZD.Thank you for all that you do. #allforJESUS #PLA711 #ceshangisha

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The walking King Our Beloved PLA #birthdayweek #PLA11 #SaluteyouSir

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