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HAPPENNG NOW! The Highly Esteemed Rev. Tom Amienkhenan ministers in Christ Embassy Barking! A solemn instruction to prepare for the World Evangelism conference. A time of visitation for the United Kingdom As the Nations Gather for a programme that will change the World. It is happening in London by the election of grace!! Prepare maximally for this meeting that is ordained to change your life and ministry. #WECUKWITHPASTORCHRIS #WECUK2019 #UK2Z4MOST

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The Lord has done great things whereof we're glad. He filled our mouths with laughter. We praise His majestic, Holy and oh so beautiful Name. It's Thanksgiving and we're thankful for Abifoluwa Jody, Mololuwa Jefferey & Toluwani Jessie Olawoye. #olawoyetriplets #loveworldtriplets

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Wednesday Service with The Esteemed Zonal Pastor Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Emeka Eze. Wednesday 17th July, 2019. Psalm 37:1-11 All you have to do is to enjoy God, and all the things that people are struggling for will just be showing up in your life. It takes trusting God to commit your ways to him because if you don't trust God you want to run around by yourself, you want to help God, you want to be busy. Surround yourself with what you want, everybody has their world. Your mind is a force field, it's the door to your heart. It is what goes into your mind, that will filter into your heart. When you guard your heart, you are protecting your mind, the door of your heart is your mind, there are some things you should close your mind to so that those things will not enter your heart because it is out of what is in your heart that the issues of life arise. Your life is like a reflection of all that has been coming into your mind all these years. Are you building your life on the word or on worldly principles? There are seeds you sow, sow the word of God, sowing into your personality, sowing into your character, learning your skills, taking time to improve yourself. Never get tired of improving yourself because that's how you improve your value. You can increase your value and the demand upon you by improving yourself. Daniel was preferred because of excellence. SOWING FINANCIAL SEEDS - you have to be financially greater. Two things that gains respect in this world: People Power and Money Power. Luke 8:1-3 Your participation is part of what is causing the gospel to be preached. It's your participation and it's important. Luke 6:38 The quantity of seed has a lot to do with the harvest, the quantity of the seed has a lot to do with the harvest and the presence of the seed has everything to do with the harvest. If you follow the word of God, if you do what is written therein you will make your way prosperous. Always remember that: Your offerings control your income, Your tithe controls the devourer Your first fruit commands the blessings to rest in your house. Your partnership connects you with the grace in the ministry. Once you understand these financial principles and you start exploiting them, there's a level you start working with God and money comes to you. You can check your financial progress. Always say the right words, if you observe to do all that is written in the word of God you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success (Success that last and stand the test of time, it's built on the rock, on the word of God). When you grow financially it gives you a voice. Money gives you a voice, it gives you influence, and money is an amplifier of character. Money is ability and amplification. When God wants you to do bigger things he increases your grace. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 .... Your having is for a purpose so you can give, God has empowered us by his grace so that we can send the message of the gospel around the world. God bless you #lagoszone2

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A big Congratulations to our esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Louis Osademe on the conferment of Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Mission. Congratulations Sir

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#mediaactivist4christ Celebrating our Esteemed CGI Director. pastor Lanre Alabi ; Whatever reduces your commitment and availability to God is not from God. Thank you so much sir for those words of power and liberty 🗽. We love you deeply. #pla711 #pla #plathe4thman #cebeninzone1

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DID YOU KNOW? The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is a faith-based non-governmental, non-political organization under the direction of our visionary and legendary founder, the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome(DSc. DD.). The mission of the Foundation reflects the divine teachings and inspirational message of Pastor Chris and seeks to benefit the most vulnerable people and communities in some of the poorest countries and regions of the world COFI believes in supporting strong foundations of community by promoting good governance, accountable leadership and sustainable development in vulnerable nations of the world. COFI provides humanitarian aid and lifesaving relief to those in great need through its own initiatives and through the sponsorship of partner agencies and humanitarian networks including: Volunteer Medical Corps, Trauma Care International Foundation, InnerCity Mission for Children, Future Africa Leaders Foundation, Humanitarian Volunteer Network and the 'Bible-For-All' Mission. Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International fosters sustainable development and impact through its four thematic areas: Healthcare, Early Childhood Education & Development, Youth Leadership Development & Engagement, and Family Strengthening & Livelihood. Through kind actions, COFI’s donors and volunteers help to spread love and hope for a better future. Watch this space for more and how you can participate in the global mission of COFI! Follow us on kingschat: @COFI

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Happy birthday dear Pastor Lanre. Thank you for your passion and for being a true son of our Man of God. You have moved! From glory to glory! I love you dearly.

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30 Days Of Harvest Prayer Focus WEDNESDAYS PRAY FOR IMPACT OF 30DOH ON OUR CELL GROUPS, OUTREACHES & CHURCHES:  Declare that there is a harvest of souls into our cells, fellowship outreaches and Church this month as a direct impact of the 30 days of harvest. Affirm that, as the Lord adds to us daily, we will keep them by the power of the Holy Ghost, and none shall be lost. We shut every back down and proclaim that from henceforth, we have 100% retainership in Jesus Mighty Name. John 6:39(a):” And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing..." Pray for open and effectual doors for expansion and increased influence of the gospel in Churches in UK2Z4; our gospel and ministry influence will continue to grow and dominate religion and all forms of evil, as we shine, walk, and live ever so brightly as children of light. Hallelujah! Colossians 4:3 – Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ… Ephesians 5:8, “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:” #30DOHUK2Z4 #UK2Z4MOST #2019LIGHTS

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Glory to God


#prayingnow #unitedkingdom #prayingwithpastorchris #portsmouth

There is a law in everything to answer to the name of Jesus. #prayingnow #unitedkingdom

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Get Ready for a Night Of Music and Transformation By The Word at the UK2 Zone 4, Derizo Concert and Ultimate Choir Competition! Holding on Saturday 6th July at 4pm. At Christ Embassy Barking! Invite every one you know, and See you there!! #UK2Z4UCC #UK2Z4DERIZO #UK2Z4MOST

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Happy birthday to a wonderful guy, a masterpiece of God's workmanship and grace. Your progress is unstoppable and God's wisdom propels you to higher levels of achievement. Keep shining brighter as you lead and light up your world. Love you totally.

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Happy Father's Day Sir. I love you Sir.

Happy Fathers Day To Our Regional Pastor and Esteemed Secretary General, Loveworld Inc. Pastor Kayode Adesina! Thank you for constantly reminding us that the right thing is always the best thing to do in any situation. We love you Sir. #UK2Z4MOST

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Happy wedding anniversary to my Pastors. Thank you for been a great blessing to me and many around the world. Its glory to glory. Your lights shine ever so brightly, I LOVE YOU SIR & MA.

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