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PRAY FOR THE SICK  The Bible says,“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”(3 John 1:2) It’s God’s desire that men live in perfect health. Luke 5:12-13 declares: “And it came to pass, when he was in a certain city, behold a man full of leprosy: who seeing Jesus fell on his face, and besought him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.And he put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will: be thou clean. And immediately the leprosy departed from him” This was God’s will in manifestation.   Act 10:38 says, “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him”. Isaiah 33:24 (NIV) says, “No one living in Zion will say, "I am ill…”   For 15min at 12noon and 10pm (Local), and from 12noon GMT for the next 24 hours, in our various prayer groups, we’ll pray mostly in tongues, and also intercede fervidly for those who are sick, that they receive the good news of divine healing and health in Christ; God’s grace and mercy extended to them for quick recovery and perfection, as the healing power of Christ is manifested in their bodies. Pray specially for Christians experiencing various health challenges; that their faith be strengthened and the reality of divine health, which we have in Christ, would become their consciousness and vital experience. Declare that everywhere they are, they’re raised up healthy and strong, serving the Lord unhindered. Amen. Remember, we all pray at 12noon and 10pm (Local Time); if your group is scheduled to pray today, confirm the time and ensure you join in; and lastly, take at least an extra 15min daily, when you're not scheduled to pray by joining ongoing prayers @PastorChrisLiveTV, showing on the PastorChrisLive SuperUser Notification Banner on your KingsChat Timeline Page; or, on the @PastorChrisLiveTV located at the bottom of your KingsChat profile Page. You can also join at God bless you.

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Dear Pastor Sir, I often would say that when I get to Heaven, I will specifically ask Jesus to say THANK YOU to you for me & for us (the whole world). We all said YES to Jesus because you first did. I love you forever and a day more, Dad. #ThankYouPastorSir for #TheLifeOfARM

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DERIZO WORSHIP CONCERT Happening Now. #photospeaks #dwc #CELVZ

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Success in life comes from doing, not from seeing only. You too can participate in the Global Miracle Faith Seminar scheduled to hold on Saturday, 18th May at 12:00pm (GMT+2). Be a doer. Register TODAY! #MiracleFaithSeminar #GMFS2019

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DERIZO WORSHIP CONCERT Happening Now. #photospeaks #dwc #CELVZ

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DERIZO WORSHIP CONCERT Happening Now. #photospeaks #dwc #CELVZ

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Pastor himself was in #cecapetown today!!!! Kings, I am strengthened, established, empowered thank you @pastorchrislive for today!!!! #cesazone4

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She's Kinging personified. Unmoved by numbers and always willing and ready to take on more. She's my father's daughter and she teaches me God's Word. She's my Pastor. Happy Birthday MA. You are #dauntlessPYK I Love you specially

Happy Easter everyone!!! God bless you!

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Happy fabulous birthday to me. I am a testimony of God's grace and favour. A special Thank you to my man of God for the investment of the Word in my spirit. Thank you sir for your special love for me. It's a new level and I'm shining forth the Light of the glorious Gospel.

TPOYM -MY INSPIRATION FOR MY UPCOMING BOOK SERIES SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO SOUND MENTAL HEALTH- Our Culture, Our Values.....TPOYM /TSMS VOL 1 AND 2 Some time ago our son used his left hand to give his Dad something, then I chided him," Why are you doing that? You mustn't use your left hand to give an elder anything, always use your right hand". My son looked up at me frowning, puzzled and in apparent confusion took another good look at his left and right hands. Then he looked up at me and said, "But Mom they are my hands. What difference does it make if I use my left or right hand to give my Dad something"? At that moment in time, I searched in my heart for every scripture to back this "thing" I was trying to communicate to our boy and I came up with zilch!! No scriptural backing about not using your left hand to give elders something. Suddenly I realised that I was inadvertently transferring to our child, an age old African tradition that was handed to me by my own forebears. At the time the scripture I could find in my heart was that " we are fearfully and wonderfully made", "lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubting", "whatever we put forth our hands to do would prosper"....I felt so bad, realizing that as far as God was concerned whether it was your left or right hand, they were both blessed, sanctified & holified; that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit....I apologised to my son and said "Both hands are holy and blessed". Because of the things I had been taught (African Traditions-stuff like when someone died all the mirrors in the home must be covered else..., you don't whistle in the night time else...You don't walk with your back, backwards only dead people did that etc etc etc. Pastor in TPOYM said that " The information we receive can produce faith or fear in us; can generate weakness or strength. Both Faith and Fear exist as a result of information". These things taught to us in our childhood had now become my reality or fear or taboo etc and now here I was transferring it to my son....the fear files were unleashed and manifested the frightful communication of fear. Like I said I apologised to my son, realising what I was doing. Sometimes because of our love for our Children we say things like "Don't do this because of this; Don't say this because of this etc But what is the real underlying thought that we are communicating to them? We must be wise and careful to not communicate fear to our children but communicate life, peace, health, strength, courage and boldness to them always. Wow!  I thank God for TPOYM while reading pages 32-38 these are my to share yours?😂😆 PS: Quite liberating as well for those who are left handed too! It's amazing the man-made traditions didn't forsee that some things would change with the future. Today there folks that are left-handed and ambidextrous and function effectively living their life like this and should continue to do so without unscriptural prejudice to their lifestyle. The scriptures have been divinely orchestrated way ahead of time and so God calls our hands holy, blessed and prospered...."lifting up holy hands", "whatsoever you put forth your hands to do prospers", "with our hands lifted high"...."we will bless thee o Lord"! #tpoym #tsmsvols1and2 #lightsptadgoldenjubilee #2000kidsbacktoschoolattheinnercitymission

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Excerpts from the 1st healing service. When the man of God laid hands on me, it was game over. Read the full report here:

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FREE FROM DYSPHAGIA When the man of God laid hands on me, it was game over. Read the full report here👇👇👇👇

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PRAY FOR THE 1ST HEALING SERVICE OF THE 2019 AUTUMN SESSION. Today Sunday 24th March is the 1st Healing Service of the ongoing Autumn Session. Our dear man of God, Pastor Chris will be ministering in the power of the Spirit to the sick who have come needing a miracle in their bodies. Pray, thanking the Lord for the demonstration of the Spirit in healings and miracles through the hands of our man of God. Declare that every student will receive that impartation of the Spirit and their expectations will be surpassed in Jesus name. 1 Corinthians 2:4 Proverbs 23:18 It's a day of great rejoicing! Hallelujah!

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THE 1ST HEALING SERVICE HAS COMMENCED! The first healing service of the 2019 Autumn Session has commenced. It’s a season of divine healing and health; the set time for supernatural intervention in the lives of thousands who have come needing a miracle in their bodies.  Present also in the auditorium today are distinguished ministers of the gospel and partners, full of great expectations for the demonstration of the Spirit that will be manifested. For the sick, diseased and infirm, hopes will come alive, burdens will be lifted and tears will be wiped away. Indeed, this is the morning of their lives! Stay tuned for updates from the 1st Healing Service.

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PROFOUND WORSHIP AND EARNEST PRAYERS AT THE ONGOING HEALING SERVICE The healing service continues to unfold in glory, taking attendees to greater heights. Through moments of fervent intercession and rapturous worship, thousands are ushered into an atmosphere of miracles where hopeless situations will be altered. There’s an outpouring of God’s unfailing love and compassion is stirred in the hearts of the congregants whose hands are lifted in praise to the God that cleanses, heals and restores. Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place! More updates to come from the 1st Healing Service.

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“WHEN THE MAN OF GOD LAID HANDS ON ME, IT WAS GAME OVER!” -          Past students narrate their faith – stirring accounts at the service Every session brings the priceless opportunity to hear first- hand, the inspiring testimonies of past students; a ncessary catalyst for faith in the students awaiting their miracles.  These testimonies prove beyond measure the extraordinary love of God, manifested through the changes they have experienced in their lives. Takudzwa Karimazondo took the stage to share his account of healing from Diabetes Mellitus type 1; a condition that made life difficult for him as a young adult. “I came to the Healing School because I knew God has plans for me and He didn’t bring me to the universe to live a life of sickness. When the man of God laid hands on me, it was game over!” he exclaimed joyously. In 2003, Leutlwetse Matlhoame was diagnosed of dysphagia. Today he is healed and completely whole from the discomfort that had plagued him. For twelve long years, 32-year-old Ajithra suffered from multiple spinal cord disorders secondary to seizures that left her confined to a wheel chair. Her story became different when she had an encounter with the man of God.  “As I looked at the man of God, my whole being surrendered to the power of God for healing. Immediately I felt great joy, " Ajithra said. Alice Boyer, a 23-year-old lady suffered from spiritual attacks characterized by strange feelings, nightmares, anorexia nervosa, and insomnia. Life became unbearable for her. “My life was unpleasant and I just wanted to die. The day came when the man of God, Pastor Chris ministered to her and life took on a whole new meaning for her." Hallelujah! As a result of cerebral syndrome, Annah Chigwa became irritable, unable to walk and sleep normally. Today, Annah is full of praise to God. “My testimony indicates that Jesus is alive; that I live above sickness. Now, I’m at peace with myself. I can sleep normally and my life keeps moving from glory to glory,” Anna enthused. Surely, the Word works and nothing is impossible with God!  These testimonies have stirred great faith for the avalanche of the miraculous that would ensue in the following moments of the service, when the man of God begins to minister to the sick.  Stay with us for more updates from the 1st healing service. 

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The 1st Healing Service of the 2019 Autumn Session has commenced. It's a day of miracles, signs and wonders. Be a part of it by giving today. Visit

Happy birthday Pastor Ekele sir, we love you. #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZA5 #TheFavouredHaven

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Happy birthday sir. You're a dispensation of greater glory for the Haven Nation. Thank you for being a great arrow in the hands of the Man of God Pastor Chris. I love you forever sir #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZA5 #TheFavouredHaven #TheGoverningCareGroup #TGC

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