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Happy birthday Aunty you loads

Happy birthday Ore mi Love you dearly

Who will be the ultimate Celebrity Chef 2016? Team details coming to you soon! Please 'Like, Comment & Share'. #celebritychef

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Thank You Faithful God For This Heavenly Gift...For unto us a SON is born, His Name Shall Be Called #PraiseRich. #BishopChikancy

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HWA to my dear family members... Of the increase of God's grace and goodness in your home, there shall be no end. Love you guys.

Happy birthday dearest Pst Tosin, thank you for being so sweet and helpful. Love you dearly....

Happy birthday dearest ore, thankful to God for knowing you and serving the Lord together since our Royalties days. I love you dearly ore.

Happy Birthday Ma..... Love you dearly....

My father my father...what a night we had at LIMA!!..pastor Chris is the best pastor in the world!!!Again God all by Himself did it again.

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HBD dear Ono.Thanks for your commitment and dedication. I remember when you first came. Now you're best cameraman🏆;husband👫, dad👼👼👼 💖U

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HBD Brodie a joy to see fellow labourers serving in the ministry since our royalties days. Thanks for the friendship. Love u

Happy birthday dearest Sis Agatha. Thank you for all that you do for us and the choir. love you dearly... Keeping walking in God's grace.

Happy birthday Sir, thank sir for your words so precious. love you Sir

Happy birthday dearest Aunty Bims, love you dearly...kizzes.. lol...

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Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Was On The Verge Of Suicide Until A Christian Friend Stepped In. Michael Phelps recently beat a 2,168-year-old Olympic record for individual event successes. When the American swimmer won the Olympic 200 metres individual medley at the Rio Olympics, he overtook the record of 12 successes set by Leonidas of Rhodes in the original Greek Games in 152 BC. But all this may not have been.... Michael Phelps became a household name when his God-given athletic talents landed him on the US Olympics swim team. He not only succeeded, he excelled. Over the years, he became the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with 22 medals, 18 of which were gold for swimming! But all too often, fame brings along its own share of intense struggles. And Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was no exception. “I was a train wreck. I was like a time bomb, waiting to go off. I had no self-esteem, no self worth. There were times where I didn’t want to be here. It was not good. I felt lost,” he explained  From there, things spiraled out of control fast. Despite the many accolades, Michael was plagued by substance abuse and depression. And soon, the results of reckless lifestyle made for shocking headlines across tabloid covers all over the globe. With his sins so incredibly public, Satan’s lies took root. “This is the end of my life… How many times will I mess up? Maybe the world would be better without me” he thought to himself. Michael stopped eating. He couldn’t sleep. He holed up in his bedroom at home in Baltimore and seriously contemplated suicide. It could have been the end. But God was not done with Michael yet! When Michael hit rock bottom, his good friend, NFL star Ray Lewis, stepped in. Ray is an outspoken Christian and pushed Michael to get the help he needed in rehab. Ray gave Michael the encouragement his broken friend so desperately needed,saying: “This is when we fight. This is when real character shows up. Don’t shut down. If you shut down we all lose.” The words struck a chord with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. And as he headed into treatment, Ray gave him a special gift, his own copy of "The purpose driven life". That Christian book had a profound impact on Michael. “Man this book is crazy! The thing that’s going on…oh my gosh…my brain, I can’t thank you freaking enough, man. You saved my life,” he gushed to Ray. Once Michael had opened the door for God, the restoration process began. After reading the book, Michael told ESPN Magazine he realized there was a purpose for him on this planet. He finally believes in a power greater than himself From there, everything changed for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps but it was the change within that just couldn’t be ignored. “I’m the most skeptical person ever,” Michael’s long-time swim coach, Bob Bowman says. The pair have had an explosive relationship from day one. Their fights are legendary, but even Bob couldn’t deny the change he saw in Michael. “I don’t believe any of that ‘He’ll never change, he’s always going to be that way.’ But he was completely different in a way I never imagined. He was honest, engaged. I left there that day thinking maybe there’s a chance this would help him.” Michael made a complete U-turn and in Rio, he took his Olympic tally to a staggering 28 medals - he also won three silvers and two bronze. These feat has everyone buzzing that Michael Phelps may just be the greatest olympian ever.   We are reminded that all this wouldn't have been possible without his Christian friend reaching out to him in Love.  Kindly use the icons below to comment, like and share.  Reach out to someone in LOVE today, bring them to KOBIS and share the Word of God with them over a meal of our tasty delicious YAMATUSHI that's just N500 only. Call us to deliver or come over. 08127138071 (Apapa store) 08127138046 (Oregun Road store),  08026595498 (Isaac John store) 19, Kudirat Abiola, Oregun, Ikeja  23 Isaac John Street GRA Ikeja, Apapa Mall, Park Lane Apapa Lagos. KOBIS - ALWAYS FRESH 

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Happy birthday dear Ashley, of the increase of God's grace in your life, there shall be no end. love you.

Happy birthday to one and only God given Best I love you dearly, thanks for bin my Blessing Idio... lol. God Bless you..

Happy birthday Ma, I love and appreciate you dearly. Thankful for your investment....

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