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Customized Events Souvenirs are amongst my strongest suits. Just finished off delivering 100 copies of this #notepads to a benevolent Client. That special #event of yours deserves a special touch too; i can help arrange some for you. DM me here or Call: +2349058001546

That's our Pastor, our Mentor & Zonal Director, the highly Esteemed Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe (@pfo) Thank you, Sir, for your shinning leadership, by which we continually attain lofty heights in spreading God's Word via our Messenger Angel, #ROR, globally. #Rhapathon #CEOrile1

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Are you an #event planner/organizer in need of professional-looking Graphic Designs, Flyers, Brochures or Large-format Banners to promote your events? I can be of help, let's talk! Call/WhatsApp: +2349058001546 Portfolio:

A GLOWING THANK YOU... I'm forever grateful to you, Lord, for your love for me. You’re my heart’s desire and delight. To my Pastor, father, mentor, and life-coach, thank you so much for beautifying my life. It's such a great privilege and honour to be known of you and to serve you Sir. Thank you for the words of prayer and blessing. To the esteemed CEC members, thank you Sirs, for your precious words of prayer; they made the celebration extra special. The members of the DSP and Zonal Pastors, thank you for the outpouring of love; it was overwhelming and deeply grateful to God I'm in the best team. To all our distinguished Pastors and Ministry staff members, thank you for your lovely greetings and kind words. I am delighted to be working with such amazing people. My dearly beloved LoveWorld Nation, thank you for celebrating me on my birthday. I appreciate your kind words and prayers. May your light shine ever so brightly this year, as we strive together for the cause of the Gospel. I love you dearly! 💖💖💖

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PASTOR DUPE ISESELE - ED, PARALLEX BANK The Chairman and members of the Board, Parallex Bank celebrating the esteemed Executive Director, Pastor Dupe Isesele.

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If you had a daughter as charmingly beautiful as mine; Ever radiant in her sunny smile, what would you do for her on her nineteenth? I could pluck the moon for her! OLA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Happy birthday 'Helpful Charlyn' You're so sweet and thoughtful. I'm sure you've noticed how my face lights up whenever I see you. Have a beautiful new year showing the love and grace of the Lord to others. I love you

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On this occasion of my birthday dearest dad, I want to thank you for giving my life a meaning. I love and appreciate you greatly. #bestdadintheworld #ilovemypastor #youaremyadvantage.

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Happy Birthday, Pastor Dupe Today is your day, The Host of Heaven celebrate and rejoice I am glad and excited that we can celebrate today I love you dearly

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HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to our Zonal Director & Group Pastor, the Highly Esteemed Pastors Femi & Biola Otenigbagbe! Our hearts overflow with joy, as we celebrate the blessedness of your UNION, thanking God for its impact upon our lives. We love you, dearly! #CEOrile1 #CELZ3

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The beautiful city of #Lagos is agog with excitements, with many faces of folks in town brimming with smiles as they eagerly anticipate the glories & blessings to occur via/by the NIGHT OF BLISS MUSHIN with the man of God, Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe. Our God is gracious! #NOBMushin

DID YOU KNOW... that In the comfort of your home, work place, anywhere, on your device, you can visit the #InnerCityMission facility or come along with us to an inner-city community without being there physically? Let us introduce to you- THE INNERCITY MISSION 360 VIRTUAL TOUR. A brand new feature on our website which gives you our partners and viewers a rare opportunity to visit the InnnerCity Mission facility, virtually. Click ➡ For a virtual tour experience!!! #everychildisyourchild #endchildpovertynow

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#AboutAchimota Achimota, in the Ga language, means ‘speak no name’.  The name is said to have arisen from the fact that escaped slaves hid in this former waste place, and passers-by who saw them were considered ill-conditioned if they gave them away. #CeAccraGhanaZone #NOBAchimota

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to the Esteemed Pastor Obi & Pastor Toks Umeasiegbu! Thank you for the lives you have touched and many you have raised, in the furtherance of our gospel and vision for unstoppable Church Growth. We love you! #CGI

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INSIGHT FOR LIFE & MINISTRY “There’s always a miracle—a testimony—for the one who acts on the Word. Always speak and act in consonance with the Word, and God’s power will overwhelm you and enable you to lay hold on the results that you desire,” - Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc., D.D.   #ism #PastorChris #WEC2019

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Happening Now! Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe inspires thousands of students present at the GYLF High School Conference Lagos to make definite step to make progress in their lives from today. #GYLFLAGOS #GYLF

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RHAPATHON 2019!!!!!! In a few days, destinies will be changed as we are ushered into a glorious assembly of God's children in spreading the messenger angel. Don't be left out

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IT HAS FINALLY COME!!!! The High School Conference

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CE AGUDA ONLINE SERVICE Wednesday service in CE Aguda was a blast as the segments were not only enlightening but also inspiring. 3 different segments were seen: 1. The introduction of the Rhapathon taking place in the zone from May 12 to May 19, 2. The High School Conference with the GYLF & Teens Ministry holding today as the indoor sports hall of the Natoonal Stadium 3. The discourse on the Message for the Month as given by our Man of God: Rev Chris Oyakhilome - OUR MONTH OF LEADERSHIP. In the course of the meeting, a wonderful report came in of a Man receiving his healing all the way from the United States just by watching the service. Glory to God!!!!!!!!!! It was indeed a glorious service. See pictures.

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