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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pst Osayi, full of the Spirit and of grace. I celebrate you today M.O.G. Glorious things are spoken of you as you have entered a new level of glory. Great Grace is your story in this new age. There shall be no end to your multiplied increase. Much Love...

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HBD Pastor Osayi It’s a joy to celebrate you with the Heavenly host. Thank you for all you do in CE UK Zone1. You’re a true blessing and a marvel. I thank God for your unique personality, calm, patience and above all your reverence of God. Ur story is from glory to glory. HBD 🎉

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Happy Birthday MOG. You are a star among stars and a wonder in this generation. God's Grace, Glory and Honour is yours to enjoy in increasing measure; Have a Splendorous year; In Jesus Christ Name; Amen!!! Thank you for being a Blessing to us all. Hope you enjoyed your day.

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Special Birthday Greetings to you Esteemed Pastor Osayi. It's a season of multiplication for you and ministry. Thank you for your labour of love and work of faith, the Lord is your great reward. You are highly appreciated & I love you specially.

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Happy birthday Pastor Osayi!🥳🥳🥳🥳 💷💷🥳🥳Thank you for all you do in the Zone and in ministry. You are a blessing to all of us. 🥳🥳🌟🌟🌟🌟 Love from UKZ1!

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Happy Supernatural Shinning birthday to you dear Esteemed Pastor Osayi. I thank God for your life Sir.Thank you for the many lives you are impacting with the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Of your increase and peace with prosperity, there shall be no end. God bless you richly Sir.

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Happy birthday my dear husband, man of God and friend. I celebrate you today with pride and joy. You are a special gift to me from God.Your passion for the Lord is so evident and unquestionable.Thanks for making an impact in our lives, being different.I love you dearly.😙😙😙😙😙

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HBD to you MOG. U have slayed Goliath & his brothers. Now is time to eat the spoils. This is just the beginning. New areas to conquer in this new year. Increase grace and glory. No one will see it coming but all has been revealed to you by Spirit. I luv u dearly😊

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BIRTHDAY THANKSGIVING Join me to thank God & celebrate my awesome & precious Pastor Osayi. Sir, angels celebrate you. There's a resounding celebration in heaven today. Well done sir. Your excellence & passion for Christ reflects in all that you do. Happy birthday. #CEB #UKR2Z1

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WHAT A SHEPHERD!!! Holy Spirit, I thank You for this shepherd You appointed for me. The day You called him into office, You had me in mind. Nobody knows me like You do LORD & You gave me a shepherd who's patient enough to see Your best radiate through me. #CEBROMLEY #UKR2Z1

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR OSAYI Join me to celebrate my awesome & precious shepherd; a man of the Spirit, God's kid. Today I celebrate abundant grace & favor of God,unshakeable commitment, in-depth devotion & intimate relationship with the Holy Ghost. We love you sir. #CEB #UKR2Z1

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Happy Birthday dear Sis Abi, You're such an epitome of excellence, a passionate soulwinner, you are blessing and a source of inspiration. It's a year of Glory, multiplication and expansion for you. Thanks for all you do to move the work forward. You're greatly appreciated

Happy birthday My Pastor. Father of fathers. I rejoice in celebrating you today. You make my birthday so special just because it's your own birthday too! Thank you for giving my life a meaning and teaching me the word of God.You make ministry enjoyable I love you Sir. #myluminary

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, Thank you for bringing the realities of divinity into my reality. I'm a wonder because you said YES to the Lord. There shall be no end to your increase and expansion. I Love You Sir #CEBROMLEY #UKZ1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER TOLU Today I celebrate my precious and mighty woman of God who works relentlessly day and night for the Kingdom. Thank you so much for always having and taking out time the time to give attention to everyone and everything. I love you so much #CEBROMLEY

Catherine Richards profile on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Sister Tolu.Thanks for being God's hand. Our lives are not the same as you have taught us to love and live for God as you do.You are God's battle axe and your strength never wanes.You prolong His generation and your tomorrow is greater than your yesterday.

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Happy Birthday Darling, Thanks for the special blessings you bring to my life and that of the Children,it's a glorious year for you, walking in the fulfilment of all the Lord has spoken concerning you. I Love you dearly

Happy Birthday Deacon Peter, You're a blessing to us in the Zone and an inspiration. Thank you for living a life of excellence. The great levels of Glory the Lord has planned for you, is already your reality. It's a sweet year of peace and unending increase and promotion.

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