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Precious Father, I thank you for the honour and privilege to fulfil destiny in serving as a faithful steward and minister of your Gospel of grace. I do all things as unto you, producing outstanding results for your glory, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.*

Blessed be God! Its my month of recovery! I am empowered to recover all. I am up n alive; fruitful and productive by the power of the Holy Spirit.Christ is my completeness! I walking in divine health, absolute prosperity, unending success, abundant joy, and indescribable peace.

Dear Heavenly Father, my life is the expression of Your glory, grace, perfection, beauty, and righteousness. The excellence and virtues of divinity are manifested in, and through me in ever-increasing splendour! I am continually transfigured from glory to glory, by the Spirit.

Blessed Heavenly Father, how wonderful it is to be filled with Your fullness and receive of Your ability, wisdom, grace, power, and strength! Thank You for the awesome privilege of having the Holy Spirit live in me; He’s the glory of my life,

Blessed Father, you’re gracious and kind! From the depth of my heart, I’m grateful for your grace, mercy, wisdom and power by which I live triumphantly today, prospering in all that I do, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.*

Glory To God! August is our month of recovery. #Overtaking and recovering all. #Happy Sunday

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word, which causes Your glory to shine forth with much intensity in my life, I experience victory, divine health, and blessings! My life is an expression of Your supernatural grace, glory, perfection, beauty, and righteousness.

The Lord has set me on high; glory n honour are in His presence; strength n gladness are more His dwelling.D lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, have a goodly heritage walking in God's abundant grace in Christ!I'm like a tree planted by d waterside,with evergreen leaves

Dear Heavenly Father, You’re magnified in my life, nYour glory has increased in my life. Thank You for an outstanding m productivity, n for ur grace dt is piloting me into the great future u have 4 me. d full blessings of my oneness with U, manifesting ur glory, beauty, n wisdom

Dear Father, thank You for Your Word is a light unto me. I rejoice exceedingly today knowing dt You’ve given me “d blessing, n endowed with all I need for life and godliness through Christ Jesus.Thank You 4 ur immeasurable gift of grace, n 4 commanding ur blessing upon me forever

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank u for d power of ur good n eternal Word that work in me today, havi embraced it as d more sure Word of prophecy—to live by, n build my life. My mind is flooded with d light of ur Word n I only see pictures of excellence,success,victory, n abundance

Dear Lord, we are Grateful to you for all you have done for us

Thank you Lord Jesus. Grateful heart with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory. #Heaping grace upon Grace

Thank you Lord Jesus! #Grateful heart with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory. #Heaping Grace upon Grace

Thank you Lord Jesus

The Lord has done great nwondrous things in my life! My heart is filled with joy unspeakable n full of glory n rejoices in His goodness, for He has filled my mouth with laughter n songs of praise.Wisdom guides me.I'm set on the path of success, glory, victory, n divine destiny

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the presence of Your Holy Spirit in my life today.I thank You Lord for by Your instructions through the Word, n ministry of the Holy Spirit, I thank You for granting me supernatural insight, wisdom, n knowledge; I deal n speak wisely always.

Thank You for giving me Your Word to live by.I affirm the Lordship,majesty,honour,and glory of Christ over everything that concerns me: my health,academics,family, finances,and ministry. Therefore,I experience continuous victories, absolute peace,joy, prosperity,n divine health

I walk in the paths prearranged for me by God. I am fulfilling His perfect will and living out my destiny in Him. God’s inherent ability is in me to prosper in all that I do.

Dear Heavenly Father,my path is as a shining light dtshines brighter n brighter unto d perfect day.I carry His divine presence n His influence.I'm filled with d fullness of God! D Word of God in my spirit produces wealth,prosperity n success, anytime, anywhere in Jesus' Name.Amen

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