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I thank God 4 d blessing of His Word n d wisdom it imparts to me.I live a life of total joy n fulfillment in Christ.I’m sound in my mind, excellent in my body, full of radiant life, n aglow in my spirit.I walk in the glory of God,manifesting d righteousness n perfection of Christ

Thank you Lord for perfecting all that concerns me and my family

Glory To God

Christ is my light, my wisdom, and my strength. I’m walking in, and fulfiling God’s perfect will for my life, established in the path of greatness and excellence forever, in Jesus’ Name. Amen._

Dear HeavenlyFather,Thank U for U supply my every need according to ur riches in glory in Christ Jesus.U’re my source;wealth n honour come from U alone.Ur divine power hs given me everything I require for life n godliness.I'm plugged in2 a nonstopsupply system,in Jesus’Name.Amen

Dear heavenly Father,I thank U 4 d Word of God is my life n sustenance n has made me fruitful in every goodwork.I live in divineHealth, supernaturalAbundance, n in continualVictory n prosperity.D power of d HolySpirit working in me, in Jesus Name.Amen. #Happy New Month of March

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Dear Heavenly Father, I thank U4 d glorious life in ChristJesus.Thank U 4 d presenceof urSpirit in mylife.I walk in greater blessings, healings,prosperity,n power.I'm excellent,righteous,healthy,n aglowin dSpirit n expressing d perfectionsofGod in all dt Ido, in Jesus’Name.Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,I thank U 4 granting me d wisdom,power, n ability 2 make wealth.U’ve divinely enabled me 2 walk in Prosperity, Greatness,Health,Success,nvictory.I’m like a tree byd stream,prospering in everything.I thank U4d power in d NameofJesus 2 live higher life of glory

Glory To God! From Glory To Glory God is taking me. # Increase Grace.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for 2 Word of Your grace which builds me up n fills my heart with divine treasures,I bring forth fruit unto righteousness. my heart is imparted with spiritual gifts n equipped to do great exploits thru the Gospel of Christ. I radiate Your glory

Dear Heavenly Father,Thank You for Your grace that is piloting me into great future You have for me,I’ve also become d conveyor n dispenser of Your righteousness, mercy, goodness, n grace.I bask in d full blessings of my oneness with You, manifesting Your glory, beauty, n wisdom

Glory To God ! February is the month of More grace. The Lord has released more grace upon us. We are heaping grace upon grace. Happy Month of More grace

Happy Birthday To my lovely Husband. From Glory To Glory God is taking you. Of your increase, prosperity and Progress, there shall be no end. Its a new year of Supernatural Blessings and great testimonies for you.More Grace. Congratulations from our kids and I. We love you dearly

Dear Father, I thank You, for You’ve made my life beautiful, n made me excellent all the way. You’re glorified in n through me today, by my progress n success. Thank You for making me the epitome of Your righteousness, n vent for Your glory,Jesus’ Name.Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for guiding me in the path of life n way of wisdom, supernatural success n permanent prosperity, inspired always by the Holy Spirit to produce excellence.The power of God’s Spirit is activated in my life! I flourish daily in Jesus’ Name.Amen.

Thank you, Father, for the victorious life. I thank You for making me d unveiling of Christ’s righteousness n the expression of His life n glory.In d Name of Jesus, I declare dt I will fulfill d Father’s will, dream, vision, desire, n plan for my life, bringing Him honor always.

Dear Heavenly Father, I Thank u dear Father, 4 u liberally supply my every need according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. You’re my source; wealth n honour come from U alone, ur divine power has given me everything I require for life n godliness in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank u 4 bringing me into a place of glorious rest in Christ Jesus.I’m conscious of d supernatural life of God that’s in my spirit.I live out d transcendent life of greatness, excellence, n success inherent in my spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Dear Father, thank U 4 ur Word dt’s at work in me.I declare dt d grace of d Lord Jesus Christ, n love of God,n d communion of d Holy Spirit, is with me always.I am an heir according to the promise and a joint-heir with Christ.I belong in God’s superior class of divine beings.

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