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Blessed Lord Jesus, u’re my life, n my all; d very air dt I lover n best friend.Thank u 4 ur wisdom dt guides me, n ur grace dt is superabundant upon me.Thank u 4 d excellent life dt l've in Christ! Christ is d embodiment of all wisdom n knowledge, n He lives in me

Thanks be unto God who has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ! I've a life of glory n success, n I win everyday.My spiritual eyes r enlightened to recognize n apprehend d great riches of God’s glorious inheritance in me.I'm perfected in Christ.

Blessed Jesus, U’re my everything; n 2 U alone be all glory,honour, n praise 4evermore.My life is 4 d glory of God.My speech is modeled in line with God’s thoughts n direction 4 my life.I declare dt prosperity,victory,success,growth n financial abundance r d hallmarks of my life

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your grace, Your love, and the fellowship of d Holy Spirit! I live in ever-increasing glory, grace,n victory! I rejoice greatly today. I am properly positioned to experience greater and mighty move of d Spirit daily in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,Thank U4 perfecting all dt concerns me, n guiding me in d path of success,victory n increased productivity n 4 d anointing of d HolySpirit in my life.Thru d Word,I see my future,greatness n prosperity which God has ordained 2 b my daily experience in Christ


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank u 4 d joy of being filled with the Holy Spirit n divinely transported into the higher realms of life, Your wisdom is at work in me, I belong in God’s Kingdom, where I enjoy d full blessings n privileges of my kingdom inheritance, in Jesus' Name.Amen!

Blessed be God! I have Joy unspeakable and full of Glory! The Lord has perfected all that concerns me. #Happy Sunday

Glory To God! I belong in a special class of divine beings—“the Christ-in-me species!” This is my assurance of a life of continuous triumph n eternal glory.The power, beauty n excellence of divinity are resident in my spirit.I manifest d life n glory of Christ. Hallelujah!

Lord, U're my delight! Thank U 4 d blessing of ur Word n d impact of ur divine presence in my life.I grow in grace n in d knowledge of my LordJesus Christ.Excellence,Completeness,Glory, virtue,n success r in my life, bcos d grace of God is superabundant upon me,in JesusName.Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank u 4 thru ur Word,wisdom is granted me 2 functn excellently, n I live a fruitful life in righteousness.I've been granted grace, wisdom.I've an excellent mind.Christ is my wisdom.I initiat success,victory, n prosperity from within, in Jesus'Name. Amen

Me, my Family and God are the eternal winning team.

Christ is my life n my Everything. I am a God-carrying vessel. Me, my family n God are the eternal winning team. Hallelujah! I’m full of God! I’m strong, sound, full of His love, wisdom n divine essence.I'm fruitful n Productive. My life is full of grace. Hallelujah! #Perfection

Dear Father,thank u 4 granting me an excellent spirit dt is full of d eternal deposits of ur goodness,graces, perfections,n beauty.I'm living d God-life 2 d full, growing in grace,n increasing in wisdom n I live in God’sWord,guided by divineWisdom 2 fulfil God’s perfect will 4me

Wow! What an Awesome Time in church we had with JoePraise today during the celebration of Our Pastor's Birthday ( Pastor Marilyn). We love u Pastor ma #Joy overflow in my Heart

Thank you Lord for perfecting all that concerns us. Our life is an expression of God’s perfections and glory. #Perfection

Glory to God! I have the mind of Christ; der4, d perfection of the Spirit works in me, 4 He’s called me to glory n excellence! I’m perfect n flawless, lacking nothing, bcos as He is, so am I in ds world.I’m complete in Christ My life is an expression of God’s perfections n glory

Dear heavenly Father, thank U 4 D outworking of ur grace in my life, which causes me 2 grow n manifest d beauty, character n blessings of ur Spirit.I recognize ur superabundant grace on my life,resulting in favours,promotions, increase,advantage n blessings, in Jesus’Name.Amen

Glory To God! I have Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

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