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Pastor is an intercessor, I have learned to care more about people from you sir... thank you.. Happy birthday sir!!! #CEOTTAWA #InfluentialPJK #May10 #nameofcell

It’s my Pastor’s birthday!! No long story cause you already know. 1. His shoes must bling and always on point 2. Once he fluff his Jacket just know...😆 3. One question he’ll always ask you, “How much are you giving for partnership?” I love you pastor!! #InfluentialPJK #GlobalPJK

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Happy birthday pastor Joseph!!! Thank you for being a great pastor and father to me and the entire Ottawa church. I pray that you only walk in the path prepared of God for you in Jesus name. I love you sir. #CEOTTAWA #InfluentialPJK #May10 #nameofcell

CELEBRATING SIS VANESSA ALONGE Happy Birthday dear Sis. Vanessa. The Lord cause you to continually walk in preordained paths as you exhaustively fulfil His plans and purpose for your life. We love you dearly. #Cecanada #CeOttawa #MusicMinistry #CreativeArts #CampusMinistry #CarletonU

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CELEBRATING SIS. STEPHANIE ALONGE .Happy Birthday dear Sis. Stephanie. Great doors of opportunities and blessings has the Lord opened to you as He perfects all your concerns. Have a year filled with testimonies of God’s love, We love and celebrate you. #Cecanada #CeOttawa #MusicMinistry #CampusMinistry #CarletonU

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Happy Birthday Bro. Tolu. The Lord has abounded towards you in grace, and His glory is increased in you life. Continue to shine. We love you! #CeOttawa #CampusMinistry #ChildrensMinistry

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Happy Birthday Dear Sis Onose. You are a blessing and a plus to our work in ministry, shining ever so brightly. Thank you for your commitments in ministry and dedicated service in church. In this year of Preparation, You will do exceedingly well and make remarkable impacts. May the Lord increase your grace and fruits of righteousness. I love you.

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Happy Birthday Ma Caro. Tu es perle de grand prix. Merci pour tout ce que tu fais. The Lord bless you, increase and multiply your influence. Thank you again and again for being so amazing. We celebrate you today and always.🤗 #CEOTTAWA #CECANADA #birthdaycelebration

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Congratulations to the latest couple in town.. Your union is blessed and fruitful. Through you many families on the earth will be blessed @san_dra @iyketwum 😍😍

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🇨🇦CELEBRATING A SPECIAL GIFT TO US🇨🇦PART 2 Happy birthday Sir!!! #cecanada #ceottawa #offer7

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🇨🇦CELEBRATING A SPECIAL GIFT TO US🇨🇦 PART 1 Happy birthday Sir!!! #cecanada #ceottawa #offer7

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Happy birthday!!! Celebrating you as you are a special gem. I pray that your heart desires are granted with speed and that you are walking in the path predestined for you by God. You and your family are blessed in Jesus name @superstar1

I am a book. I am a book that is on every all time bestsellers list worldwide. I've been read by millions of people worldwide over the past years and I've impacted the life of every one person that has ever read me. And has heard me or heard of me and has watched me because I'm not only a written book. I'm also an audiobook and a video. No. I'm not referring to Rhapsody of Realities. I'm referring to me: Pastor TT Edun. However, I can't take credit for myself. The credit must go to my writer: Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD PhD. "Ye (Pastor TT) are my epistle written in your heart, known and read of all men:" - 2 Corinthians 3:2 (Pastor TT paraphrase version) Dear most highly esteemed Pastor, sir, the reason I celebrate you is because of your writings. You have written billions of stories. These stories are men and women (like me) all over the world whose destinies you changed. Our stories didn't start well. They weren't going well. They were disjointed paragraphs and chapters filled with sentences of different lengths but were all headed to that bonfire that countless nightmares are made of. But somewhere you took over the writing of our life stories with your words. Your Words of eternal echoes of living hope and radiant truth. Your words burned up malignant deaths like a lancing light in a tumour ravaged body. We were changed from "waka pass" to "A listers" of life. To gloriously ordained champions of this present life. Happy Birthday sir. Words are never enough to thank you for what you've done in us and to us. I've never forgotten my story before you began to rewrite me. I'm forever and, I'll be, eternally grateful to you. Happy Birthday to the greatest writer of human life stories ever. Happy Birthday, Pastor, sir. I love you.

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💥💥CELEBRATING OUR DADDY💥💥 Spoken word in honor of our esteemed man of God, Pastor Chris. We love Sir ❤️❤️ #OFFER7 #CECANADA #TEENSCAN #PRAYERRALLY #LWTEENSMINISTRY #OFFER7PRAYERRALLY #CEOttawa

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Jesus said if you love me, keep My commandments. So in demonstration of our love for pastor we, on behalf of Makarios senior cell, provided an act of service to our community as He had asked, in honor of his birthday.#lwdayofservice #offer7 #ceottawa #cecanada

Celebrating our Father. Makarios Senior Cell, Christ Embassy Ottawa donates items to Shepherds of Hope Shelter in honor of our Father, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. #LWDayofservice #cecanada #ceottawa #Dec7

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#ilikemychurch #ilovemychurch

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