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Can we cause the ground to produce fruits at anytime? The Spirit of God says, 'seed time and harvest shall not CEASE!' Get more insight as you watch this exerpt from a special meeting with our man of God Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. #Yearofthesupernatural #TALKINGSESSION #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

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RHAPSODY ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE 2017 Miracles are happening everywhere!!! Share your testimonies now in the comment box and on your timeline with the hashtag #ROPC2017

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We are kingdom conscious Christians #APOC2017


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WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF AUGUST DEAR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FROM THE BELOVED COUNTRY! THIS MONTH POWER UP YOUR MIND WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND! IN This book Possibilities are spoken of you. Glorious things are in Store and Stock for you this August. Your results will increase this month, your money will increase this month, your honor will increase this month your hunger for the Word will increase this month. Your Boldness will increase this month. You will minister more with ease to people about Jesus and the Anointing will increas in a greater measure in your life this month.. Look ahead and Look Beyond to greater things to come. As you look, You speak and take a hold of that which you see by the Spirit. Take a hold of the People, The money, the Job, the businesses, Your life and Times (Eon) by the Spirit. The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant and special places. Declare health upon your children, talk to your pregnancy, talk to your Clientele, Change the Economic forecast in your favor. Turn that window into a Door by the power of the Holy Ghost. Take out that Roof of Limitation above you and soar high in the Spirit. Disability is deported, Disappointment is degraded, Dissatisfaction is Downgraded and Eliminated from your mind. There is Liberation in your Spirit. You are the Seed of Abraham, the offspring of David, the Sons and Daughters of Pastor Chris. Goodness and greatness are working in you right now. GLORY TO GOD! What a Month for the Spirit's Move!!!

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Am ready for ROGHA 2017

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Finally, my brethren...

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BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL... 2017 looks gooooooood already. #joepraize #coast2coastempire #worshipaffairs #comingsoon

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Loved this and just wanna share it with you....CATHARTIZO YOUR AEON NOW!!😊 FINANCIAL CONFESSIONS FOR 2017, THE YEAR OF FLOURISHING... 1. Money likes me. Money flows easily into my life. As I give, I make room for more. I am a conduit of money into the kingdom. 2. I attract money naturally. Everything I touch is minting money. 3. I am laying up gold as dust. The angel of wealth accompany me everywhere I go and causes money to come to me freely. 4. I have new opportunities and channel to make money. I have more than enough money to fulfill all my commitments and vows. 5. Whatever activities I perform makes money for me and I am always full of money. Financial ideas keeps coming to me. 6. I have money to save, to spend and to give. 7. Money and I have a good relationship. It does not fear or shy away from me. I know how to manage, multiply and utilize it. 8. I am a money magnet; money is constantly attracted to me. Men are giving into my account daily. 9. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money. He daily loads me with benefits. 10. I have all the money I require for the good life and godliness. I enjoy my life because I always have money for all I require. 11. I am debt free as money is constantly flowing into my life and I know what to do with it. 12. My wealth consciousness in Christ is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money. God trusts me with money. 13. I am a custodian of money just as I am a custodian of the Gospel, therefore, I am a big time partner of the Gospel. My money wins souls to the kingdom of God. 14. I am greatly rich, I am successfully rich, I am eternally rich. I am rich in Euros, I am rich in Dollars, I am rich in Pounds, Rands, Naira, Cedis etc. I am rich in all the major currencies of the world. 15. I have all the monies I require where I want them. When I enter any country, money is waiting for me there, therefore I travel light. 16. I have more than enough therefore I abound unto every good work and charitable donations. My giving is pleasing to the Father! 17. I am a Seed of Abraham, I am a beneficiary of His blessings. Therefore I am a haver and through me many generations are blessed! 18. As Jesus is, so am I in this world. Money can never be a challenge or hindrance to my growth, I ascend above it, I have authority and I exercise my authority over it. I have money always.... 19. I make Money look like sand, Money will never finish in my hand, money in every land are yielding to and for me, I have Money everywhere... I AM A MONEY FARMER! I SOW AND HARVEST MONEY DAILY" HALLELUJAH!!! AM HIGHLY GRACED OF MONEY LIKE NEVER BEFORE, BECAUSE OF THAT AM GOING TO WIN MORE SOULS LIKE NEVER BEFORE THIS YEAR 2017, THE YEAR OF FLOURISHING ...SHALEBABAYAA Courtesy USA VIRTUAL ZONE 2 SUA

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I love you Pastor #celebratinganiconpbl



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